1. DeKay

    Full free 16 Track album I just released (low tuned melodic goodness)

    Hey guys, been working over the past 4 years on this one and am now happy to share the full release with everyone of you :)! Theres quite a few flavors in there ranging from prog to nu-metal! Please let me know what you think! Album Stream: You can download it here: Bandcamp...
  2. DeKay

    Caynug - Meet with Triumph and Disaster | My new single & video (One man band, Metal, Emotional)

    Hey guys, today I released this single & video i've been working on/off for the past 2 years. All I really want to say with this song is that you should let yourself shine through time, be patient, meet your past and present disasters, triumphs, accomplishements and accept them. Let yourself...
  3. DeKay

    Let me slowdown the chorus of my next single by 600% (Slowmotion Metal)

    I'm ready to share another emotional and motivational new single with you on this weekend. But before that, let me slowdown the chorus of the song by about 600% and make a trailer out of it I am just having fun with it. Probably going to release this slowdown version aswell. It's 36...
  4. DeKay

    Glued a kalimba to my acoustic bass and made this kalimbass thing

    Glued a 9 tone kalimba to my 5 string bass with double sided tape to make this... thing that I call kalimbass. This happens when the djents gets to stale. Little percussive playing aswell :)
  5. P

    Metal with bass as lead instrument - low tuned, low inharmonicity music

    Hi, Any recommendations for bands/solo artists using bass as lead? I already know of artists e.g. Caynug, Niverlare, Extinction Level Event, that use distorted bass, but are there any others that have this type of sound, or maybe use extra-long scale (34"+) guitars? (Winspear I'm looking at...
  6. DeKay

    Download my album "Miasma" for free (mixed vox, experimental progressive metal)

    Just released this experimental prog metal album (I am way to excited right now). I tried to challenge myself once again and only use my bass guitar as my main music composing tool (apart from the song "Miasma" and "I Want To Stay"). What you hear is mostly distorted bass guitars. The...
  7. DeKay

    Music video of title track from my upcoming free album (29.12. release)

    Hey guys, it's been a long time since my last release. I'm not a fan of talking much before showing anything, so I leave this here and hope somebody likes it :) I shot and edited the video all by my own, music is aswell all written and recorded by myself. My 40 minute album called...
  8. DeKay

    FFO: Meshuggah and Nu-Metal | Album almost done, how is the overall sound?

    Been awhile since I posted something here! Been working actively on this solo project on and off for some time and I am nearing completion & release. How does it feel to you guys? If you want to be notified on release (3 releases planned this year) then simply follow my facebook and...
  9. DeKay

    Playthrough of my song Inner Dissonance (Vocals, Guitars, Drums | FFO - Angry Metal)

    Hey everybody, I made a playthrough video of my september 2014 released 15 track free album title track called "Inner Dissonance". I am using my PRS MM Baritone in Drop C# (Octave lower) with 20-90 strings (singles from daddario and ghs) and my pod hd in the recording. Enjoy the video and...
  10. DeKay

    Download my album "Inner Dissonance" for free (Experimenal metal, shouts/clean vox)

    Just released my 3rd album with vox. I tried to catch all emotions and things that struck me the most in the period of time that I wrote the album (between february and july) and put them into song form. This album is more aggression themed than the others. I almost scrapped the whole album...
  11. DeKay

    Long Caynug Album Teaser! (Nu-Metal, Prog, Grooves, Shouting)

    Hey yall! Just dropped an long album teaser for my new project, I don't have much to say to this but enjoy and please leave your thoughts here :)
  12. DeKay

    Inner Dissonance (Teaser, PRS Baritone C#1, Nu-Metal, Prog, Shouting, Punchy as ....)

    Been working on this mix for quite a while and thought I share it in form of an teaser :) This album (which is half finished) will be pure emotional anger, enjoy! Inner Dissonance Teaser 2: Equipment used is my PRS Baritone with 15-90...
  13. DeKay

    Free album "Chemical" (Distorted slap basses, Progressive Metal, Bass solo's)

    Hello folks! I posted this in an other section aswell, I hope it's okay to post here aswell since it fits the sections topic :) I tried to challenge myself to mostly only use my bass on this album. The bass even replaces the "normal" guitar slots left and right. At harsher parts I used...
  14. DeKay

    Free album "Chemical" (Distorted slap basses, Progressive, Bass solo's, Depth)

    Hello folks! I tried to challenge myself to mostly only use my bass on this album. The bass even replaces the "normal" guitar slots left and right. At harsher parts I used distorted slap bass to give the whole album an unique sound. There's tons of loud and subtle melodies hidden everywhere to...
  15. DeKay

    Download my album "Imperfection" for free (Clean vox, Mixed genres, Depth, Choirs)

    Just released my first album with vox. I tried to catch all emotions and things that struck me the most this year (death of a relative, a breakup, depressions etc.) and put them into song form. Please check it out. There is everything in there, from Nu-Metal to Progressive Metal. Thank you and...
  16. DeKay

    Album Teaser #2 (progressive, ambiental, clean vox, c#1)

    Hello folks! Here is teaser number 2 because I needed to put one out with vox :) Teaser #2: Tweaked the guitar tone a bit, it's more gnarly now! Tell me what you guys think :metal:
  17. DeKay

    Teaser #1 from new album (progressive, nu-metal, heavy, c#)

    Enjoy folks! Guitar is PRS Baritone 27.7 scale with 090 as biggest string tuned to C#. Hope you enjoy! This album will contain vox, mostly clean ones!
  18. DeKay

    Caynug - Less than (Demo - Sneak peak at song in upcoming EP)

    Hello folks! Mr. depressive calm music is back here who plays clean songs on big ass strings :D I am actually working on my 2nd EP (well my first release was half album half EP) and I aim at tones that should make you think about certain things you should think about right now. I uploaded...
  19. DeKay

    Download my album "Self-Titled" for free (Instrumental, Emotional, Clean)

    Just released my first album that I call "Self-Titled", some of you might remember the song "Life is everything" that I posted here months ago. Story of the album: Over the time I recorded many sad pieces like these to handle with the stress and depression that is haunting me since my family...