1. S

    The Otto Cabs Vol.1 IRs are Brutal! Super good for low tunings and Hi gain

    Have you guys checked out the Otto Audio Otto cabs IRs? If you looking for some IRs that work really well with low tunings and Hi Gain, then definitely check these out. I've been using them for a couple of weeks. And they definitely my new goto IRs with my Amp Sims. I got a new video out using...
  2. TedEH

    Anyone familiar with Mesa Powerhouse 4x10?

    While poking around some used ads, I came across a Mesa Powerhouse 4x10 for 500 Canadian loonies, and I'm considering going to grab it. I thiiiiiiink it's the more recent "modern" version (I keep reading about there being three different versions of these). From what I can find from googling...
  3. Boofchuck

    New Cab - Harley Benton G212 Vintage Vertical

    I posted some pictures in the rig thread but I figured I'd make a little review also. I just joined my first band (yay!) and I've been hunting for a new cab to replace my 1x12 EVH cab. I saw this mint Harley Benton Vertical 2x12 for $150 off of Craigslist and snagged it immediately from a local...
  4. mungiisi

    Should I buy 2x12" instead of 4x12"?

    So, I need to buy me a proper cabinet. I've been borrowing an Orange 2x12" at our rehearsal place but I need to return it soon. My amp is a Mesa Dual Rectifier, and naturally I would like to buy the Rectifier cabinet. From what I've read, and listened from samples it seems to be the best fit...
  5. broj15

    noob rack mount questions: power amp power vs. cab power handling?

    So I've come across a pretty good deal on a rack mount preamp and it's motivated to redo my rig. I know rack mount stuff isn't as popular as it used to be, but it seems like the lightest and cheapest way to get an excessively loud rig, especially when you factor in long term costs of a tube amp...
  6. saminator

    FS Carvin 2x12 (V30s)

    Description: Carvin 2x12 cabinet, pair of V30s, 8ohms. Has removable back. Excellent condition. Gigged only twice, lives in my room otherwise. Accessories: Speaker cable Location: Los Angeles, California International OK?: Local pickup only Contact Info: PM here References: Have bought and sold...
  7. Gmork

    WTB Empty head shell 5150/6505

    Looking for an EMPTY 5150/5150ii/6505/6505ii head shell in any cosmetic condition. (Btw im in canada and willing to pay the shipping)
  8. SevenHillz

    Which cab and poweramp to buy?

    Hello guys! I'm looking for a 2x12 cabinet std or vertical which sounds tight in the low mids with musical, not harsh highs. I'm playing 7 string guitars (djent/prog) and I also have a fusion/funk style band (more classic strat tone). I'm looking for a versatile cab to use with my Kemper...
  9. broj15

    Suggestions for 15" guitar speakers for crusty sludgy doomy stuff

    So I'm looking to put some new speakers in my other Peavey 2x15. I have one loaded with eminence betas that I'm currently using for bass but it seems to work well for guitar too. I Iike the betas, but I'm wondering if there's anything else out there designed specifically for guitar that would...
  10. broj15

    FS Amps & cabs for sale (Peavey, Sunn, Fender)

    Selling off the vast majority of my gear to fund some new stuff. All cabs are strictly local pickup only (St. Louis, MO). I'll meet within a reasonable distance for the right offer. I'm willing to ship the heads but buyer pays insurance & shipping. Don't be afraid to shoot me an offer on...
  11. broj15

    Questions about a 1995 bassman cab / potential NR(ig)D

    So on a whim I decided to swing by the pawn shop a couple blocks from my house today (yes they were open the Sunday before labor day!?) And waaaaay in the back was a sunny beta bass head (no housing so it looks like it was possibly removed from a combo) and a 2x15 fender bassman cab. After...
  12. D

    Guitar Cabinet opinion

    I am in search of a 4x12 cabinet for my studio (no live, some rehearsals and some Recordings). At the moment I can find the following cabs at exactly the same price (around 300 euros) brand new. Which one you think would be the best choice? 1) harley benton (vintage 30) 2) laney iron heart (hh...

    NCD: BFG Custom Vertical Ported 2x12

    Hey guys! By recommendation of Mr. Deadpool_25, I contacted BFG to make me a vertical 2x12. But this one is ported and can fit a 27" head on top. Since I like the sound of ported guitar cabs, I gave this one a go. Thanks to BFG, he went with this idea and made one of the best cabs I have. It...
  14. 0rimus

    Cheap 212 vs Amazing 112?

    Just looking for something to run my Katana 100h through other than the 5" built in speaker. Though that little speaker does kick ass. I was pretty set on getting the Marshall Code vertical 212, since it's super cheap $200-$250, and I've been wanting a vertical 212 forever. But... YouTube...
  15. broj15

    Need info on an old peavey cab

    Alright so there's an old Peavey 2x15 for sale locally. It's one of the ones that has the silver stripes on both sides of the grill cloth. Now, the guy at the shop didn't know exactly which model it was and of course googling "peavey 2x15 cab" gives me a thousand different results, but not much...
  16. ihunda

    NCD Mesa Recto standard OS slant 4x12 cab!

    Wow, I have dreamed of owning that cab forever and finally pulled the trigger on a used one from the facebook Marketplace. My story is that I've only either played into a 1x12 Marshall cab, via an Axe Fx / Kemper or a head into a two notes torpedo but I knew that someday I had to try the real...
  17. broj15

    Need some cab suggestions

    So after a few weeks of browsing local marketplaces for the right deal I was able to score a peavey vk100 for about $150 and I couldn't be happier. Right now I'm playing it through my band mates ampeg SVT 2x12 but I know I need to get a good 4x12 to pair with it. I'm looking for something with...
  18. getowned7474

    NCD - Homemade Oversized 2x12

    I have been working on this cabinet on and off for probably around 2 months and finally just got around to finishing it. Specs - Oversized, I can't remember the exact dimensions off the top of my head I think 30.5" x 21" x 15" 3/4 birch ply construction + solid pine framing in the inside...
  19. F

    Hovercraft Dwarvenaut 20 w V30 212 cabinet

    Check out this amp guys. Real workhorse especially running a big muff. Boutique stoner tone, warm and articulate, barely used:
  20. shanike

    Zilla oversized 4x12

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Zilla oversized 4x12 Modifications (if any): none Accessories (hardshell case etc): softshell case Location (City,State or City,Country): EU (Vienna, Bratislava) International OK? : EU/UK Contact Info (No Phone #s) PM here References (eBay or...