1. Guitarjon

    NGD: ESP LTD Elite Eclipse-I (made in Japan) amazing guitar!

    I got rid of my Schecter C7 SLS Elite because for some reason I just didn't gell with it. A guy wanted to trade it for his ESP LTD Elite Eclipse-I and I was in the need of a 'Lester' type guitar. I'm really stoked about this guitar, it just oozes quality. I do love my Korean LTD's a lot but...
  2. Dawn of the Shred

    FS ESP LTD EC Black Metal

    For sale is my ESP LTD EC Black Metal Price 580 + 50 for shipping USA only. Make a offer on this ESP LTD EC Black Metal, great playing and sounding guitar. The Seymour Duncan Black Winter is a great pickup, Especially for aggressive playing. Neck is super comfortable, smooth and fast. Locking...
  3. guill666

    FS ESP HORIZON III Custom Shop Llexi Leon Eternal Descent

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: One and only ONE in the world. A mass weapon for riff/solo !! An exceptionnal example of ESP Custom Shop craftmanship. 1 piece Quilted Maple body AAAAA grade Matching headstock 1 piece maple bolt-on neck 24.75 ESP Cross & Scroll' DiMarzio Norton...
  4. neurosis

    ESP teles, how do the LTDs compare to the E-II´s?

    Hey all, I was looking to buy one of the baritone E-IIs but they're currently on backorder until January. So in the meantime, as GAS will do... I am looking at the cheaper SC LTD models. I have some ESPs and have had them in the past and I also had an LTD AL-600 that was really nice but...
  5. Orzech

    FS High-end guitars! PRS, Mayones, Framus, ESP, Ibanez j.custom [EU]

    Hello, Consolidating my posts and adding another 2 guitars :) I'm selling a part of my collection. I can take more photos, record sound samples and whatnot. All prices include shipping to the EU. Shipping worldwide - depends on your location but add ~$120. All prices negotiable!! Sorry, no...
  6. Kirill5412

    ESP LTD Andy James AJ-7 || Demo

    Hello guys! Check out my new video :) Thanks for watching! Country of Origin: South Korea Body: Mahogany Fretboard: Rosewood Neck: Maple Scale: 25.5 "(648 mm) Bridge: TonePros Locking Tune-O-Matic w/ String-Thru Body Bridge Pickup: EMG 57-7H Neck Pickup: EMG 66-7H Signal Chain: LTD AJ-7 -...
  7. mehegama

    Help with 6 digit ESP serial numbers

    Has anyone a late 80s ESP MIJ with a 6 digit serial stamped on the back of the headstock? I m trying to get more info on this as people have cracked the 8/7 digit and the 5 digit one but not the 6. As far as I know the 8/7 was used in all guitars made in Japan form 87 till 2000. The 5 digit...
  8. Crash Dandicoot

    NGD: ESP Original Series... Again.

    I know why you're here. Let's not play games: Sniped a 2018 Original Series Snapper off of Ishibashi the other week. Having been completely blown away by the quality of my Horizon, I felt the need to round out the stable with a more versatile offering from ESP...
  9. Sebastian

    ESP Custom Shop - Dino Cazares - info?

    Hi, Dino Cazares is looking for his old ESP guitar: "Looking for my Custom ESP 6 string guitar that was built in 1991. I sold it to a dude in LA many years ago. He resold it and does not remember who he sold it to. This guitar plays a significant part of my history. It was used in the “Replica”...
  10. Fortin Worship

    LTD Viper 7 Black Metal

    I can't find any reviews here for this, but I could have missed it because the search function isn't working properly. So does anyone have one? I have the EC black metal 6 string and I love it. I never use a neck pickup anyway. It seems to be a solid guitar.
  11. Trashgreen

    NGD...ESP E-II Horizon Sugizo CTM...amazing guitar comes with a warning

    So after returning the E-II RZK-II guitar I wanted to find another guitar for my 20 years celebration of playing guitar. I needed to find something cheaper do to my economy and I decided to get something that would make a great addition to my collection in terms of both look and sound. The main...
  12. Trashgreen

    Short..NGD.....ESP E-II RZK-II Burnt

    20 days ago I bought the ESP E-II RZK-II Burnt which was supposed to be a part of my 20 years of playing guitars celebration.. The passion for this guitar started back in 2010 when it was first released in the ESP custom shop, 7 years later in 2017 as some of you may know it was released as an...
  13. RLG167


    Gear/Guitar Wanted: ESP NV, I've been looking for one for a while. Condition isn't a huge factor as I'd expect a V to have a few bruises, but should be in good enough shape. Additional Accessories (hardshell case etc): Hardshell case would be great Your Location (City,State or City,Country)...
  14. couverdure

    Stephen Carpenter got a 9-string(!)

    Taken from this Instagram post. I wonder if the new Deftones album will have some low C# riffage in it, and I also find it interesting that it has 9-string Fluences and a teardrop headstock rather than the six-in-line he's known to have.
  15. T

    FS Almost New Agile Interceptor 725 MN CP Black Flame 7 String Guitar

    9.9/10 Almost New Agile Interceptor 725 MN CP Black Flame 7 String Guitar. Pickups: Upgraded with Dimarzio Liquifier 7 & Dimarzio Crunchlab 7, Coil Tap & Tone Bleed . Genuine quilted maple top and double cutaway, light weight, mahogany, arch top body. The guitar is extremely mint as you can see...
  16. Crash Dandicoot

    FS ESP Original Series Horizon CTM FR [Faded Sky Blue]

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: 2014 ESP Horizon CTM FR. Modifications (if any): FU-Tone big brass block installed in bridge, tremol-no installed, Luminlay volume pot with push-pull coil split, turbo trem arm, Lundgren M6 / BK Cold Sweat, lightly satin-ized neck. Accessories...

    Kiesel Vader V7

    Does anybody have any experience with these or similar Kiesels? I have two ESP Horizon FR-7 (one with a Floyd and EMG 81's and another with an Evertune and Blackhawks). I'm wondering how these compare in terms of build quality and so forth at this level. I've been pretty pleased with the ESP's...
  18. Ikke

    Do You Name Your Guitars?

    If you do? Why? Any particular naming convention or trend? Meanings behind the name If you don't? Why? It's a special part of my guitar buying experience. And, I usually name my guitars even before I have them. I find it makes all of the guitars more special to me. It also makes them harder...
  19. Ikke

    NGD with a Cherry on Top: ESP Original Series VP230-SL7

    @Crash Dandicoot I successfully defeated CITES! Anyways details not needed. Imported another SL7 from Japan. Guitar is in immaculate condition. Now I just need the white one.
  20. Green_jelly88

    FS [EU/UK] ESP Eclipse ACSB

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: 2007 ESP Eclipse in amber cherry sunburst. Four knob, long horn edition (JP/EU). Slight buckle rash (see pictures), otherwise in great case queenish condition. Gigged only once. Modifications (if any): None. Strap buttons weren't installed in this...

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