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  1. sell2792

    NGD: Back in Black

    This past week I may have gotten a little carried away with my GAS - I purchased an EVH 5153 combo and this: A basically brand new Majesty 7 - Stealth with SD Jupiters! So far I love this thing - it plays even easier than my JPX7 and the body is so damn comfortable. I’m still tweaking my...
  2. ItWillDo

    NGD: EBMM JP12

    Finish: "Cherry Sugar" Body Wood: Solid Basswood Neck Wood: Mahogany Fretboard Wood: Ebony Inlays: JP Shield Hardware Type: Chrome Bridge Pickup: DiMarzio Crunchlab Neck Pickup: DiMarzio Liquifire Controls: Split coils in middle position + Fishman Piezo system I've mentioned it somewhere here...
  3. sell2792

    FS Ernie Ball Music Man JP15 BFR - Paradise Pink

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: For sale (or trade, read below), a limited edition, mint condition Ernie Ball Music Man JP15 BFR in Paradise Pink - 1 of only 110 made. Features include; African mahogany body & maple top, flamed maple neck and ebony fingerboard with 17" radius...
  4. oremus91

    Richardson 7 vs Majesty 7

    I've been trying to decide on this for so long. I've played both, I like both, but there's too many choices out there so maybe SSO can decide. I like the pickups and switching (being able to independently split coils) a little more on the Richardson model. Necks on both feel good to be but...
  5. Decon87

    FS Multiple guitars for sale -- EBMM, Jackson 7 string, Ibanez Prestige (and an Iron Label 8)

    Please keep in mind ALL prices are negotiable though some I am more willing to negotiate on more than others. These are feelers and I have no intention of selling all of these guiitars, just a few to recover funds from a Vik I just purchased. Please don't take it as an insult if you feel some...
  6. sell2792

    NGD: JP15 BFR Pink Paradise

    I’ve been inactive on here for years, but I finally decided to upload pictures of my newest addition to the collection: a 2019 EBMM JP15 BFR in Paradise Pink! Allegedly, they old made 110 of these, so very stoked to have one. Also, this guitar is definitely NOT pink but more blood red. Either...
  7. JDinSC

    FS '18 EBMM JP15 BFR in Trans Black Quilt

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Up for sale is my '18 EBMM JP15 in trans black with a quilted top. The black actually has a bit of a purple hue depending on the light. I dig it. It's an African Mahogany body with a quilted maple top and features a BEAUTIFUL roasted flame maple...
  8. technomancer

    FS EBMM Petrucci Majesty 7 Kinetic Blue

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: EBMM Petrucci Majesty 7 in color shift Kinetic Blue finish. Excellent condition. Accessories: Includes EBMM hard case, trem bar, and all case candy Location: Pittsburgh PA USA International OK? : Continental US only Contact Info: PM me here...
  9. T

    EBMM JP7 price?

    What is a good price for buying a 2004 model of EBMM JP7? The colour is "Pearl Redbust" and it doesn't have piezo.
  10. S

    Opinions on EBMM JPX?

    Hey people. Couldn't find a Ernie Ball megathread so here we are. I have an opportunity to buy a JPX from a local guitar tech. Ive been in love with the barolo finish since it was released ~11 years ago and I love how all JP's play. I think I can get it for $2200 CAD. Apparently it had some...
  11. K

    Looking to "strattify" my guitars, pickup advice needed

    Hey all! So I've been a part of a band for a few years now and finally we're at the point where we'll start releasing material and looking at venues to play at. My guitar history is very metal and I've been playing solely 7-string guitars for two decades and 6-string instruments just don't feel...
  12. NightCrow


    Hi all, I'd like to buy an EBMM JP series guitar from JPXI to JP15 and BFR JP7. 2 important things: it has to be a 7 strings guitar, and located in Europe (I'm from Hungary). I'd pay with bank transfer and important to get the instrument as soon as possible. ER situation. :) And no Majesty-s. I...
  13. asandwich

    NGD: Music Man JP15-7

    Although I've always been interested in seven-strings, I had never played one that didn't feel slow and generally unwieldy in my hands, especially after years of playing shreddy six-string guitars. At one point I owned an old Ibanez UV70 which had a thin neck but still felt way too wide for me...
  14. shanike


    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: EBMM JP12-7 Ball Family Reserve Alder body Onyx finish Maple top Mahogany tone block 25.5" Scale select mahogany neck Ebony fretboard Stainless Steel frets DiMarzio Liquifire humbucking neck pickup BKP Juggernaut bridge pickup coil split 3-Way...
  15. Strobe

    NGD: EBMM JP15 Purple Sunset

    It has been less than a month into 2020, and I have spent the guitar budget! At least she's pretty! I am still pretty giddy about this thing. It's sooooo good. This one lightly edited to hide serial. I dunno if that matters, but I do it anyways.
  16. P

    EBMM Cutlass vs Stingray Guitar -- neck profiles

    Howdy y'all, hope everyone's having a great holiday season. Just wanted to ask a question regarding the EBMM Cutlass and Stingray guitars; I'm thinking of saving up for one, I really dig how they both look and I've been thinking of adding a "strat" type guitar to my arsenal. I've had...
  17. Z

    WTB Mayones Regius, Duvell Qatsi, Aristides,Jackson Ht6 usa

    Gear/Guitar Wanted: 1. Mayones Regius 2. Mayones Duvell Qatsi 3. Aristides 060 4. Jackson Ht6 bulb usa Additional Accessories (hardshell case etc): yes please Your Location (City,State or City,Country): im in malaysia but we can sort things out, i already bought a couple of guitars from the...
  18. P

    Deciding on an EBMM guitar

    Hi there all, would really appreciate some advice. I'm thinking of getting an Ernie Ball Music Man and I'm deciding on whether to get the Stingray, the Cutlass HSS or the James Valentine model. I generally prefer thinner neck shapes but since they don't have EBMM guitars where I live, I don't...
  19. Zhysick

    Let's talk about single coils!

    Hi there... I've been in this forum for quite a while now and I don't see many threads about single coil pickups even thou I have seen some of you use Strat style guitars (have seen a few EBMM Cutlass around) and Tele style guitars as well... It is just that you don't usually change your single...
  20. R

    FS BFR JP15 Paradise Pink

    BRAND NEW BFR JP15 Paradise Pink. Only 110 have been made! Only opened to photograph. Includes COA and case candy, which is still sealed and unopened. #70 of 110 ASKING 3200 OBO Shipping will be negotiated Located in New Jersey