1. HeadBender

    FS [EU] Caparison Horus (Unfinished Project)

    Brief & Accurate Description of guitar: Caparison Horus (unfinished project) With great sadness and personal disappointment that I am putting this up for sale - hoping to find someone who would finish it. I no longer have access to a workshop and it also seems that my enthusiasm for guitars is...
  2. Gmork

    Best canadian site for pedal building supplies in 2022?

    Best canadian site for pedal building supplies? You know.. Diodes, trasistors etc. All that stuff?
  3. Gmork

    Did my first pedal mods!! Next..... THE WORLD!

    Ive wanted to get into pedal building/modding since.. Well..... Since the internet lol. Guess nows the time! I got myself a couple boss DS1s to start messing with since its so well documented etc. Figure ill keep one stock to have something to compare to. First i clipped and removed the R17...
  4. Kiju

    Soft or Slab Rockwool? Air Gap on the Wood Frame or Air gap between the Frame and the Wall?

    Hi I'm making a DIY Acoustic Panels for my First Reflection Points in my Studio. My wood frame is 2ft x 4ft x 4inches thick. Are Soft Rockwool and Slab Rockwool the same? or which one is better when it comes to absorption. My Frame is 4inches thick but is it better to have the airgap b/n the...
  5. georg_f

    Orange/Blue Warmoth Jaguar, with hexagons on the back

    Hello Everyone, time to make my Jaguar dreams come true. I've got a roasted swamp ash body and roasted maple neck from warmoth. The other ingredients are: Bareknuckle Mother's Milk middle and neck pickups Seymour Duncan SH-12 Custom Custom Humbucker Mustang style bridge (like a modern...
  6. RobertVII

    I recorded a Lizzo Shred Medley

    I hope everyone is doing well today! I arranged and recorded this medley over the course of a few months and wanted to share it with everyone! I used Neural DSP Archetype Nolly and GGD Studio Cabs for the guitars, Eurobass II for Bass, and the Invasion Kit for drums. I'd love to know you all think!
  7. Rxcoma


    Mod Edit: so you are building and selling cabinets and decided to post how AMAZING these new speakers you're using are not to promote yourself or the speaker maker, but just because they're awesome. Generally if you need to post a paragraph explanation of why something isn't being done for...
  8. Gmork

    Creating YOUR OWN DIY amp sim plugin

    Surprisingly ive never thought of it before, but id absolutely love to learn how to start making my own plugins. I dont even know where to start and know it would be a long and arduous path, but never the less i really want to look into it. Anyone out there work on their own plugins and can...
  9. DakoRob

    Caecus - "A Parting Current" (2019)

    Hey everybody! Really excited about the new Caecus album that we just released today. This album (and all the video work) was done completely in-house by myself and the band. has been fundamental in my progress as an engineer and artist. The DIY nature of this community has...
  10. Sumsar

    My bands second album (BM / DM) + DIY recording + Promotion discussion

    Hi! My band Vile Retribution just released our second album "Obedience". Seven string guitars, black metal, death metal, almost entirely DIY: We even did a very DIY video for one of the songs, and have recorded video for a second one that I am currently editing: The Band: The band currently...
  11. isispelican

    My first trve kvlt black metal track! (but not really)

    Long time black metal fan but I never really wrote anything in this style till now. Leaning more on the post and nature vibes on this one. Instead of programming the usual blast beats I decided to go with real drums and simple beats, for a more natural and rock & roll vibe.
  12. B

    is there someone who sells an 8 string guitar body?

    i wondered if theres an 8 string guitar body+neck with no electronics no bridge multiscale? (asking wayyyy too much right prob) is there anything like it? so i can customize a guitar? i got fishman abasi's in one of my guitars that if i get a real good alternitive to swap in the pu's i might...
  13. John

    I finished an album (I wrote, recorded, mixed the songs). Feedback welcome.

    Hey, new guy here I recently finished an album and released it across the interwebs. Apart from it being my work in regards to the words and music, I also recorded and mixed it. It would be remiss of me to neither share my work, nor some of what I've used or done during the recording process...
  14. Goatfork

    Nott - The Wretched Sounds

    On 05.25.18 I'll be releasing the The Wretched Sounds, the next album from my solo project Nott. Album artwork by Sigma Visions (formerly Sigma Collective) Pre-orders, merch, and more coming soon. Please Like and Follow Nott on FB and...
  15. jarnozz

    Superlead preamp build

    Hi there! I haven't been active on this forum for a while now. As far as I remember, there were some people interested in building amplifiers and electronics in general. I am an electrical engineer and work with digital electronics, embedded design and digital signal processing. A hobby of...
  16. AngstRiddenDreams

    Check out my new track!

    First track I've recorded in awhile but it's a fun jam I've worked out recently. Mix/track critiques always welcome!
  17. A

    DIY guitar staining

    Hello all, I am considering re-straining/re-painting my Schecter C-7 deluxe. It has a bass wood body and is currently painted white. I want to either swirl-paint it or stain the guitar to reflect its natural wood finish. For the later? I am considering the idea of first staying with a dark...
  18. Sumsar

    My Bands Debut Album! (Black / Death / 7 string / DIY)

    Hi SSO My band released our debut album last week, listen here: Can also be found on bandcamp, spotify, itunes etc. This has been almost 2½ years in the works, but now it is finally out, and I am pretty proud of it. Everything was done DIY, with myself being incharge of the...
  19. TheVenusDeMelos

    The Venus De Melos - "Aloha" Guitar Playthrough (XEN Evolution 6 guitar)

    Hey, My project The Venus De Melos dropped its Sophomore album "Fatty (Deluxe Edition)" last week and here is the guitar playthrough for the single "Aloha" off of it! I would love your opinion of the music/video; All feedback is welcome! Here is the link (just in case the embed...
  20. JosephEMG

    DIY The Magnet by Troy Grady?

    Hey guys, I've seen some videos about this nifty device. And now i kinda want one. But, the kickstarter didn't meet the requirements and they only sent one to people who actually paid for it. He sells the DIY plans to build it yourself...but's only like $200...too expensive. So...