1. alessandroarzilli

    Harley Benton R-458BK FanFret - Too cheap...

    I bought my very first 8 string FanFret and reviewed it. Some pretty scary QC issues, but my expectations were really low considered it's a 180$ guitar. What do you think?
  2. guitaardvark

    Where do you buy your small parts?

    Hey all, I'm working on a number of projects and need a lot of small parts (pots, nuts, jacks, switches, tuners, frets, etc.). Normally, if I need just one or two things, I'd just find them on Reverb, but it wouldn't make sense to do so with the amount of parts I need since shipping would add...
  3. guitaardvark

    Best Cheap Locking Tuners?

    Hey all, I'm in need of two sets of locking tuners, and unfortunately I don't have the budget for two sets of Sperzels/Gotohs. Has anyone had any luck with cheaper brands of locking tuners? Wilkinsons are a great price on Reverb, but can anyone testify to their quality or similarly priced ones...
  4. AKan

    Smallest tool loadout to build a full guitar ?

    Hello all, I am currently under a shelter-in-place order several thousand miles from my workshop (stay safe out there!). Even when it is lifted, I won't be able to travel back home for awhile. I was curious, what do you think is the minimum loadout required to build a full guitar (as an...
  5. Rxcoma

    Budget $leepers: Hi-Gain Rack Equipment Past & Present

    Im through a horrendously obsessive "rack equipment" phase. So im creating this to both talk shop with other scumbags of my ilk, as well as hopefully discover new sh*t. Im also opening my shop in November here in Cali and its geared SPECIFICALLY toward extended range players and equipment that...
  6. alessandroarzilli

    Jackson Dinky JS12 - Opinions?

    Hello everybody! Has anyone ever tried one of these guitars? They retail for about 250.00 USD brand new. I'm very interested in buying one as a backup 6 string. I'm looking for 24 frets and two humbuckers. Any pros and cons? Here's a link to the official Jackson JS12 page...
  7. Annonnymous

    Cheap Purple guitar with fixed bridge and H-H?

    Hello! I'm searching for a really budget guitar for a band I play rhythm guitar in. I'm really into purple and since I'm not set on a particular guitar I decided to search for something that catches and satisfies the eye, but I couldn't find a budget fixed bridge, humbucker equipped purple...
  8. PariahMusic

    Cheap but sweet 100W Head

    I liked the sound of this amp a lot when I saw Ola compare it to some others..but didn't realize it was a $300 Solid state beast! It has LOTS of options to play with, and just sounds great.
  9. KnightBrolaire

    NGD: pointy boii

    I'd been lusting after a jackson or charvel or esp star for close to 6 months, and then this popped up at a stupidly low price. I figured I'd take a chance on it since I've always wanted a star guitar, even though my experiences with low end jacksons have been consistently negative. Pros: stock...
  10. Gmork

    Headless fanned 8 string choices less or around $1500?

    Is ornsby the most affordable or are there other options? Not that i wouldnt love an ornsby!
  11. Gmork

    Suggest me reliable lightweight LOUD ss poweramps

    Looking into a back up/practice rig. Right now im using the tech21 gt2 preamp pedal into an old vintage traynor pm300 but i literally have the traynor cranked to full and have to really push the gt2 which gets a bit dirty sounding not to mention when i switch to clean its purely just the...
  12. Pat_tct

    Another versus-thread - what to buy

    Hi folks, so to make it short, i am in the market for buying a cheap tele style guitar to upgrade with different pickups and locking tuners etc. i have 2 in mind right now. The first one being the ESP LTD TE-212 Maple BLK ESP LTD TE-212 Maple BLK - Thomann UK The other is the Fender SQ...
  13. Rizzo

    Looking for a bass for a home recording project. Clarify me some issues

    Hi there everyone, I'm a guitarist and I've been daydreaming of buying a cheap bass for pushing the game up a little bit in my beginner home recording project. Programming midi is quite obnoxious and not much satisfying, plus playing a real bass would be fun in any case and I like learning new...
  14. Gmork

    What cheap gear were you surprised by?

    couple days ago i saw a kustom quad200hd head and no name 4x12 cab used for $200. i read some decent reviews. many think it lacks the gain for metal. any i mainly wanted the cab.this guy with a wife and kids was moving and just wanted it gone. i went and tried it out and it all seemed good...
  15. D

    Where would i pick up a broken guitar for restoration project

    Hi I'm new to this site so sorry if in wrong section. I am looking at getting a guitar that would need work doing to it. i.e. new paint job, new pick ups etc etc, Apart from the likes of ebay, is there a good site where I could buy one? (Must be in the UK). Any make, condition...
  16. Blackhearted

    Flat black RGA32

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: RGA32, originally bought from supertruper1988 a month or two ago. I haven't had as much time to play it as I would have liked, and I've got an ESP back home, so I'm trying to sell it before the semester ends. Modifications (if any): "Added Schaller...
  17. Michael T

    DIY Trem Spring Silencers on the cheap

    **First off please excuse crappy pictures, I was in the garage and the lighting there is subpar to say the least** Hope you guys enjoy :hbang: I saw this thread Trem spring noise gets...
  18. W

    My band is having a massive sale on all merch!

    Hey guys, My band Orpheus Omega is running a huge sale on all merch lines for a while, check it out at The Official Orpheus Omega Website , Our Bandcamp shop or in the image below \m/ Digi format versions of ResIllusion and Bleed The Way are available on BC
  19. The Q

    WTB - Looking for a Cheap acoustic

    Hi everyone, I've decided that I want to buy an acoustic guitar and am shooting around the ~€500 range. The problem is, I know few things about acoustics compared to what I know from electrics. So far, the specs I know I want are: 1) Jumbo body, or derivative - no dreads 2) A cutaway is a...
  20. Chewy5150

    Tremol-No Small Clamp w/Deep C

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Tremol-no Small Clamp w/Deep C Pulled this guy out of an RG ages ago and don't need it. Has all 3 thumb screws. No packaging since it is used. Modifications (if any): Nope Accessories (hardshell case etc): None Location (City,State or...