Gibson Custom Les Paul Custom - Swirl Scratches?

    I purchased a brand new Gibson Custom Les Paul Custom. This model is in the ebony gloss finish. I received the guitar yesterday and am noticing very light and fine swirl scratches all over the guitar. Almost looks like something from an orbital sander. They can only be seen when the light hits...
  2. Emperor Guillotine

    FS Strictly 7 (S7G) AK7 Prototype B (built for Acle Kahney of TesseracT)

    DESCRIPTION: Custom Strictly 7 Cobra built for Acle Kahney of TesseracT. This was meant to be a prototype for Acle’s "AK7" signature model that was never actualized by S7G. Specs: • Swamp ash body wings • Body finish: matte black over red-filled grain with a satin finish • 27.5” scale length...
  3. I

    Designing best Value for Money Mayones

    Hello all ! I’m looking to design an 8 string fan fret Mayones guitar. I’ve submitted a few to my AD and the cheapest I can get is about £4500. Can anyone give me some idea as to what the cheapest specs/wood would be for this type of guitar. My budget is about £3,500. Or is this completely...
  4. albatros_1994

    Ramo)))n 5 Gain Stages

    Hi guys, new project here. I'm using a 18w kit as a base (3x 12AX7 and 2x EL84) and that modding it to make something i like more. I already have my own 4 stage design that works very well (i can post something about that if someone cares), it is a mix of a JCM800 and JTM45 but i need something...
  5. guitaardvark

    Custom Pickup Covers?

    Hey all, Are there any companies that make custom pickup covers? It's hard to justify almost $400 for a covered set of BKP, and I really like the sound of the Duncans I already have, but I'm having a hard time finding companies that make interesting covers (by "interesting," I mean things like...
  6. kamello

    NG(uitar finish)D! Lambo Blue Ibanez RGD

    hey guys! propably some of you remember the custom finish pink cherry Ibanez 3120 I posted here a few months ago. (link here) I asked my friend who worked on that 3120 to also give some love to my beaten up RGD2127, never was a fan of black or matte guitars so I wanted to go with the complete...
  7. Masoo2

    Explain Pickup Rewinding To Me

    Title - looking to change out the pickups on a fanned 8 I have and it seems that rewinding may be a simpler (and maybe cheaper) alternative to ordering a custom angled set. If I was to commission this through someone like Lundgren, would it be as simple as saying "hey, make the bridge an M8 and...
  8. albatros_1994

    My 30w Sunn Model T

    Hi guys, here is my next build, a Sunn O))) Model T Replica, not the Fender 90s reissue, not the 2nd Gen, i want the first one from the mid 70s, but 30w using 2x KT66. (i have anothe thread where i built a Hot-Rodded 20w Mesa-Boogie Rectifier in case you wanna check it out) The kit i ordered...
  9. ItWillDo

    NGD: Private Stock Friday - PRS Custom 24 "Chesapeake Bay"

    Private Stock guitars have always felt completely out of reach back when I was a 'wee lad', so it's a great feeling & honor to be able to acquire such a beautiful piece as this one, and be able to call myself the first (non-dealer) owner. Finish: Indian Ocean Sunset Glow, High Gloss Nitro Top...
  10. chuggiewuggies

    Finalising Specs on my Custom Balaguer, Opinions Welcome!

    I'm almost ready to push the button, but would just like some opinions on a couple options I'm less sure about. It's a 28.5" 7 string with an Evertune. I plan to play from drop F# down to double drop D. Here is what it looks like: Hyperion Rustic Black BKP by chuggiewuggies posted Jan 23, 2022...
  11. ChugThisBoy

    FS Stradi Cougar 7 - Custom 7 String Baritone

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Guitar made in the Stradi luthier workshop (Marek Dąbek, Poland) where beautiful and unique instruments are created for individual recipients from around the world. The sound of this instrument has its individual quality, it is clear and expressive...
  12. albatros_1994

    EL84 Mini-Rectifier Replica

    Hi guys, i started to mess around with tube amps a year ago after i got some Crate heads and modded it Some months ago i decided to take the next step and build an amp from the ground up and so i got a very cheap 20w amp kit It was supposed to be some kind of simplified Plexi-SLP replica with 2x...
  13. Jackillin

    Custom tuning

    I'm finally getting a new 8-string made! I'm not sure about where to set my custom turning for the build. Standard F# or I'm considering asking for EBEADGBE because I quite like having that simple tuning for when I make my own stuff or improvise but is it worth it to do that or just ask for...
  14. Themistocles

    Duncan Custom SH-5 7 string review

    I wanted a cheap project guitar so I grabbed a nice Jackson JS22-7Q that had a scratch and nabbed a Seymour Duncan Sh-5 "Custom" for 7 strings to drop in (btw SD terrible naming conventions like; Custom, there is also a custom custom, what's next a custom special custom special custom?). It...
  15. orion

    What would be your dream 30" 7 string?

    What features would you want on a custom 30" scale baritone seven-string? What would you tell the Luthier?
  16. W

    Old ESP M-II Custom (probably)

    Hey! I found my old guitar and was thinking of selling it, but I have no idea what actually it is. Does someone knows is it original ESP, or just a fake one? It doesn't have any serial numbers, only on keys there is Schaller logo and "Made in W.Germany". It's probably super old if the keys were...
  17. U

    The wife and I design an 8 string guitar

    So the wife and I decided to go onto the Balaguer configurator and design a guitar together for some fun. I started off with a classy 7 string Singlecut but things took an unexpected turn. Let's just say we ended up with an 8 string Green monster
  18. Jackillin

    Weight & Sustain of woods on EGRs?

    Hi, looking for body-wood advice! I've been looking at order a semi-custom 8-string guitar for a while to replace my HB R458. I have a really good idea of what specs I want including neck wood/construction/body top but I have no idea about body woods & what I should be considering. I think...
  19. Jackillin

    Badstroke Semi-custom

    Has anyone had any experience with ordering a semi-custom guitar with Badstroke? I've been eyeing them up for a custom 8 for a while...Any good?
  20. B

    NGD Vandermeij Magistra 7

    It's arrived! My first custom guitar! Some of you may have followed the build update thread, so check out the progress and the initial specs/rationale here But thought I'd post a NGD thread with...