1. Guillaume SIMON Jazz

    Serge Gainsbourg arranged for 7 string jazz Guitar

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  2. Guillaume SIMON Jazz

    Je me suis fait tout petit || French song arranged for 7 string guitar

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  3. guitaardvark

    Custom Pickup Covers?

    Hey all, Are there any companies that make custom pickup covers? It's hard to justify almost $400 for a covered set of BKP, and I really like the sound of the Duncans I already have, but I'm having a hard time finding companies that make interesting covers (by "interesting," I mean things like...
  4. Guillaume SIMON Jazz

    Don't Worry Be Happy | Fingerstyle | Ibanez Archtop 7 String

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  5. Guillaume SIMON Jazz

    Englishman in New York | Solo Jazz Guitar

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  6. -Neonblack-

    Billie Eilish - Party's Over - Piano & Violin Cover

    Hey :) Here is my cover version of this fantastic song. Enjoy! :) This song is basically a test run... and if enough people like it, then i will create more cover songs in this style. So how do you like it? And which song would you like me to cover next? - Billie Eilish & Khalid - Lovely...
  7. BlackFalcon17

    Periphery - Ragnarok guitar cover

    What up guys, here's another Periphery cover, hope you all aren't tired of these yet. One take, no edits as usual. Enjoy!
  8. Goatfork

    Sad But True - 8 string cover - Mix Critique

    Here's cover I made for my mom for Christmas. She loves this song, and I thought I'd do something a little special for her. I'm looking for some mix critiques, as Christmas is coming up really quick and I want to make any tweaks sooner than later if I can...
  9. KristapsCoCoo

    Architects - Animals guitar cover (STL Tonality Will Putney)

    I used STL Tonality Will Putney for this
  10. RobertVII

    Mulan - I'll Make A Man Out Of You cover

    Hey guys! I hope you're all doing well today! I recently got finished with a cover of the song "I'll Make A Man Out Of You" from Disney's Mulan which features a super talented vocalist! I wanted to share it here and see what you all think! I used Neural DSP's omega granophyre for the rhythm...
  11. guitaardvark

    Weak Sound in Bridge Pickup After Pickup Change

    Hey all, I see this problem all over the internet, but I've either tried everything that gets suggested or OPs rarely follow up with helpful solutions. I changed the bridge pickup in my RG470 to a DiMarzio Air Zone. Before installing it, I installed a DiMarzio pickup cover on it using this...
  12. rezafelayati

    Need Feedback on My Mix & Master (Monuments - I, The Destroyer cover)

    Since all these lockdown and distancing due to Covid-19, I've been working on my mixing and mastering skill. This is my take on Monument's song "I, The Destroyer", and I'm using: Drums: GGD Matt Halpern pack Bass: Halfmoon ABZ5 Dingwall sample Guitar: Sterling by Musicman JP70D Preamp: Axe-Fx...
  13. METALguitaristINaROCKband

    Creed - One Last Breath (Partial Band Cover)

    Creed - One Last Breath (Partial Band Cover) When you've been in quarantine so long you actually begin digging Creed and convince your band members to perform a cover... Our cover of "One Last Breath", by "Creed" from their hit album "Weathered".
  14. RobertVII

    FF7 Victory Theme Cover

    Hey guys! I recently recorded a cover of the victory theme from Final Fantasy 7 by Nobuo Uematsu! I wanted to share it with everyone here. I used Archetype Nolly and GGD Zilla Cabs for the guitar tone, GGD Invasion for the drums, and the EastWest Composer Cloud for the orchestral stuff. I hope...
  15. Seybsnilksz

    Opeth - Blackwater Park (Cover) live release tomorrow!

    I've made an ambitious cover of the song Blackwater Park by Opeth together with some guys from Finland, and there will be a live premiere tomorrow (Friday April 24th) at 9PM GMT+2. I've aimed to be faithful to the original while having a bit of a more fat and modern sound. Especially guitars...
  16. D

    Cover: Slipknot - People = shit

    Hi everyone! Time for a cover of My alltime favourite, people = shit by Slipknot. Quick run through. Drums: GGD - Invasion with ofc Jordison snare Bass: Solemn tones - Loki split and processed separately Guitar...
  17. DwarfOverlord

    Northlane Dispossession Guitar Cover

    Hey dudes, Been working on this for a while - awesome song. Hope you enjoy it! Still figuring out mixing - any pointers/suggestions would be awesome so I can improve.
  18. I

    Working on a Misfits cover w/ surprise death metal crossover Plan on slapping vocals on this very soon. Using the Fortin Nameless on this one. Mix needs some cleaning up but man, I'm loving this amp sim.
  19. Sumsar

    Emperor: Curse You All Men - Guitar and Bass Cover

    I did a cover of the first Emperor song I ever heard. Been wanting to do this one for a long time. A friend whom I was learning classical guitar together with introduced me to the band and I have become a huge fan since, so finally getting around to this is nice. Guitars are EMG 81 into a...
  20. D

    Cover of Gojira - Flying Whales in the makes

    Hey people! I´ve been making a cover of the aforementioned song and decided to post my progress so far. Any input is greatly appreciated! Bass is the Solemn tones Loki split into two tracks. One of the tracks is...