black machine

  1. Valdolopezz

    Axe Fx III Metal/Djent tone (Kiesel Vader 8 string, Blacker RTA 7 string)

    Whats up guys :cheers: A little bit of quarantine riffs. Blacker RTA 7 - Left channel Kiesel Vader 8 - Right channel Both 27" scale but tuned a little bit different. Kiesel is in standard while Blacker got double drop. Sound ---> Axe Fx III + 6160 amp block + Ownhammer (r)evolution mesa cab ir...
  2. Abborre

    NGD: Blackmachine B6 (Pics and Review)

    Hi folks, this is my first post and NGD here at ss. (only took me 7 years lol) Here we go.. BLACKMACHINE B6 2013 #16 Specs: 2piece lightweight swamp ash body Indian rosewood fretboard Maple neck with dyed black maple fillets Schaller Hannes, Carbon fibre/black chrome Sperzel Locking...
  3. iamrichlol

    NGD: Blackmachine B6

    Sup girls, got a brand new b6 a couple days ago, took some photos earlier today: (High Res versions on my Tumblr or my Flickr account.) Been a bit distanced from guitar playing the last year or so, but now with this beast I'm back and working on some tunes. This guitar...
  4. The Hollow Man

    Blackmachine B6

    Sold on ebay...
  5. btnation

    "FEELER" Blackmachine B6

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar:BlackMachine B6 w/cold sweat bridge & painkiller neck Modifications (if any): Accessories (hardshell case etc):hardshell Location (City,State or City,Country):chicago IL Contact Info (No Phone #s)PM please References Required (eBay or other forum...