1. DaftFloyd


    please enjoy this amazing new track mates! made with all the love of the universe
  2. ElectricBaliset

    Extending vs Lowering Range

    Long-winded pontificating ahead. I talk about topics similar to this a lot if you look at my history, but thinking back to the article I mention below, got me thinking about a different nuance of the whole ordeal. Tl;dr: does anybody else feel like there's something "more exciting" about...
  3. chipchappy

    FM Guitars?

    Sorry if this has already been posted about. I'm seeing a number of people post these guitars on social media. Anyone have any experience with them? They seem to be centered around double neck tapping. Claim to be made in LA, and their prices are pretty reasonable...
  4. Jackillin

    Fun 8 string parts to learn

    Hey guys. I haven't been playing much guitar this year after I injured my hand at work last year. Slowly healing, physio & stuff, started back on my 6 string a few weeks ago, want to start back on my 8 string... Any fun, not too challenging 8-string pieces you guys can reccommend to get me back...
  5. DaftFloyd

    I'm streaming the writing of songs on Twitch

    Hi guys, I will be streaming on Twitch the writing and recording of some songs tonight and like 3-4 evenings by week. If you're interested in the process, you can come to see and talk with me here : You can also hear what I've done here ...
  6. Jackillin

    Weight & Sustain of woods on EGRs?

    Hi, looking for body-wood advice! I've been looking at order a semi-custom 8-string guitar for a while to replace my HB R458. I have a really good idea of what specs I want including neck wood/construction/body top but I have no idea about body woods & what I should be considering. I think...
  7. The Q

    NGD: Another M80M

    Hi everyone, I am finally the owner of an M80M. I had some previous experience with an 8-string, a no-name brand from Korea with a 27" scale length and (unbelievable) horrible stock pickups. I still have it, it's back in my home country and perhaps it's worth getting it back with me to...
  8. JoeGuitar717

    Balaguer Tartarus Run - Limited Spots for 6 & 7 string

    Limited to 6 slots each! Price will be $1399 for the 6 and $1499 for the 7. Price includes the hardshell case. Please vote for which finish at the top of this thread! Build time would be 4-5 months. Shipping would be calculated at checkout but International shipping is usually a flat $150...
  9. Merrekof

    FS Ibanez RG2077xl

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Ibanez RG2077xl, good condition minus the back wich has a few dents and bumps. Original pups included, also 1 knob. The previous owner had a killswitch installed instead of the tone knob. Hence the white knobs. Can be brought back to original state...
  10. Infini

    NGD: GOC Materia 8 (or how Infini learned to mod guitars)

    Okay boys, strap yourselves in The guitar arrived after a long battle with the local (national, gods know why) post service that took 3 days to send me an import notice, and 3 days to process my information (they also forgot to tell me, so I had to call them (twice) for the privilege of paying...
  11. zimbloth

    ESP Custom Shop Brian "Head" Welch SH-7 Guitar

    Hey guys. I don't post much of my stuff on here anymore with life and work being so busy, but I thought I'd share this really cool piece I snagged recently. This is the hand-crafted, ESP custom shop version of the LTD SH-7 ET guitar. I have a few sick CS Horizon 7s in my collections that are all...
  12. hand amputation

    Hipshot Bridge for Ibanez RGD71ALMS? Help!

    I am looking into getting a hipshot bridge for my Ibanez RGD71ALMS. Link The bridge I am looking at is this one: Link I am not sure the angle of the bridge, as Hipshot gives you options of 11 18 21 and 26 degrees. I also need to know which floor height I should go with. Has anyone else...
  13. Redz99

    Buying a 9-string Agile Interceptor Pro 930

    Hi everyone! I'm new to this forum, so let me briefly introduce myself: my name Is Pietro, I am 20, I live in Italy and have been playing guitar for about 3 and a half years. :) I've got a doubt concerning a purchase I'm going to do in a few weeks: as a fan of Metalcore, Deathcore and Djent...
  14. hand amputation

    Question about ERGs and how they play with Bass.

    I am getting into the wonderful world of ERGs, cab sims, IRs, and drum software, and I am having a blast recording songs at home. I recently bought a 7 string and have it tuned to Drop G. I also have a 5 string bass that is tuned the same. Now that I've been bit by the bug, I am curious about...
  15. Eden

    Thoughts on cheaper multiscale 8 strings?

    Hey all, I've been looking to get my first 8 string, and am looking for something that won't break the bank. This past black friday, legator ran a sale on their multiscale 8 strings that I almost got in on. I've also seen that both Jackson and Ibanez both have multiscales in $700 range, has...
  16. Acaciastrain360


    Men..(and possible ladies) My first Agile, it’s a beaut! I love everything about it to be honest, the scale is comfortable, the neck feels great also! The finish on this is really nice in the flesh, I don’t believe photos do these justice sometimes! It was a toss up between RG/A8, JS32-8 or...
  17. FourFour

    NGD: Finally got my Ibanez M80M (Pics and Initial Impressions)

    Hey good people of! It's been a while since I posted but I'm back with a joocy NGD. Been wanting to get this guitar for a while now, decided to pull the trigger a week ago. Turns out the fretboard is now made with Jatoba. Was quite bummed out because it looks too light colored for my...
  18. pick_d

    Ibanez RGIR38BFE (Iron Label, 8-string)

    Hello. I'd like to share my experience and thoughts about Ibanez RGIR38BFE which is Iron Label series. I apologize in advance for my english, just in case. Why this guitar: I wanted 8-string with active pickups (H-H), without tone pot and preferably locking tuners. Famous 2228 was a bit off...
  19. Branden_Nomad

    Flight/Heavy Duty Cade for Jackson SLAT8FF?

    I recently ordered a Jackson SLAT8FF and will be going to Korea for around a year, but I can’t seem to find a case that would be optimal for flying/shipping it there, if anyone could point me in the direction of some cases that could work that would be great, thank you!
  20. AC.Lin

    The Bunn

    Hello ! I would like to share with you some videos made by a guy named "The Bunn" on youtube. He does 6 string baritone videos, reviews, tips, etc. His videos are so good in my opinion and look so pro that he deserves way more subs and views. Plus if you're into that kind of ERG you'll fall in...