1. Mprinsje

    Peavey 6505+ help, no sound

    Heyo, So my Peavey 6505+ head just crapped out in the middle of band practice. It does turn on and the tubes give light but there's no sound. There wasn't a weird noise when it crapped out, just silence, but it happened when I pressed the FX loop switch. I tried taking out the cables of the FX...
  2. guitaardvark

    Weak Sound in Bridge Pickup After Pickup Change

    Hey all, I see this problem all over the internet, but I've either tried everything that gets suggested or OPs rarely follow up with helpful solutions. I changed the bridge pickup in my RG470 to a DiMarzio Air Zone. Before installing it, I installed a DiMarzio pickup cover on it using this...

    Lots of problems on 8-string. Help.

    Hey. First post on this forum, so please bear with me if I screw up on something. Okay, so a while back I sent my guitar to be set up at a guitar store. Problem was, they apparently didn't have a pack of 8-strings, so they used the same string gauge that is used for the 7th string for the 8th...
  4. neurosis

    Neumann KH 120 A (terrible hiss – repair?)

    Hello all, I recently acquired four of these ACTIVE monitors. They were going to throw them away at work and I thought I'd see if I can save and use them. One of them is perfect. No issues at all. The other three power on but each have their issues: One powers on but makes no sound. The front...
  5. hodorcore

    Help with ENGL E670 Special Edition

    Hello everyone I've got an ENGL E670 6L6 special edition with a defect. As I was playing the Volume suddenly started to fade out until it was completely silent. So now there's no sound at all coming from it. The LEDs and the Switches all still work, it's just that there's no more sound coming...
  6. ProgLog

    USB Port Broken! Repairable? [Zoom G5]

    The plastic USB (type B) port on my Zoom G5 came loose, I tried soldering it back on but failed. The 2 metal prongs on the pedalboard is kinda messed up, one is slightly broken I think. The plastic port is pretty wrecked, but spare part replacements of this are cheap. Would an electronic...
  7. Simic

    [Help] Headstock damaged during shiping, is it fixable?

    Hey! I recently sold my guitar to a guy in the US and during shipping the tip of the headstock was broken off (2 small pieces) and headstock binding was obviously messed up as well :( I have no idea how hard they must have thrown the case because I especially made sure to wrap the headstock...
  8. Gmork

    Please help me fix my pedal im freaking out!

    wasnt really sure where to post this, sorry if its in the wrong place. pedal - Maxon st9 pro+ (tubescreamer). using an adaptor as i always have. i see it is still being powered because there is an (9v or 18v) indicator that always stays lit up depending on what you have it set to. that is...
  9. Gmork

    Please help me fix my pedal, im freaking out.

    pedal - Maxon st9 pro+ (tubescreamer). using an adaptor as i always have. i see it is still being powered because there is an (9v or 18v) indicator that always stays lit up depending on what you have it set to. that is still lit up. the problem is that the footswitch wont engage. if i...
  10. Gmork

    6505 mid set stops making any sound, whats wrong?

    so i had a show in vancouver this saturday. it was all going well until mid song i suddenly get NO sound at all from my 6505. i try to jiggle/tighten cords, nothing. i try from my guitar straight to the amp with different cords and NOTHING. thankfully someone let me borrow their amp to finish...
  11. gutspill713

    Truss rod problem

    Hey all i bought a new guitar just yesterday that was used like new. A 7 string carvin dc7x i belive. I noticed the the neck had a concave to it so i tried to adjust it myself after reading online for a few hours. Basicly i got a bad bit of information and snaped some part inside of the truss...
  12. neurosis

    HELP! A saddle screw in my RG2228 bridge broke off!

    Hello everybody. Today I was restringing my 2228 and when tightening the eigth string into the saddle the damn hex screw pushing the block broke off. I need info on where to get a replacement saddle and what it will cost me. I am totally clueless and actually freaked out that the screw...
  13. K

    ENGL Savage 120 Weirdness

    Hello, hi... howareyou? Good. I have a very quick question, as you cats seem to be in the know with such matters... My ENGL Savage 120 died a relatively nasty death, in that some punk switched the backline Marshall 4x12 from 16ohm to 4ohm for their Line 6 whatever, and I didn't notice...
  14. mguilherme87


    Okay, so i have this Bugera 333 tube amp. It is 120w all tube and i got it by a craigslist trade. The amp worked fine for several months, had just been retubed by the previous owner. All good tubes blah this thing was loud, like on stage at an outdoor festival venue it would be too...
  15. Mprinsje

    And again, a new Architects song: Broken Cross

    Dunno if i like this better than naysayer, which i wasn't fond of to begin with. oh well. discuss.
  16. JerSim94

    Bugera 333 Help?

    I bought a Bugera 333 120-watt head from a man on craigslist for an unbeatable price. I figured that it would be a good purchase and I was wrong- it was a wonderful purchase. The amp's sound was killer and it was lasting through practices and gigs... but I use the word "was." While playing a...
  17. A

    Randall V2 MISBEHAVING!

    So I recently bought a used randall V2, Plugged it in and was happy to have it and not my old s**t bugera. Anyways im wandering off, i have owned it for about a month now and its suddenly started making a very loud hum on all the channels. Kinda like a low electric buzz. I have tried new...
  18. VBCheeseGrater

    MXR 6 band EQ - OD type breakup all of a sudden

    So this weekend seemingly out of nowhere i started to notice my MXR 6 band (in the effects loop) started muffling up my tone and adding overdrive type distortion. I messed with my loop levels and could never get it tomy liking so decided to move it in front of the amp. now im still getting the...
  19. speedy thrash


    Does warranty cover this? I was changing the strings and cleaning the fretboard so I was putting a piece of cardboard under the bridge to protect the finish. I put the bar in and dove to lift it and as it turns out, the bar wasn't in all the way and it snapped off some of the threaded part...
  20. S


    Hey, you know how the knobs on your head are supposed to have some resistance when you turn them? Well the bass knob on my 5150 is loose as fuck.. Anyone know how to fix this?