1. patdavidmusic

    The Fishman Fluence Thread

    Morning gents, If this is too much of a ballsy maneuver just let me know and we can delete the thread. I feel there are many thread asking about Fishman pickups, i thought one place would help a lot of people have their questions answered / clear up any misconceptions. I'm not being paid nor am...
  2. patdavidmusic

    Finally bit the bullet

    Morning all, After a year of deciding which pickups to buy, I finally ordered some Fishman Fluence Devins, they'll be landing in the next two weeks. A big part of my hesitation in buying them for so long was simply I felt like for the longest time there was a lack of demos and reviews for them...
  3. Nero

    Hyperdrive (Devin Townsend-Ziltoid cover)

  4. JEngelking

    Who here uses an open tuning?

    So I just tuned my six to open C major. I had heard that Misha had a variation on the tuning (Open C add9, what I had originally meant to tune to to learn the following songs) showed to him by Nolly and was inspired to write Epic Fail (one of my personal Bulb favorites), and when Misha showed...
  5. The Beard

    Bands That Have A Huge Live Sound

    You all know of those live bands that when they play it's just a glorious ear-pleasing wall of sound that just sounds enormous :agreed: I just came across Devy's latest video and in the video is a live recording of him on tour playing "Kingdom". His voice is sounding better than ever :bowdown...
  6. keithb

    The Devin Townsend Supermegathread!

    Wow, what an album. It's been on almost continuously since I bought it. Any recommendations for other albums of his to check out? I also bought SYL's Alien, which I'm also enjoying immensely.