1. K

    NGD! Meshuggah - Bleed Got my new Ibanez RGD 7421, and decided to give this beast a shot. The original is on an 8 string, so I've had to transpose some bits up. Also, soundcloud seems to be compressing my highs heavily - not sure how I can fix that. Anyway...
  2. Souldread

    Meshuggah - Demiurge [DUBSTEP]

    Check out my dubstep cover of «Meshuggah - Demiurge» :lol::evil:
  3. Vres

    Spasm and Bleed instrumental covers

    Some of you might've come across these already in YouTube, but here is anyway: Bleed Spasm Equipment: Schecter Omen 8 with Lundgren M8 bridge pickup, Line 6 POD GX, Cubase 5; custom impulse response on Kefir, TSE808 vst, TSE_X40, SD
  4. V

    My version of meshuggahs "bleed"

    I made this version of the song bleed. My aim was to dial in a good sounding tone that works for eightstring riffing. Please comment your opinions on sound & if you have any ideas on how to improve the tone & mix, any ideas is appreciated! An Attempt to Bleed - YouTube /Vesslan
  5. X

    Superior Drummer MIC Bleeds? (discussion)

    How useful mic bleeds in SD2 are when it comes to recording tight metal stuff? I mean it should make drums sound a bit more realistic I guess, but isn't that adding to "messy" sound when it comes to fast metal beats? The point being is: should the bleeds be used in metal recordings or not...
  6. B

    Bass Player from SoCal.

    Whats up guys. I thought I'd drop a line. I'm from Poland, but I live in California now. I've been playing bass since 1996 but for the last two years didn't really have time to play. Until last week:) Just did a Meshuggah cover earlier today. Check it out and feel free to comment or rate...
  7. guitarplayerone

    Meshuggah 'Bleed' Video Teaser

    mods delete please

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