1. MikeH

    New "short film" for Obfuscation!

    It's a weird one! They've always been quite good at making videos that noone understands. :lol: Give it a look. It's sweet.
  2. JeffFromMtl

    Between The Buried And Me - The Great Misdirect. Some Seriously Tasty Stuff!

    Just listened through it twice at work, and I'm already going to throw this out there: I think they've topped Colors and this is my top album of '09. Pure genius. And on top of the incredible music, it just sounds way better tonewise all-around. Anyone else heard it yet?
  3. xmetalhead69

    The Official unofficial "The Great Misdirect" thread

    THE LEAKED VERSION IS OUT.:metal: So I finally broke down and downloaded it. I couldn't wait any more. Don't get me wrong, I'm BUYING IT as soon as its legitimately released. :hbang: ANYWAY :shred: If I had to sum it up in three words, it would be ITS FUCKING AWESOME! :bowdown: basically, it...
  4. Seedawakener

    OMG... I'm going to NY in may to see Candlemass and Progressive nation (twice)!

    Anyone going? :eek::eek::eek::eek: I'm so excited it's not even funny! :metal::metal::metal: Talked to Åkesson from Opeth last weekend at the Melloboat, and I told him about the plans on going to NY. He was very positive and told us he would "get us in" if we decided to go there. My dad is a...
  5. Uber Mega

    My video covers: Dream Theater, Symphony X, BTBAM

    Hey guys, Happy New Year...i hope i'm allowed to post these. I'm pretty new around here, and my demo is still a work in progress, but i thought i'd post some solo/shred video covers i have done of a few solos i like so you can see how i play...hopefully i'll have my original material finished...
  6. telecaster90

    Dream Theater, Opeth, 3, and BTBAM tour!!!!!!!

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DREAM THEATER'S "PROGRESSIVE NATION" featuring OPETH, 3 and BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME to embark on inaugural tour of North America throughout April & May 2008. New York progressive metal pioneers DREAM THEATER are set to unveil their maiden voyage of "PROGRESSIVE...
  7. Chris

    Wow, BTBAM totally kicks ass.

    I'm listening to "Ants of the Sky" right now. :metal: