born of osiris

  1. D

    BoO - Brace legs cover

    Greetings fellow SS:ers, Have been a while since I´ve gotten anything on "tape" and/or even touched my guitar etc. Decided to try this one. Please do comment and give feedback. And sorry for the partially sloppy playing! Guitars: Bias FX Drums: Battery with Chango studios Luke Holland samples...
  2. mr95

    Born of osiris-the other half of me critics and opinions

    I did this mixtest of one of the last BOO songs. I'm still an amateur in audio engineering,I'd be glad to hear any tips,critics and advices.
  3. blade88514

    LIES OF NAZCA - "Aleph" First Album

    Hey Guys! This is the first album called "Aleph " from my band, LIES OF NAZCA: I recorded all the guitars. We recorded all stuff with a MOTU 828 MKII. Reamped, Mixed & Mastered by Brian Hood (ERRA, Sworn In ect.) This is the gear list: all guitars: LTD MHB-400 w/ BKP Aftermath...
  4. Lorcan Ward

    Jason Richardson playing XIV/Behold at NAMM

    You can't hear the cleans that well but the hi-gain parts are all audible. Insane player with ridiculous chops and technique.
  5. R

    Lee McKinney's (Born of Osiris) Guitar is FOR SALE

    Don't know if I'm allowed to post things like this on this section of the forum, but seeing as how Lee McKinney is a big time artist, this is where people will be most interested in seeing this. Ernie Ball Music Man BFR Petrucci Custom Shop JPXI7 Artist Custom Rosewood | eBay It's an eBay...
  6. R

    Lee McKinney (Born of Osiris) has a Carvin now?

    Hey, first time poster, long time SSO prowler. Anybody know what the deal is with Lee McKinney's sponsorship? I know why he would want to get a Carvin, they're pretty killer, but does that mean his sponsorship from EBMM is over with? I ask this because I saw an advert, so to speak, over...
  7. H

    "Born Of Osiris - Machine" guitar playthrough

    mod edit: thanks, once was enough Hey, check out this insane "Born Of Osiris - Machine" guitar playthrough! Also check out my band: Facebook page:
  8. allshallperishfan

    Base Alpha (new band)

    Hey guys me and my friend started this band and made a 15 song album. We used our schecter 7 strings in drop g tuning except for 2 drop B songs. It has a lot of influences from born of osiris, to between the buried and me, and the contortionist. This is one of our songs...
  9. M

    Born of Osiris tuning question

    I am sure this has been stated before, but I couldn't find it. I was wondering what tuning or tunings Born of Osiris uses for their seven strings. Also, what string gauge would be good for this?
  10. sarkophagus

    Axe fx reamping needed

    Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone with access to an axe fx would be able to reamp some guitars for me, all I need is two rhythm tracks to be re amped. The rhythm tone I'm going for with this track is much like the one of The discovery by born of osiris, I've found a thread where a...
  11. A

    Born of Osiris scales on The Discovery?

    Hey ladies an gents. I'm trying to teach myself more progressive and challenging songs, so I decided to try a BOO song. I've listened to their album for a while, and have always wondered what scales they used. I realize this sounds like a stupid question but I don't know a bunch of complex...
  12. T


    Hey! so im new to this site, iv been playing a 6 string but wanna upgrade to a 7 string, the c7 fr hellraiser looks great but theres one problem... i kind of wanna get an 8 string just because maybe some of the bands i like are gonna start using them instead of 7's such as born of osiris...
  13. R

    Joining a band - Need advice

    (I'm new here, be kind) Okay, so I have a problem here. Short version: A local band is considering recruiting me, but they sorta have a dealbreaker I don't think I'm prepared to deal with with. They smoke. All four of them, especially in the practice space. What do I do? Long version...
  14. TheSixthWheel

    Born Of Osiris cover, support my mate and his band!

    I promised my work colleague Jesse that I'd help spread his band around and try to get him some likes on Facebook, for those here who use it: The Delusion | Facebook He's got one of the guys from Born Of Osiris mixing his band's EP. He's in pretty tight with them and has a shot at something...
  15. LewisMembery

    Born of Osiris - Recreate: 8bit Remix

    Thought I'd make a chiptune/8bit remix of "Recreate" by Born of Osiris, Just a bit of fun, nothing serious. Check out my other 8bit Remixes on my soundcloud, Animals As Leaders and The Arusha Accord. 8bit Remix: Born of Osiris - "Recreate" by Canvas Studios on SoundCloud - Create, record...
  16. I

    Check out my Progressive/Technical metal band's new album!

    Hey everyone! I'm in a 4 piece Progressive/Technical Metal band from San Jose CA. We're called It Screamed Demise and we just released our debut album titled "Entropy." I'd really appreciate it if you guys could give us a listen and maybe consider buying the album on iTunes if you like what you...
  17. Y

    Looking for Guitarist and Bassist for Tech Death/Djent Band (Los Angles)

    Hey guys, were currently looking for a 2nd guitar player and bassist to start up this Tech Death/Djent band. We are trying to take this in the style of born of osiris/vildhjarta/decrepit birth/obscura/decapitated ect. Were looking for a seven string guitarist and a 5 string bassist. We...
  18. B

    New Sumerian Records Style Song

    New Song. I recorded it on garage band in 2 days so give me a break about the shitty tone and playing. I reeeally messed up the sweep part, but I really wasn't in the mood to make it perfect since this is just a lil taste of my music and my first song ever recorded. Tell me what you think (:
  19. B

    New Born Of Osiris, Veil Of Maya-esque Song "Evolve"

    New Song. I recorded it on garage band in 2 days so give me a break about the shitty tone and playing. I reeeally messed up the sweep part, but I really wasn't in the mood to make it perfect since this is just a lil taste of my music and my first song ever recorded. Tell me what you think (:
  20. cult-leader-of-djent

    Born of Osiris ?

    I am shocked that Jason Richardson left B.O.O. This is crazy. What is to become of B.O.O ? Jason Richardson has joined Chelsea Grin. Hopefully they will sound good. *fingers crossed. Anyone else a little shocked ? :spock: