1. albatros_1994

    Ramo)))n 5 Gain Stages

    Hi guys, new project here. I'm using a 18w kit as a base (3x 12AX7 and 2x EL84) and that modding it to make something i like more. I already have my own 4 stage design that works very well (i can post something about that if someone cares), it is a mix of a JCM800 and JTM45 but i need something...
  2. albatros_1994

    Going the "Savage" way - Modded Crate BV120-H

    Hi, i started to learn about tube amps some months ago after i got a BV60-H head, modded it copying bits of a Mesa Tremoverb and many Marshall, it was a experiment, it ended up sounding very "marshall like", creamy top end , good for rock and stoner metal I now got another Crate(they are sooo...
  3. D

    Crystal lake guitar tone

    Hey everyone, So possibly my favorite heavy guitar tone is the tone in the album "Helix" by crystal lake, especially in songs like "lost in forever" and "Apollo". I know that they're in a low tuning (drop f I think?), but apart from that, how can I achieve that tone? To make it more specific...
  4. Rxcoma

    FS 8 Strings: Now with less capslock

  5. ChugThisBoy

    Line 6 Helix (LT) - getting that After The Burial sound

    Hi, as the title says. I've had heard new singles from them and the guitar tone is pretty much candy to my ears. Can anyone suggest what kinda amp/settings should I use to capture that kind of sound? Lately I've been struggling to get something (from Helix) that would satisfy me and I thought...
  6. D

    NGD: after 3 years, my first build is done. SD Nazgul content

    After long 3 years of making this thing, I finally finished it. It's far from perfect, but I'm really happy with the outcome. Spec time: European ash body Hard maple neck and fretboard Seymour Duncan Nazgul bridge pickup ABM 7-string bridge Hipshot open gear tuners The combination of...
  7. J

    LTD SCT 607B opinions?

    Hey guys, new here so please excuse if this thread is already a thing. Basically I'm looking to get a new 7 string, and baritones stood out to me purely because of the wicked snarl that the higher scale length brings on the low strings. My question is, does anybody have expansive experience...
  8. U

    Seymour Duncan 805 OD/ Mesa Grid Slammer OD

    Does anyone have experience with either of these two overdrive pedals? I'm contemplating buying an OD for my 5153 and I want to try something a bit different from like a Maxon 808. Nothing wrong with them from what I heard but I just want to try something different. I want to use them first and...
  9. d3vourm3nt

    Threw a quick deathcore breakdown together, to try out SSD4

    I know there's literally nothing to this, but I just got the Steven Slate Drum kit, and wanted to try them out. Let me know what you guys think! Give me your worst! Just please dont focus on the song itself, just the mix.
  10. D

    The Downbeat Deathcore (A.K.A "Sludgewave") Thread

    Some of you might ask "Wtf is sludgewave?", well sludgewave is basically, in a nutshell, very, very ignorant music. 40 bpm whole song breakdowns in drop Eb to mosh and murder people to. Fvck yes. Basically, like every band on the We Are Triumphant label. From Stuff You Will Hate: Some of...
  11. L

    Mix Test - Schecter C-8 (Caution - Chug)

    Just testing some advice that of the friendly peeps off this website were kind enough to share! :) Please, don't hesitate to give me some feedback/advice. Thanks!
  12. L

    I Need Opinions!!

    So I wrote this song a good while ago, and I've just come across it again. In fact, this is similar to the material I've been writing for my bands next release. There's just so much happening in this song, with the drummer yet to add his own touch, as well as vocals to be added. So I was...
  13. TheFashel12

    Pick grip not consistent ???

    I've been playing for a bit less than 2 and a half years . On some days i feel like I'm holding the pick perfectly and my picking hand just feels comfortable and relaxed with little pressure on the pick . On other days however I feel that I have to hold the pick with more force which is less...
  14. meambobbo

    Nasty tone from blackouts during palm mutes

    I have Blackouts (AHB-1) in two guitars - an 8 string RGA8 and a Jem clone. I have the same problem with both, which is that when I do a HEAVY palm mute on a low E or A power chord (for a standard tuned 6 string), I get this kind of ringing/droning sound that takes over the tone. It basically...
  15. Dakota


    Happy Halloween! I had so much fun doing this, do you guys like it?! Happy Halloween! by Dakotak on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free
  16. musikizlife

    Messing with the Wounds breakdown pattern (Veil of Maya)

    Here i just created this quick little song just so i could mess around with the chug oattern used in the song Wounds off of the album The Common Man's Collapse. Hope you enjoy. All criticisms accepted, especially mix tips, this one was done fairly quick and didnt spend much time on the mix so...
  17. hypermagic

    I'm hopelessly addicted to this song

    I even had to make a youtube for it because I couldn't find one. Goddamn, this is the only doom/drone song from The Fucking Champs was wondering if there were any bands that closely match this sound (Heavy drone, tasty leads, instrumental)
  18. A

    I am horrible at producing

    and i mean terrible. But the purpose of this post is to get a bit of feedback for two little sound clips i finally pieced together. It sounds like utter shit, due to the mix of gr3 and audacity, but the purpose is in the playing. Catatonic Viking on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s...