1. S

    Deathcore vocalist tips?

    I'm trying to learn how to do False Chord vocals rn and I don't think I'm making much progress. Youtube tutorials help a little bit, but I just don't seem to get what they're saying. I understand it takes A LOT of time to get good and it will sound bad at first. But I just don't know if I'm...
  2. J

    Cab options for 6505 head in studio????

    Hey y’all. I been out of the game for a while, long while actually. But in the last year the bug has bitten me hard again and I started jamming around with a few guys and it’s coming together rather nicely. So we’ve booked some studio time to try to capture some of our best ideas. I’ve got a...
  3. -Neonblack-

    4 New Songs available! Range between Djent / Prog Metal / Deathcore + Played on a 7 String Baritone

    Hey guys! Today i have uploaded 4 new songs! Check them out and let me know in the comments which song(s) you like the most. And maybe also write what you like about the song(s) Looking forward to your comments! 1: Thorns 2: A Terminal Life Form (2021 Remaster) To listen to the other 2...
  4. G

    Fretless 5 string for a deathcore band?

    What are your thoughts on using a fretless 5 string bass tuned to F# B E A D playing alongside an 8 string in a deathcore band? To specify, I'm thinking about getting a fretless Harley Benton 5 string or their imitation of a music man stingray.
  5. PsychoR

    Preamp Pedal + Cabsim VS Multi-effects Pedal VS Plugins for Direct Recording???

    Greetings, I have been a browser of this forum for years and years but today I finally decided to make an account here. With that being said, I am faced with a dilemma, and am simply seeking insight and/or opinions pertaining to it. I have been operating a home studio for almost a decade now...
  6. T

    Amp advice for Drop me plz!

    Hey everyone! So I am starting a new band and we are going for a low tuned dirty deathcore ish tone; such as The Acacia Strain, new Emmure with Josh Travis, Whitechapel. Currently running a Legator Ninja X series 7 string 27” scale Drop F w/ Fishman Fluence - Axe FX 2 - Seymour Duncan...
  7. Masoo2

    Recommend a Passive Fanned 8 String Bridge Pickup

    Curious to hear what you guys say. Since having ordered the new Squier Offset Tele to fulfill the gap my Jazzmaster left after I sold it off, I'm now wanting to hone in on the 8 string sound I've always wanted. It's a 26.5-28 inch fanned Legator 8 string, swamp ash body, maple neck with two...
  8. L

    My band ‘Lockjaw’ released our second single

    We released our second single ‘DeathInVein’ featuring a friend of the band a few months back! Check it out! FFO: Traitors, Spite, Whitechapel, etc also got our first song ‘suns out’ remixed! follow us on Instagram: @lockjaw_ca and the members: Guitarist: (me) @loganjaw Vocalist: (brother)...
  9. techmetalshred

    7-String V with 26.5" Scale?

    Does anyone know of a production 7-string V-shaped guitar with at least 26.5" scale length? I'm interested in running a low G or G# tuning with reasonable tension and string gauge.
  10. L

    My band Lockjaw released our debut single!

    Any feedback is appreciated! Follow us on Instagram @lockjaw_ca and for any guitar nerds it’s in drop F on a 7 string if you wanna learn it!
  11. B

    Anyone for an online colab? (I'm a drummer)

    Hi all, Since I've become 'band-less' recently and is very hard to find guitarists around here that are into what I like, I'm looking for people that want to collaborate with a drummer on some of the following styles: djent, deathcore or any other variation of modern metal. I've been playing...
  12. Sdrizis89

    The Illusory Self - Dead Gods (New EP Release, Self Produced)

    Hello everyone! My band, The Illusory Self, has just released our latest EP. We blend a few different genres of metal together to create a heavy, melodic, chaotic sound that we are really proud of. Please check it out if you have a minute and let me know what you think! I produced everything...
  13. alvaro

    YY CHROMOSOME: 'Teratology'

    Dear YY CHROMOSOME fan, Finally! It has been a long run (almost 1.5 years of passion and musical experience (and savings, too) invested in the writing, the recording and the producing of this ambitious project). It turned out to be a real challenge doing all the engineering on this record by...
  14. JK-PA

    Praying Angel - German Modern Metal

    What's up y'all? I wanted to introduce you to my band "Praying Angel"! We are a Modern Metal band from Hamburg/Kiel, Germany. While the lyrics hold a critical view of religion, we combines Metalcore with elements of Thrash Metal and Deathcore in our music. Our sound is influenced by bands like...
  15. JouniK86

    Depths - Endless

    Search didn't yield any results, so I thought of giving some love to this amazing band from New Zealand a friend of mine suggested. Depths appears to be a hard-working young collective with actually a relevant vision. The djent/deathcore aesthetics revealed a thinking man's prog band with a...
  16. Sdrizis89

    The Illusory Self - Praise the Fantastic (Debut EP)

    My new project The Illusory Self just dropped out Debut today. It's a 2 song split/EP titled Praise The Fantastic. It has some elements of metalcore, black metal, and deathcore. Check it out and if you like it please give us a like/follow on our pages! Throw some feedback my way as well...
  17. faloppa

    Got a kemper, testing it with a TAIM song!

    Yesterday finally got a kemper and recorded the intro of "Doomed From Birth" from Thy Art is Murder, I think the unit is capable of great sounds, what do you think?
  18. Slampop

    New Project "Girls Night" Lyric Video & Mix (Axe Fx II, Pod X3, Kontakt 5, GGD)

    Hey guys, started a Non-IDOLER (but still IDOLER produced) project called "Girls Night." Not sure if this is considered a "djent" project, haha, but I did use my Agile 8 with BKP Aftermath in the bridge for guitars, went for a really gritty/dirty guitar sound, but still wanted it to sound tight...
  19. mikestamper

    Mike Stamper - Ended By Error (Full Album 2016)

    Hi, guys! This is "Ended By Error", my first instrumental solo album. Released on Feb 2016, it has thirteen songs with multiple metal influences (especially metalcore, melodeath and ambient). You can get it FOR FREE on my BandCamp. Feel free to donate in case you want to contribute to this...
  20. Gorespe

    Hello from Northern Kentucky.

    Hey mates, I've been a lurker on this forum for years and I've finally decided to add to the community. I'm in three bands and I'm currently writing material for one; sadly the other two are now dead, but I still do things from time to time with the music. I recently had the opportunity to...