1. BeyondAndromeda69

    Thoughts on the Bulb Overdrive Deluxe?

    This is the first Ive ever heard of this pedal. I did a quick search and couldnt find much about the product other then that it was a rerelease of an early model. If you have used, own or have and knowledge of what tones this baby can produce please share!
  2. M

    Looking for tabs for a few songs

    I am in search of tabs for Bulb's Breeze and Intervals Momento, does anyone know where I can find these? Preferably free, and they would have to be viewable from an iPhone because I don't have a working computer. If anyone has them already, even a screen shot would be better than what I have...
  3. M

    Need tabs for:...

    Hey guys, I am in need of tabs for Bulb's breeze (solo would be fine but more preferred) and possibly Intervals Momento. Also, if possible I need them to be viewable from iPhone because I don't have a working computer right now. I would even be good with screen caps of the tabs, I'm just aching...
  4. R

    NGD, ET Tomahawk FX7 XL Baritone.

    Hey there SSO my new guitar arrived today and i couldn't be happier :flame: The body is made out of African Sapelle Mahogany. The neck is a 3-pieace Maple neck with a Wenge skunk stripe. The fretboard itself is Ebony with abalone offset dot inlays. The frets are stainless steel also for those...
  5. Opion

    "Sisyphus" | New evil groove, dissonant tapping, 7 string content

    Hello mates :wavey: Just recorded this, I don't post often in this here section but figured you fellas might dig, it feels great to record some decent metal! https://soundcloud.com/opion/sisyphus-demo No djent, but heavily bulb-inspired to me - the ending tap riff was what came first and...
  6. CelestialParasite

    Deadhorse bulb deluxe od

    So I took the plunge. I ordered mine the second week of sales, build time said 10-14 business days, at first I wasn't sure if they were going to send it to me as soon as it was done or wait until sales were over. Both are over now and I still haven't gotten an email with shipping info. Should I...
  7. BoomBoyBooms

    Podxt, PodHD etc etc... help!

    Hey everyone. I thought this would be the appropriate place to put this thread but I'm a noob when it comes to anything to do with amps or effects further than a standard EQ, but I was wondering about the Line 6 POD range. I saw a whole bunch of lists of PODxt presets for Bulb, Meshuggah etc...
  8. K

    The Safety Fire style song - League of Legends Instrumental Progressive Metal

    Hey guys what's good. I'm Beyond Horizons - I make instrumental progressive metal with a league of legends theme to it (if any of you play that game). Recently I made a song - on a recent character that was released named Lucian, the Purifier - that I noticed over time seem to resemble the...
  9. velopodband

    Does this tone sit well in a mix?

    Hey guys, I just recorded this little diddly last night...I'm doing a cover of Bulb's "Blackmachine B6 Test" song, but I'm having some trouble picking the right guitar tone out...The tone I used here is too scratchy for my taste, but what do you guys think? I'm using Guitar Rig 5, and I have a...
  10. velopodband

    What do y'all think of this mix? (Bulb-Strizzwald cover)

    Hey guys! I was just hoping you could give me some of your thoughts on this cover I just did. I've only been producing for about a year now, so any knowledge and critiques I can gain from experienced people, are really helpful...
  11. velopodband

    Synth issue in my mix? (Cover of "Strizzwald" by Bulb)

    Hey guys, I'm having some trouble with this mix I'm doing right now (this is a clip of the track with some mastering on it): https://soundcloud.com/dropkickproductiontx/bulb-strizzwald-partial-cover The synth I'm using at 0:33 almost always sounds either too loud or too quiet. I've tried it on...
  12. flint757

    Axe-fx Ultra

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Axe-fx Ultra Modifications (if any): Added SilenX fan when I first got it. SilenX IXP-34-16 Case Fan - Newegg.com Accessories (hardshell case etc): Manual, Power Cable Location (City,State or City,Country): Houston, TX (USA)...
  13. T

    Periphery - MAKE TOTAL DESTROY cover (axe fx II)

    Hey guys, my first post here, I made a cover video with the axe fx II, bulb rhytm patch. So much fun to play with. More is on the way, hope you enjoy!
  14. mdterpy

    The Northern debuts tomorrow!

    Apparently Leo from Ascariasis is putting out some music for an entirely new project tomorrow. Posted this on the Ascariasis page.. Gonna be SICK.
  15. kamello

    Belated NGD, is Blue, is MIJ and is a beauty

    Ibby RGA 321!, fuck text, to the pics first! and cover that I made yesterday :D (the solo was so painfull to record, literally, my fingers still hurt after re re re re re re record it, also, opinions on mix are apreciated, was my first time using Steven Slate Drums and Impulses)...
  16. DeltaOrionis

    (VIDEO - FEMALE VOCAL COVER) Periphery - Erised

    Hi guys, just wanted to promote the new Youtube video, that I helped producing, by the italian vocalist Federica Putti! It's the cover of "Erised" by Periphery, such a beautiful song. Maybe she's not as good as Spencer, but she did her best and it would be cool if some of you guys could write...
  17. NUTSguitarchannel

    Intro problems

    i want to make a intro similar to this but i can't figure out how:scratch:
  18. M

    Instrumental Metal (Bulb/Meshuggah/BlottedScience Inspired)

    Hey sevenstring this is my first proper song I've attempted to record - it's influenced by Bulb, Meshuggah and Blotted Science (but is nowhere near as good as them of course :ugh:). I would appreciate any feedback at all on what I could improve on in the composition or what I could improve on in...
  19. T

    Djent Settings help :o

    Hey guys i need help trying to find the right settings for that bulb/periphery tone. the Chain im running is: GUITAR--->ISP DECIMATOR--->BOSS CS2 COMPRESSOR--->TS9 TUBESCREAMER--->BOSS NS2 NOISE SUPPRESSOR--->PEAVEY 6534+--->TRAYNOR CAB WITH GREENBACKS. The guitar im using is a ibanez...
  20. leonardo7

    Mayones introduces Djentlemen Series 7/8 Strings

    Pretty epic if you ask me! The Regius is one of my all time favorite guitars :metal: Djentleman Series: http://www.ftp-mayones.pl/catalogue/2012/Mayones_Catalogue_2012_page_23.jpg Full 2012 Mayones Catalogue: 30th Anniversary Catalogue online - Mayones Guitars & Basses - handmade in...