1. Guitarjon

    One Song, One Amp V2! 50+ amps (and more) showcased and compared!

    Hey all, I've been working on this new series, it's called "One Song, One Amp!" V2 and I'm pretty excited about it. I've done something like this before but this one has more guitars and styles so it will hopefully keep things more interesting... :) The idea is that I wrote and recorded this...
  2. Guitarjon

    ENGL Fireball 25 vs Fireball 100

    Love my ENGL amps and my fireball 100 is easily one of my favorite amps ever. I haven't compared it to my Powerball II yet (I will soon) so that might dethrone the FB100, we'll see. Either way, the 100 is killer but the 25 really is a worthy "small lunchbox version" of that amp. The 6L6s help to...
  3. Guitarjon

    NAD: ENGL Powerball II! (My New FAVORITE Amp?!)

    I got my ENGL Powerball II last week! WOOHOOOOO! ENGL is one of my favorite brands, I just love them! My Fireball 100 is one of those amps that never lets me down. The cleans are beautiful, very sparkly and chimey and what I really love about that clean channel is that you can push it up to a...
  4. H

    ENGL Savage 120 - Metal

    ENGL Savage 120 with a lot of gain, being chonky..
  5. manu80

    ENGL amps agression ranking

    Hi guys, small question but I’m waiting big answers ;) How do you go into the engl range from low gain to high gain ?i’m lost in the power/iron /got ball stuff, and blackmore etc…. Any hints? Thanks !
  6. Guitarjon

    9-String Amp Comparison (ENGL, Victory, BluGuitar, Boogie, EVH & Marshall)

    Here's something I've been wanting to do for a while now, compare a bunxh of amps with my 9-string to see which amps can handle an instrument with such an extended range. Obviously we have all the high notes and regular notes but also those super low C#-string and low F#-string notes. So this...
  7. Nammtharicon

    Eminence The Governor or CV-75?

    Hi guys! I've made a test comparison of Eminence The Governor and Eminence CV-75 on Engl Powerball 2 with Engl 2x12 cab. I think these ones are perfect alternatives to Celestion Vintage 30 if not better. What's your opinion?
  8. Guitarjon

    ENGL Fireball 25 vs Ironball SE

    Hey all, I have both the ENGL Fireball 25 and Ironball Special Edition. I did some videos on these amps already but I've gotten some requests to make a comparison. I was also quite interested in that, just to see how different they really sound. As it turns out they definitely sound unique, not...
  9. ShiroNekoMusic

    4x12 vs 2x12 in home studio!

    Hello! I'm a proud owner of an ENGL Invader 1 amp that I use to play cleans, crunch stuff but most important, METAL! I am a djent type of player (progressive metal, downtuned stuff) and I love tight distortions with boosters in front for some added clarity. This is exactly the tone I get with...
  10. Guitarjon

    The CRAZY ENGL Ironball SE!

    Hey guys, Got this awesome "little" Ironball SE from ENGL to review! I'm sure you guys have heard of it since a lot of videos have been coming out of it. But yeah, this thing is pretty nuts! I already thought the regular E606 Ironball was great but this special edition adds so many great...
  11. Calvin August

    ENGL Fireball 625 60w black faceplate retube and bias

    Hello I am newcomer here so just happy to join to community! So its about time to retube my ENGL Fireball, i have some electrical work background but never opened guitar amplifier, i have set of new tubes but how difficult is to bias this head, is it better just to take to tech, i am trying...
  12. Z

    2x12 Cab, Mesa Boogie?

    Hi! I'm new to the forum and I'm trying to jumpstart the guitar playing after a 10 years pause. One of the things I'm lookimg at is buying a cab, as I'm not planning on gigging, a 4x12 is too big, I think a 2x12 (vertical) will do for me. I've mainly seen that a Mesa Boogie is the go-to brand...
  13. ShiroNekoMusic

    ENGL Savage MKI NOS RFT Latter version (big transformers)

    Brief & Accurate Description of Gear/guitar: ENGL Savage 120 Modifications (if any): RFT Tubes NOS v1 v2 Location (City,State or City,Country): Spain, Madrid, EU International OK? : Yes Contact Info: Write me here or [email protected] References (eBay or other forum userid): a ton of...
  14. Gmork

    Trade my engl fireball100 for a Diamond Nitrox??

    Might have a chance to trade my engl Fb100 for a Diamond Nitrox. I'm not too familiar with diamond amps other than that they seem high end. How's the quality and tone? Good deal? I sure do like my fb100 but I don't hate the ides of switching things up, especially for something unique and...
  15. lewis

    ENGL E810 1U 20watt Stereo Poweramp?

    Reviews, videos and basic information on this seems super scarce. But it looks great on paper. Anyone had one, got one, or has a mate that has one and can wade in with any kind of opinion on them? EL84 tubes. Two 20watt tube power sections. Has tube monitor lights Pretty sure it has 4 preamp...
  16. Guitarjon

    PRS MT15 or ENGL Fireball 25?

    The PRS MT15 and ENGL Fireball 25 are some of the few smaller lunchbox amps with 6L6 tubes in the power sections as opposed to the usual smaller EL84 or 6V6 tubes. People seem to prefer the sound of the 6L6's for the smaller amps as they have a bit more headroom at louder levels and a little bit...
  17. IcedCallum

    Helix doesn't switch my amps

    Long story short, I have a g system that I noticed was really bad for sucking tone from my tube amps. I want a digital floor solution to go with my Engls and Driftwood amps, but not outright replace them. I decided to get a Helix as one of my bands wants to go direct, the Driftwood does this...
  18. IcedCallum

    G-System cutting drive and volume into amp

    Hi, I got a g-system a couple of months back, and basically just wired it up to my Engl Savage 2 with the 4CM but didn't really test the amp without it. Recently got a driftwood mini nightmare IR and naturally just plugged in direct, sounds amazing but I then set it up with the g system in 4CB...
  19. IrvOnly

    Engl e530 or JVM410H

    Hi Everyone, I have both of these amps and am thinking of keeping just one. In your opinion, which one do you think I should keep? I like both but find myself in a moving downsize scenario and will only keep one and am unsure about which one would serve me the most as far as versatility...
  20. Guitarjon

    ENGL Powerball pedal

    I got the ENGL Powerball pedal a week or two ago. It's a pretty cool 'amp in a box' type pedal that aims to sound like the lead 2 channel of the ENGL Powerball II amps. The analog circuitry basically is 'the same' as the preamp. Of course there are no tubes in here though... The last time I...