1. technomancer

    New Cynic - Ascension Codes - Mythical Serpents

    This is way better than I was expecting, just seems weird coming a couple days after tribute release. The mix also seems off to me, but just might be youtube
  2. H

    How to get the clean tone from The Space For This by Cynic

    I really want that clean tone but there isn't much information available. I have a Boss Katana, which effects should I use?
  3. H

    How should I pick this?

    Should I alternate or economy pick?
  4. J

    Critique my Prog Mix (Similar to AAL, The Fine Constant)

    Hey everyone, this is my first attempt at mixing my own band's material. Any and all criticisms are welcomed!
  5. technomancer

    New Tymon Project: Our Oceans

    I just preordered through their crowd funding page. Not metal but sounds like it's going to be REALLY cool. Our Oceans - Pre-order Crowdfunding Campaign
  6. sytraxiplague

    Et Minne Før "Corridors" Album Teaser

    Worth checking out if you guys are into progressive metal like Cynic (Focus), jazz, folky metal (Ulver), Änglagård, etc.. Lots of counterpoint and atmosphere! To be released December 2014 "Like" on Facebook if you enjoy the trailer! There will also be studio/recording updates posted over...
  7. ZeroSignal

    Cynic Sheet Music/Tabs Thread

    Since the original site where the Focus sheet music PDFs were available has gone down I've uploaded copies here. Please download them and spread them around so they don't go missing again. If anyone has any other high quality sheet music and/or tabs from other albums or side projects (Portal...
  8. DeanLamb

    6 String Bassist needed for ARCHSPIRE fill-in

    ***Copied from Facebook*** Attention Bassists!!! As some of you know, almost one year ago today our bassist Jaron suffered a stroke. He survived, and his recovery has been remarkable considering the severity of his condition. He has been practicing with us, however he still needs time...
  9. H

    New song demo (For fans of: Cynic, The Contortionist, Steven Wilson)

    Here's a new demo, please listen and tell me your opinion about it ) Thank you! New song demo by Amoebean on SoundCloud - Hear the world
  10. N

    Steinberger GT Pro deluxe, what do you think!

    After investigating alittle I have found that the GT pro is actually quite cheap. I know that price isn't always directly related to quality, but when it's 399 I'm unsure. Add in the fact I am also looking at a Z-T3. There is also NO way for me to be able to play either to decide. I checked...
  11. gunshow86de

    New Cynic EP in November 2011!!!!!

    What an amazing year for music. November 15th, new Cynic (not-remixes). :D
  12. T

    Help Getting A Cynic Clean Tone From The Axe-fx Ultra

    Heya guys, I would really like some help getting the bell like tone that Paul Masvidal gets from his Axe-fx. I'm not talking about the crystals pitch effect, I can get that easily enough. I just looking for that warm and clear clean tone that I love. So if anyone could give me a hand that would...
  13. JoeGuitar717

    White Steinberger guitar (BKP's installed) $600 OBO!!

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Steinberger GU Deluxe Guitar Modifications (if any): Bareknuckle Painkiller Pickups in Bridge and Neck Positions, Bareknuckle Slow Hand custom sized single coil in the middle position. Accessories (hardshell case etc): Original Steinberger Gig...
  14. JoeGuitar717

    Feeler....Steinberger GU Deluxe Guitar (Has BKP's Installed)

    Mods lock it up!! Gonna post a new thread...FOR TRADE INSTEAD.
  15. JoeGuitar717

    /FT Feeler....Steinberger GU Deluxe Guitar (Has BKP's Installed)

    Accidently double posted. Mods please delete this thread!!! :noplease:
  16. Quantumface

    Cynic - Retraced

    Thoughts on new EP. Now by no means would i call myself a die hard cynic fan, as much as ive tried i cant seem to get into Focus. However, Traced In Air made me an instant fan right as soon as i heard it. Now how about this EP. As a fan of beautifully and intellegently crafted music in...
  17. Newkie

    New Cynic album coming?

    I apologize if this was already posted here. This is some awesome news though. :metal: CYNIC writing new music, to tour again in 2010 | Latest News | Metal Injection The new album cannot be anything but awesome, cause, you know, it's Cynic! Anyone else excited?
  18. technomancer

    Paul Masvidal of Cynic BKPs

    Anybody know which BKPs Masvidal is using these days?
  19. oompa

    Like half an hour interview with Paul Masvidal (Cynic/ex-Death etc)

    MetalKult » CYNIC: The MetalKult Interview pretty cool interview going in depth with this weird genious. he talks about everything from how Cynic started out, about his time in Death and more. also some guitar-related stuff, like what his influences were, how he got to play a steinberger...
  20. F1Filter

    New Cynic Album Video Preview