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    DiMarzio D-Activator Noise Quesiton

    Hi, I have an Ibanez XPT700 with stock pickups of DiMarzio D-Activator. While recording at home, I observed that the pickups pick too much noise like fizz, hum, hiss and so... probably related to grounding issues. That's why I heavily use noise reduction (NOT NOISE GATE!) with a setting...
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    Amp Mods/Builds

    Anyone here mod or build their own amplifiers.... I'm in between rigs right now and I've had my jca20h for a while... just ordered a couple caps, resistors, choke, and tubes for it. I'm hoping to reshape the high end on it and get a little further into high gain territory with it. Kinda...
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    Line 6 spider help

    :metal: Hello Guys, this last week my amplifier got burned and i need help to complete the circuit, does anyone here has a diagram or could send a detailed picture of this circuit working? here is the part that got burned and i dont know if there goes any transistor or something like that, hope...