1. DeKay

    Heavy breakdown I wrote on a bassvi

  2. Sdrizis89

    New Song, need Vocals (Kemper, Horizon Devices, Steven Slate Drums)

    First, I'd love some critique on this track and the tone. It's got some surf rock vibes in the beginning (completely unintentional but I dig it). Chromatic and heavy. Any vocalists want to track something for this? I'm hoping to get a new project in the works. Download...
  3. techmetalshred

    Djent/deathcore tone test mix

    I put together a test mix with the ENGL amp sim on my HD PRO X: Any tips on how to EQ and master the mix to give it more punch?
  4. d3vourm3nt

    Threw a quick deathcore breakdown together, to try out SSD4

    I know there's literally nothing to this, but I just got the Steven Slate Drum kit, and wanted to try them out. Let me know what you guys think! Give me your worst! Just please dont focus on the song itself, just the mix.
  5. D

    The Downbeat Deathcore (A.K.A "Sludgewave") Thread

    Some of you might ask "Wtf is sludgewave?", well sludgewave is basically, in a nutshell, very, very ignorant music. 40 bpm whole song breakdowns in drop Eb to mosh and murder people to. Fvck yes. Basically, like every band on the We Are Triumphant label. From Stuff You Will Hate: Some of...
  6. K

    New Mix Test. Esp Ltd H-330nt, Drop G, SSD4 New to the forums. Been been recording for over a year, but never nothing really serious up until recently. Just started out recording ideas for my previous band. Never really ever took the time to ever mix anything properly. But yeah This...
  7. B

    Fictions {New song}

    Sydney based deathcore band 'Fictions' dropping a new song live. 8 strings, drop E, check it; Fictions {NEW SONG} - A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing LIVE @ Emergenza Festival - 7th Nov 2013 - YouTube
  8. AxelvonKreon

    Rise Records (Tried to nail their sound)

    So, me and some friends got kindo pissed at shitty bands like issues & woe, is me - you know the kind... So instead of whine about it (-"anyone can do that") we wrote, recorded and made a video with the ambition to feel, sound and look like a rise records production. And here's the result! I...
  9. D

    Heaviest Breakdown Ever Contest - Slam - Crit my mix

    UPDATE: Version with pinches and my try to fix the guitars: Previous version: Crit everything. Do you like it? Do you like the production? Does something ruin...
  10. D

    How do you do all this glitching?

    All this wild glitching and what not is so sick! I really want to know what to do in order to get sounds like in the first riff.
  11. LewisMembery

    Recently picked up Komplete 8 Ultimate.

    Oh my god, this program is incredible. I've only had it for a few hours but everything just sounds incredible, pretty easy to use and get your head around and an endless amount of samples included [250gb] to precise. Anyone else got any experience with this program, I'm still learning the...
  12. T

    BreakDown tips

    Hello, Im a guitarist and i play deathcore and djent im just wondering how to play a breakdown at its best. I mean the best picking and hand positions and how to physically move when you play it, does anyone have a idea?
  13. D

    Pod farm preset randomly goes silent?

    Ok so I downloaded this awesome clean tone patch for Pod Farm. It works totally fine for a few minutes, then goes totally quiet. When I play back my riff, or arm it and try to play. It is only this preset though, none of the others. Anyone know why?
  14. L

    Djentify Me, Captain!

    I threw this together in 3 hours just for fun, no real musical value to it.
  15. AxelvonKreon

    New deathcore band - Free album stream!

    Hey! I'm from the deathcore band Kreon and we've just released our debut album! Streak the full album for free at: Kreon Official's sounds on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free or KREON OFFICIAL [2011] If you got soundcloud, please comment what you think of it! If...
  16. AxelvonKreon

    Deathcore song

    Here's a brand new website and a song from our homeproduced debut album: KREON OFFICIAL [2011] Please comment what you think of it!
  17. Radicz0r

    Fear That Gives Men Wings - Progressive Metalcore/Hardcore Content!

    Hey guys, here's a quick promotion for my band, Fear That Gives Men Wings. We've been busy for a couple of years now, and are currently working on our new EP. Some members may already know us, but for those who don't, go here!
  18. M

    Advice/Criticisms on death metal/hardcore mix

    This is one of my upcoming projects intros it is going to be about a 10 song full length. The equipment I'm using is :Tascam Us 1641, Peavey Valve King VK 100 head with a dbx 31 band graphic eq in the effects loop double miked with a sm 57 and sterling 51 condenser mic. The way I did the drums...
  19. sarkophagus

    New groove mix!!

    i made this song with my band and i am wondering is there anything i should do to it to touch it up? and does the song its self sound any good? link- sarkophagus on
  20. Y

    Ekho - NEW DEMO - "Among the Shadows of Erebus"

    Hey guys we’re Ekho, a Folk/Extreme Power Metal band with Classical influences and Black Metal influences. We have recently released our second demo by the name of “Among the Shadows of Erebus”. We will be more than happy if you would listen to the demo and leave us a comment about it. Comments...