django reinhardt

  1. Guillaume SIMON Jazz

    Anouman (Django Reinhardt) - 7 string

    This is my last YouTube video, Anouman (Django Reinhardt) arranged for 7 string solo guitar. Thanks for watching ! Please subscribe and comment m'y YouTube video if you like it !
  2. Guillaume SIMON Jazz

    Djangology for 7 string solo guitar

    This is Djangology arranged for 7 string guitar. I Hope you enjoy. Thanks for watching. Feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel !
  3. Guillaume SIMON Jazz

    Douce Ambiance | Django Reinhardt | 7 String Solo Guitar

    New YouTube video. Thanks for watching !
  4. Webmaestro

    Django Reinhardt

    So, I just recently learned that Django only had 3 functioning fingers on his fretting hand. His pinky and ring fingers were badly damaged in a fire when he was younger, so he wasn't able to use them (though I heard he sometimes used the knuckles on those damaged fingers for certain techniques)...