1. Guillaume SIMON Jazz

    Douce Ambiance | Django Reinhardt | 7 String Solo Guitar

    New YouTube video. Thanks for watching !
  2. will_shred

    New (wannanty replacement) guitar day!

    So the guitar that this replaced was a Luna Gypsy series, and that's for the best. Thanks GC pro coverage. The Luna had a horribly back bowed neck, and the truss rod was completely loose. So the action issues were pretty much irreparable. I wanted a cheap beater guitar to bring to school, but I...
  3. ixampano

    I'm a bethroom player, could S7 help me out to make my mind?

    Hello, Guys. I just got a pretty sweet and well payed job, so by X-mas I'll be able to buy some really sweet gear. I'm trying to make my mind and think for which things I should save money for. that would really help me out in my "Damm, I shouldn't buy the Games of Thrones new season, because...
  4. distressed_romeo

    Gypsy jazz rest-stroke picking...

    Does anyone have an explanation for how this works, as I can't find an explanation anywhere? Apparently it's a really unique picking and fingering system that most gypsy jazz guitarists use. I've heard that part of it is that you always begin each new string with a down-stroke (kinda like how...