1. toner

    FS Ibanez Prestige RG1527 and Ibanez RG7620, both upgraded and hardshell cases.

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Ibanez Prestige RG1527, Black, w/ EMG707s Modifications (if any): brass block, routed for soapbar EMGs by previous owner Accessories (hardshell case etc): Hardshell case and trem bar Location (City,State or City,Country): Chandler, AZ International...
  2. neurosis

    What pickups are you using in your Horizon 7-strings?

    I have an ESP Horizon with painkiller in the bridge. I can get pretty defined tones on the lower strings but it is a pain (no pun intended) to control the brittle/harsh highs that I need to dial in to get the chunk the way I like it with this thing. I am not the most savvy when it comes to...
  3. S

    can anybody record an a/b comparison between the emg jh het and fishman devin townsend set?

    can anybody record an a/b comparison between the emg jh het and fishman devin townsend set?(cant get the devin townsend set in my country, so a sound comparison would be nice before deciding if im gonna order it or not) would really be appreciated
  4. S

    emg jh james hetfield set vs fishman devin townsend set

    so ive been looking a while to change my pickups in my prs se standard 24 (maghony solid body, maple set through neck, rosewood fingerboard, 25 scale length) and i cant pick between emg jh or fishman devin townsend, some insight would be helpful, and i want to hear your guys thoughts too.
  5. sock5150

    Passive EMG81/85 Alternatives

    Hello to all, Long-time lurker and first-time poster here. I sold my seven-string a little more than a year ago to finance a custom guitar build. Now that I have disposable income for my hobbies again, I'd like to get a new seven-string ESP LTD guitar, since I've had a lot of good experiences...
  6. SonicBlur

    ESP LTD V-200 (Lawsuit model, James Hetfield)

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Bought this guitar a while back after searching for what seems like an eternity. Despite getting it finally, I find myself looking at it more than playing it so up for sale it goes. This is the ESP LTD that was only sold for one year before Gibson...
  7. Edika

    NGD Schecter Banshee 6

    Potato phone pics first and words later. As you saw from the title, this is the Schecter Banshee that came out about 9 years ago, in 2013 if I remember correctly. Let me preface that I had no plan of buying another guitar, as I recently acquired a Jackson DK7M. But as I was scrolling...
  8. H

    Push/pull pot for EMG PA2 Boost

    Hi! I'm modding an old guitar of mine with an EMG 81/60 set. Layout is to be a 1 master vol, and a 3-way switch. I have an EMG PA2 boost (with switch) that I want to include. Ideally I would make the volume control a push pull pot, which would activate the boost if I pulled the pot up, and...
  9. Guitarjon

    Passive SD vs EMG vs Fishman Fluence

    Hey everyone, I've been wanting to make this comparison for a while. I recently rounded off my ESP LTD Phoenix collection so I now own 4 of the same model, each with different pickup configurations. This means that I can now compare the pickups (or guitars) through an amp and see how they sound...
  10. M

    Ibanez RGA7 with EMG's for $500 - Worth it?

    Hey, I've been looking at some entry level 7 strings recently, because of some metal albums I really want to be able to play. Today I discovered an Ibanez RGA 7 with a set of EMG 81-7 and 85-7 pickups swapped in. Price converted to dollars is about $500 (keep in mind that used gear tends to be...
  11. Mr-Jemhead93

    Need help w/ tricky wiring on EMG solderless system

    So a friend of mine wanted me to install a het set into their guitar with an emg solderless system. The problem is they wanted each pickup (bridge and neck) to go to their own output, resulting in 2 separate outputs. They also wanted to use the 3-way toggle as a killswitch. I followed this...
  12. Ezumania

    Neck pickup to pair with an EMG 707TW

    I've decided to switch out the blackouts in my ibanez for EMG pickups. I've been dealing with noise (possible grounding issues, I have attempted to fix them and am against sending my guitar to my luthier AGAIN as I have pretty recently just got it back after an entire month) and have gotten fed...
  13. SYLrules88

    FS 8 string EMG 57-8H/66-8H set and 7 string Fishman Fluence Classic set

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: 8 string EMG 57-8H/66-8H set in nickel. The foam pieces originally attached to pickups for mounting purposes have been removed. The threaded mounting screws that came with the pickups ARE included. Modifications (if any): none Accessories (hardshell...
  14. gachooeychomp

    EMG Pickguard Wiring Issue

    Hey all, first time posting here but a long time lurker. I recently got an old Peavey Predator strat wired up with a HSS EMG pickguard, however I am having an issue where the sound drops out when switching between pickups, with the bridge coming back to life as it were after some hard strumming...
  15. hotgarbage

    Fishman/EMG 7 (non-soapbar) Fit Ibanez Uppercut 7

    I'm less than enthused with the Bare Knuckle Aftermath pickups that came with this guitar (Ibanez RGD7UCS Uppercut) and want to throw in a pair of actives. I did a bunch of googling but didn't find much about the Uppercut 7. Does anyone know if I will be able to drop in some Fishman Fluence or...
  16. S

    Active Pickup Shootout

    Like I mentioned in the Fluence Thread: I was bored and I had some actives at home, so i tested them out. Everybody can upload something if they want to So on this comparison i used the Neural DSP Omega plugin and Reaper as my DAW. Nothing post processed. I only adjusted the input volumes for...
  17. A

    EMG Retro Active 7 String Sets - Experiences/Thoughts?

    Hi everyone I have been very intrigued by the EMG Retro Active sets lately. Curiosity is starting to get the better of me and I'm thinking about ordering a set. I've watched many reviews, videos, etc. (based on what I've heard so far, I'm leaning towards the Hot 70-7 set a little bit), but I...
  18. lewis

    NBD - REDSUB Coliseum 6 (Firetop)

    pics :) Absolutely love this thing. Plays amazing. Long term its going to get gold Hipshot Hardware (possibly - if not black Hipshot), and EMG pickups/Darkglass preamp. Stock tuners feel shit and the frets need polishing. Thats about the only bad things.. As you can see, I still...
  19. FancyFish

    FS 2000 Ibanez RG7421 in Cherry Fudge with EMG81-7/707

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: 2000 Ibanez RG7421 with EMG 81-7/707. Has the 18 Volt mod and wear representative of a 20 year old guitar. Accessories (hardshell case etc): Fender gig bag + tone potentiometer, knob, and wire Location (City, State or City, Country): Richmond...
  20. Stuck_in_a_dream

    FS Several pickups for sale - EMG, Fishman, Seymour Duncan

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Several pickups for sale, as follows: 1. EMG 81-7H: Like new, black plastic housing, taken out of a brand new LTD EC-407. Pickup only, no wiring kit. 2. EMG 60-7H: Like new, black plastic housing, taken out of a brand new LTD EC-407. Pickup only, no...