1. Roberto Djentz

    Helix 3.5 Preset + Demo Thread

    This thread is for those of you who would like to share your presets for the new Helix update. Please post your Preset with a demo of the preset. Please detail the tuning and if you would like, share your gear information. Quick Example. "This is my lead preset, I'm using standard 7 string...
  2. Krazy Kalle

    My first demo album

    First of all, the link to the album on soundcloud: I would say it is some kind of experimental, alternative, nu, and maybe a very little bit of progressive metal. I wrote these songs over 10 years ago and finally got my depressed ass up...
  3. ThomasVB

    Shure SM57 vs Beta58A for tracking guitars (demo video)

    We all know the SM57, but I wonder if anyone of you ever used the Beta58A for tracking guitars? What are your favourite mics for tracking guitars anyway? I made a comparison video of both:
  4. ThomasVB

    Celestion A-Type demonstration (clean, crunch, high gain)

    Anyone here that uses the A-Types?
  5. ThomasVB

    Celestion V30 demonstration (cleans, crunch and high gain)

    Today's Sunday speaker demonstration on my channel is the V30. It is a Mesa V30. Next week I demonstrate the G12H Anniversary Edition.
  6. ThomasVB

    Celestion Neo Creamback demonstration

    I uploaded a video demo of the lightweight Celestion Neo Creamback speaker. It's a lightweight speaker (Neodymium magnet). The demo has clean, crunch and high gain tone, so I hope it satisfies all sorts of guitar players. Both a band setup 'in the mix' and 'raw guitars only' demonstration. I...
  7. elreago

    Any vocalists wanna collaborate online? (Prog/metalcore)

    Hi everyone, I've written an album's worth of instrumental material (think Periphery, Architects, Northlane, that kind of stuff) and I'm looking for vocalists to do some guest spots on the songs to finish them off. If anyone's interested, drop me a message. I like to think the music is pretty...
  8. thincrappytone

    Surprisingly, the Fulltone Ranger OC75 Treble Booster chugs

    I picked up this Fulltone CS-Ranger OC75 pedal, mostly to cop classic rock tones. Tried it on 8 string and detuned guitars, just for fun, thinking it would sound super weak, but on the contrary, I thought it sounded great. Did a really good job tightening up my Mesa Express 5:25. It's a great...
  9. ChugThisBoy

    Skervesen Shoggie 7 / Fractal AX8 Demo

    Hello there, I recently got this beautiful Shoggie 7 and decided to record something with it. Also I'm getting happier with my drum sounds so that's something. Recorded with AX8, Skervesen Shoggie 7, cheap HB bass. Drums: EzDrummer 2 Thanks for watching
  10. Gmork

    For those who want to hear a bogner uberschall twin jet in action.

    Ibanez fanned 8 string straight into the twin jet miced with an sm58 straight at edge of dustcap.
  11. Sumsar

    BUGERA 333XL - Demo (YTvid)

    Did a demo with my Bugera 333XL amp that I have been kicking around for a bunch of years at this point. It was my first tube amp, and I have done some upgrades to it: changed to 6L6 tubes, new preamp tubes, and actually also installed a resonance knob that I forgot to mention in the video...
  12. Kirill5412

    Archetype: Plini || Demo

    Hello guys! Today we are checking an awesome plugin Archetype: Plini by Neural DSP :) Thanks for watching! Archetype: Plini - - Website: - Facebook: - Instagram...
  13. Descendant

    Continuation of first post...

    I forgot to mention in my first post- I do write and record a lot of stuff in my free time. I posted a few of these demos on Soundcloud. Here's the link for anyone to enjoy if they want (Aw Man and Kicked for Inactivity are recorded with a 7 string, the rest are 6 string)...
  14. Metal Head Productions

    Thanks for the youtube spam!

    Thanks for the youtube review spam, but we aren't interested in new members that are only here to spam their video channels
  15. dualz0r

    NGD: Evil 7 String Baritone Edwards E-HR-155III-7S (video)

    Hey guys, finally got this cool guitar to play, and i'd like to say it is awesome! Amazing and comfortable playability, pure evil sound and great look! Specifications: BODY: Alder NECK: Hard Maple 3Piece FINGERBOARD: Ebony, 24frets w/ White Binding RADIUS: 305R SCALE: 666mm NUT: Bone...
  16. patdavidmusic

    New AX8 First Impressions

    Morning all, -Not a reader check out the video- Only a week in, but the only thing I keep thinking is why didn’t I take the plunge sooner. I’ve been on the fence about buying any Fractal for years, I don’t think it was the price I think it was more so me holding back and thinking that it...
  17. Rizzo

    Offering free non-professional mixing /drum programming for emerging artists

    Hi there, I’m a hobbyist musician with a passion for home recording and a small, amateur home studio. To gain experience, I’d be glad to offer free mixing /drum programming services, of course by online communication since I’m based in Italy. Given my free-of-charge proposal, I’d mainly cater...
  18. Guitarjon

    Mercuriall Spark & U530 review and video (clean, crunch, rock & metal)

    Hey guys, In this next review series we look at the brilliant 'Spark & U530' plugins from Mercuriall. Here is a video in which I demonstrate the sounds of these plugins in 9 different styles: So a couple of weeks ago I got myself a hold of these great plugins. I was really excited to try...
  19. Guitarjon

    NGD: Schecter Hellraiser Hybrid C-8 (with demo vid)

    Hey guys! Demo video: Review: So I got my Hybrid C-8 in the mail today! Buying this guitar was kind of a guess since there are almost no videos or reviews about this model on the internet. Well, not completely a guess because I own a few other Schecters and the quality has always been...
  20. drewfitz11

    Schecter KM6 appreciation thread

    Long time lurker, first time poster, I recently shot a video with my new KM6 and I love this guitar. It is an absolute workhorse. The pickups have great bite and I find I'm able to dial the gain back on my amp sim (Bias FX) quite a lot and get great pick attack while still sounding thick...