1. N

    Time machinery - timestrips to elsewhere

    Hey , guys just promoting my friend andrey sazonov's project time machinery. This particular album features lots of guest appearances like vishal.j.singh (amogh symphony) , Roman Iskorostenskiy (karthikeya) and many other artists as well. Do go support them on bandcamp . (Timetrips to...
  2. DXL

    Songs like Korn's Narcissistic Cannibal

    There's something about this song that just makes it absoultely legendary. First off the overall feel of the song. It kind of sounds like alternative gothic metal or something. Secondly I love the dubstep mixed with the instruments. It makes the guitars sounds really techy while then providing...
  3. Souldread

    NGD: Modded Ibanez 7420 with NEON strings!

    Hey guys, here my new Ibanez RG 7420 in white matt and black fretboard. Di-Marzios D-Sonic at the bridge and Liquifire at the neck position. The strings are DR NEON Orange 11-60. And here the guitar in action:
  4. Souldread

    Meshuggah - Demiurge [DUBSTEP]

    Check out my dubstep cover of «Meshuggah - Demiurge» :lol::evil:
  5. surge247

    Dubstep/Surf with an 8-String!

    Hey dudes! I just released my first song as a (don't kill me!) pop artist. I've played metal for a long while now but had this idea a few months ago. Surf rock used baritone guitars, and lots of music (especially top 40) is putting a heavy focus on deep dance beats and stuff, so I thought it'd...
  6. Gabe_LTD

    MY friends Dubstep, What do you think ?

    Hey, a Old class mate I have loves to make dubstep, really put a lot of time into his dubstep. And I thought I' Would do him a favor and share his music with you guys. he's only like 17, Here is his dubstep on soundcloud -----> SpaceAge714's sounds on SoundCloud - Create, record and share...
  7. JStraitiff

    Korn: Path of Totality

    I just got the new korn album where they collaborated with all the dubstep guys. I didnt see a thread about it yet so i figured id start one. I really liked the first song they released "Get Up!". It had an awesome melody in the chorus and it was just cool. Im not really a fan of dubstep but...
  8. H

    Dubstep...on guitar :P

    Hello guys, well i decided to mess up with other styles of music >:) And I was hanging out with my friends and they started to listening to this guy named Skrillex , and I found his music interesting so decided to cover some of his songs :) I put up the links to the vids , due to my lack of...
  9. evolusean13

    What do I need to purchase to make a dubstep wobble/deep bass LFO? (interesting vids)

    Okay so yesterday I was searching youtube and I came across this video with Nathan Navarro of Pinn Pannelle. I've been a dubstep fan for about 4 years now, and it actually sounded like a dubstep song. I thought to myself "I would love to incorporate these sounds with death metal." I found...
  10. M

    The Algorithm - Isometry Drum Cover

    Hey guys, I know this is a guitarists website and all.. kinda wanted to share some electro/metal/djent loving for you guys though! Safe!
  11. thedrummerkid

    Awolnation - Sail Remix (Please read!)

    Hello SS.org! I hate to sound like an internet tramp, but I would really appreciate the soundcloud users who read this to check out my remix and vote! If I place in the top five, it will be released on Red Bull's record label! Oh, make sure you crank it while listening! :yesway: AWOLNATION /...
  12. GinoBambino54

    Brand Spankin' New Novallo Song! Fusion-Step-Core?

    here it is: 4 Eyes Win! Alot of time has been put into this production and the others on the Up coming E.P. Other than the pads that are obviously synth based. all of the electronic sounds are created and performed on guitar. Novallo - Novallo Music | Facebook And if you enjoy our...
  13. Mastodon

    Misconceptions as to what "dubstep" Is

    Hi, haven't been around in quite some time but I figured this would be the appropriate forum to address this issue and I apologize in advance if this topic seems asinine. I've noticed that there seems to be a lot of misconceptions in the metal community as to what "dub-step" is, and it seems...
  14. JoeOsoDopke

    Name Your Favorite Electronic Artists & Tell Why

    Right now I currently am in love with the Dubstep Producer Reso. To my personal taste, his brand of dubstep is MUCH more musical than 95% of the dubstep being made today, which generally consists of noise being automated to a wub on rhythm (or alot of the time OFF rhythm.) I also am very into...
  15. Cyanide_Anima

    Charlie Brown Electronica/Dubstep

    wah wah wahh wah whahh. Etc. SoundClick artist: Insecticide Rain - page with MP3 music downloads
  16. guitarister7321

    The Dubstep Thread.

    Didn't see a thread like this, sorry if this is already a thread. I've seen some dubstep related threads around so I thought I'd start a thread for dubstep. I'm a fairly new dubstep fan. My brother has been listening to it for some time now and always tried to get me into it, and I...
  17. Cyanide_Anima

    Industrial Dance Metal? Why not!

    Been really into dance music lately. It's awesome. Yeah. I got a wild hair up my ass today. rofl... Spent the last 6 hours creating this dance kind of song. Has heavy guitars too. I've been trying to put heavy guitars on everything lately. Why not, right? EWQL Symphonic Choirs has some...
  18. Cyanide_Anima

    "lndubstrial" -type clip. (wobblez inside)

    Hello! Getting a band going is tough! Since I can't seem to do that or find a female singer suitable/who wants to sing melodic djeath metal is fucking hard! So I'm possibly starting a new project, making an Electronic/Industrial EP with a local singer. This is likely going to be the first...
  19. M

    Dubstep+Electronica+jazz/classical+"Tech Metalcore"?

    Alright guys, heres the deal. I'm in a band called Defacing the Goddess and we already started writing music that has some serious progressive sound to it (jazz/"tech metalcore" [I HATE SUBGENRES]) but this isn't uncharted territory (Btbam, Animals as leaders, ometh, ect.) and this gave birth to...
  20. synrgy

    Dubsteppy Work in Progress

    Good news, everyone! Breaking another few months of severe writer's block, I started sketching out this dubsteppy number last night. Ableton Suite 8.2, no VSTs; only Ableton devices used. (The 'Analog' synth is :metal:) If you guys don't want me to post this kind of material on this...

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