1. hebing_rain

    Speaker recommendations for metal rig?

    I'm getting a mesa 2:50 power amp to go with my Digitech GSP2101 tube preamp. When I played the digitech with an XLR out (speaker compensation off) to my interface with the IRs that come stock with the NadIR I had trouble getting a good metal rhythm sound with the distortion being a bit too...
  2. Nammtharicon

    Eminence The Governor or CV-75?

    Hi guys! I've made a test comparison of Eminence The Governor and Eminence CV-75 on Engl Powerball 2 with Engl 2x12 cab. I think these ones are perfect alternatives to Celestion Vintage 30 if not better. What's your opinion?
  3. jarledge

    Eminence DV-77 Comparison demo

    I love eminence speakers, and I was really excited to hear the DV-77. I caught Kristian Kohle's videos and it sounded great, but this video compares it to a couple of other notable speakers.
  4. broj15

    NRD: make ya say wO)))))w

    Pics first as usual So after a few months of not having a decent rig I decided it was time to fix that. Ended up spotting a deal on a used Hilbish Beta preamp & a Crown XLS1500. The Hilbish isn't even a year old and the Crown is an older model but was brand new in the box & about $200 less...
  5. Rxcoma


    Mod Edit: so you are building and selling cabinets and decided to post how AMAZING these new speakers you're using are not to promote yourself or the speaker maker, but just because they're awesome. Generally if you need to post a paragraph explanation of why something isn't being done for...
  6. broj15

    Suggestions for 15" guitar speakers for crusty sludgy doomy stuff

    So I'm looking to put some new speakers in my other Peavey 2x15. I have one loaded with eminence betas that I'm currently using for bass but it seems to work well for guitar too. I Iike the betas, but I'm wondering if there's anything else out there designed specifically for guitar that would...
  7. Annonnymous

    Eminence The Governor color scheme

    Hey guys! I ordered an Eminence Governor out ot ebay.uk. The seller had a lot of deals made and a very high rating, but I'm a bit worried about the speaker I received. It has the new logo, but the frame is black/gray. I though the new ones were only made in red? Did I get a fake Eminence or...
  8. Gmork

    Opinions on Eminence Delta 12A (NON pro) Speaker?

    Anyone have experience with the eminence delta 12a speakers (NOT the pro version)???
  9. Gmork

    What should i pair with my Eminence Tonker and why?

    in a closed back 2x12. like many i like a tight, very punchy thick tone. i wouldnt mind a speaker that gets agressive/grindy/dirty. the tonker has a 102 sensitivity so id imagine that doesnt leave too many other speakers that can hang with it. i have a 2x12 cab with peavey blue marvels but they...
  10. SnowGoat

    Eminence Help

    I'm wanting to try some new speakers in my PPC412. Not really digging the v30s that are in it. I definitely want to get some Eminence speakers, but I'm not really sure what to get. I know I want an X pattern though. Would the Man O War/Wizard combo work? Or should I try something else? I play...
  11. Gmork

    Whats your thoughts on eminence legend 1258 paired with eminence tonker

    whats your thoughts on an eminence legend 1258 paired with an eminence tonker in a 2x12 closed back? im buying the empty cab and already have the tonker and the legend is the cheapest high watt 12" at ong and mcquade and happens to have good reviews. thoughts?
  12. KhzDonut

    Eminence Speaker Shootout (7 Speakers, 2 Rigs)

    So awhile back I got a handful of Eminence speakers to try out, and recently got another batch to try out. So the only logical thing to do was to do a shootout under *fairly* scientific conditions (trying to keep all other variables as consistent as possible) So this is the result...
  13. VBCheeseGrater

    Eminence CV-75 vs Celestion V30 comparison clip

    I'm always going on about how the CV-75 is a great speaker if you like Celestion V-30's. Decided on a whim today to make a comparison video after work. They are really pretty close to each other, with the V30 having a little more top end as you can hear in the video. This is an open-air...
  14. VBCheeseGrater

    Eminence CV-75 - impressive

    I purchased an Eminence CV-75 to put in my randall 4x12 to give it some mids. I really love V-30's but wanted to try something different while still getting that V30 strong mid sound that nothing else seems to have. I read the reviews and heard a few clips, and went ahead and ordered one for...
  15. ffcwoods

    Custom 6x12 guitar cabinet

    Hello all! I'm looking for opinions and experiences on a custom speaker cabinet. 1st of all... yes. I know its asinine. Yes i know this will be heavy and awkward. No this won't stop me. Now that that's out of the way... I'm playing an 8 string tuned to D#. Im in no way looking to "djent"...
  16. KhzDonut

    Eminence Speaker Comparison (Video Content)

    Been on the hunt for the perfect speaker to pair with my Mini Rectifier and decided to start with some of the usual suspects from Eminence: Swamp Thang, Texas Heat, Private Jack & The Governor. I ended up recording a bunch of sound clips for my own personal comparisons, but figured I should...
  17. D

    Mixing speakers for the ultimate metal tone

    I am very curious about mixing speakers in 4x12 to get the best metal tone possible. Am going for a super tight, punchy, articulate tone, and I love my razor sharp Dimebag highs. Anyway the main speakers i am looking at are eminence v128's and man o wars i think this mix would probably be...
  18. E

    Not sure if gonna burn my cabinet?!

    Hi! Just bought my first head, Engl Thunder, and cabinet for it. I want to chance the speakers but I'm not sure do these fit. :wallbash: So I bought 2x Eminence Red Fang 12" 60W 8 ohm speakers. The cabinet is Harley Benton G212 Vintage. Original model has 2x Celestion Vintage 30W 16 ohm...
  19. VBCheeseGrater

    Amazed at new speaker - Eminence Wizard

    So my Eminence Wizard came today, i installed it in my Blackstar HT20 combo and played around at home with it and was thoroughly impressed, louder, clearer, more articulate, Pinch harmonics, all amazing... I just got back from rehearsal and i'm really amazed now. I'm not normally one to bash...
  20. MikeHONCHO

    2x12 too many...

    Hey Guys! I have been searching for a new 2x12 for quite some time now and have yet to find the best option. I need something with tight bass response and clarity, with a huge sound. At this point I plan on going with an Avatar contemp. I like v30s(but Ive never been able to play eminence)...