1. N

    High freq beep noise with one knob on amp plugin

    Hello everyone, I have a problem with the Archetype: Abasi tool. At around second 10 (see video) I hear a loud high frequency beep when trying to create my clean sound. I tried various things, but nothing seem to help! :( Could someone have a look or has some tips? Thanks!
  2. Descendant

    Axe Fx III - Good Overdriven + Clean Combinations?

    Hey all! Just got my Axe Fx III a few days ago and long story short, my incredibly high expectations were somehow exceeded by 10x. This thing is a monster. With that being said, I'm looking for some overdriven and clean amp models that fit pretty well together (i.e, the clean doesn't wash out...
  3. broj15

    Any love for OLD SCHOOL solid state amps?

    Thought this could be a fun thread, though I'm not sure how much traction it will get around here, but why not give it a shot. So who here has a thing for vintage solid state amps? I'm talking early Peavey, Plush, Earth, kustom (the older ones), Traynor, Sunn, Acoustic Control Corp. etc. I'm...
  4. J

    FS Several Guitar Items (Suhr, Neumann, Schaller, Lynx)

    All items include shipping and PayPal. All items available for shipping internationally as long as buyer pays. All used in smoke-free studio and in perfect working order: Applies to all: Modifications (if any): no Accessories (hardshell case etc): no Location (City,State or City,Country)...
  5. SolarBears

    NAD - Helix Rackmount (Ambient)

    Got a mint Line 6 Helix with Helix pedalboard, a Line 6 Mission pedal, and Crown power amp for $800 and my Fender Bassman 50
  6. RayM

    Axe Fx Acoustic Tone Match (On 8 String)

    Hey everyone, I tried something interesting and ran an acoustic guitar sample through the Axe Fx and tone matched it through my 8 string. Let me know what you think!
  7. Lemonheadfr

    NGD: Vester Stage Series

    Last month, I bought a Vester Stage Series in pearl white whith the cool Jackson-style headstock for 40€ (~45$)! But it was a piece of junk, rusty, dirty, ugly.... But after a few hours of cleaning and rewiring, this is how it looks now: Before: Now: It was worth the price, it looks...
  8. DrPaul

    Latin/Classical/Clean Music suggestions?

    I've been getting into jazz and latin music (classical, and probably bossa nova) as of late, learning jazz chords and playing mestis songs (Luz y Cielo in particular). I'd really appreciate suggestions of songs, standards and sources, etc to look at. I'm posting here because I also want to be...
  9. lhoffl

    8 string math rock featuring weird sounds, odd times and clean vocals!

    Hey all! Just finished my first EP and I couldn't be more excited! As the title says it has a ton of weird sounds and odd time grooves. My main inspirations have been Tera Melos, TTNG, Tigran Hamaysan and Delta Sleep. You can check it out here: and here's my...
  10. F

    Seymour Ducan pickups for jazz and prog in 7 strings

    Hey guys, I have a question, I need some Duncan pickups for playing prog with jazz influences and some djent, fingerpicking and more, I want a very versatil pickups. My tunning is F#-C♯-F♯-B-E-G♯-C♯ What pickups do you recomend me? Sorry for my bad english, I'm from...
  11. P

    need new music

    i need some new bands/songs to listen to. I've been listening to the contortionist and tesseract a lot lately and i'm looking for more bands that have cool ambient clean guitar parts with singing and maybe some keyboards. :hbang:
  12. contourband

    How does this mix sound?

    Thanks for the feedback on my previous demos, I've been trying to improve on my mixing skills and decided what better way to do it then to start clean. Less compression on this but I don't have many ways to reference listen to this track and I'd appreciate if i could get some opinions on what...
  13. lhoffl

    New 8 string piece featuring clean tapping, odd grooves and weird sounds!

    Just got a couple new pedals and was getting some cool sounds out of the them so I made a playthrough of a new song. It's very Tera Melos, TTNG, and CHON influenced with a lot of odd meter grooves. I'm pretty excited about it but please let me know what you think!
  14. G

    Cleaning my old friend

    Hey guys, I have my guitar (LTD MH-400 STB) for about 9 years now and I played it every day when I was young, but I've never cleaned it. I paused for about 5 years and now I saw how dirty it is and now and want to clean it. Maybe you can help me how to do it. I only found instructions of how...
  15. A

    Neck Pickup Recommendations for Clean AND Distorted

    Hello, This is my first post after lurking on here for the past two weeks. Background I've been playing guitar for about 10 years now. I recently got the urge to get into playing 7-string, so I went to Guitar Center to try out their selection of $200 7's. I didn't even play them plugged...
  16. O

    Cool tapping segment!

    What's up everyone! Hope everyone has a great weekend and enjoys their Friday! Just wanted to share this older video of me practicing a short tapping segment I wrote for fun! Definitely subscribe and share if you like the riff I'll be uploading more frequently! There's also links to my...
  17. lhoffl

    My first 8 string piece, featuring clean tapping and odd time grooves! Let me know w! Just got an 8 string about a month ago and have been trying to incorporate all the strings. This piece makes use of a spider capo also and the tuning is EAEBEG#BE. Let me know what you think!
  18. AxelvonKreon

    Genre cross-over in swedish (Lars Winnerbäck)

    So I made a trans-genre cover of the swedish artist Lars Winnerbäck's song "Kom Änglar" just for the fun of it. Or maybe the lack of fun in my "ordinary" music. It's the first time I scream in swedish and I sort of liked it! Is it an improvment, worse or just meh? Recorded with pod hd pro...
  19. bautista

    Need a Girl vocalist (online, guest song)

    Hi everybody! My name is Bautista and I'm from Argentina (if I don't speak english perfectly is because of it haha). I'm working on a project of one-man band progressive/math/jazz/Idk, instrumental rock/metal called Artificial Planet it's instrumental but I want a "bonus" song or something...
  20. lhoffl

    Some Basic Questions

    I'm thinking of getting an 8 string soon, mostly for clean stuff, and want to tune up a whole step to G# C# F# B E A C# F#. Would that present any problems on a 27" scale? Also, I currently use a Twin Reverb and though I assume this would make an acceptable amp, does anyone have any...