between the buried and me

  1. gunshow86de

    BTBAM - Colors II - 8/20/21

    BTBAM just announced Colors II coming out August 20. I'm sure this video will get taken down pretty soon, then an official one will go up later.
  2. Eden

    Recommend me some good modern prog/ "new prog"

    Hey all, I've been aching to hear some fresh music for a while but am not finding anything that's sticking. I'm a big fan of Coheed & Cambria, Dear Hunter, Mars Volta, Between the Buried and Me, Periphery and the sorts. What are some great bands that I may be overlooking? Any bands wonky or...
  3. Marc In Exile

    PAINTED IN EXILE Crowdfunding NEW ALBUM w/ Jamie King - ends in 2 DAYS!

    ONLY 2 DAYS LEFT, and we're 80% funded... that's almost $12,000 w/ only $3,000 to go. and that's right...New Full-Length w/ JAMIE KING. photo uploading Check out tons of previews on our Facebook: and...
  4. G

    Between The Buried & Me - Memory Palace Cover

    I've done a cover of both the guitar parts from Between The Buried & Me's "Memory Palace". I've transcribed both parts and made the TAB downloadable for free if anyone is interested! Hope you enjoy and let me know what you think! :metal:
  5. Amaranthine Vitality

    Chicago Progressive Rock/Metal/Fusion band seeking DRUMMER

    So, we have two guitar players, a keyboard player/vocalist, and bass player, and now we just need a drummer. We plan on writing fusion type songs that really can't be tied down or defined by one particular genre. We draw influence from Steven Wilson, The Flower Kings, Between the Buried and Me...
  6. M

    Imperium of Man album teaser

    Hey guys, Just got a reference track back from Jamie King(Between the Buried and me) What do you guys think? We recorded via D.I(So clean) and he added all the distortions etc
  7. T

    Progressive Death Metal Band Seeking Skilled Drummer!

    Hi! We are a band called The Odious, from Portland, Oregon. We have recently parted ways with our founding drummer and have not found it easy to replace him. In fact, the task has been incredibly difficult. We know there are talented people out there, we just have to look in the right...
  8. M

    Dubstep+Electronica+jazz/classical+"Tech Metalcore"?

    Alright guys, heres the deal. I'm in a band called Defacing the Goddess and we already started writing music that has some serious progressive sound to it (jazz/"tech metalcore" [I HATE SUBGENRES]) but this isn't uncharted territory (Btbam, Animals as leaders, ometh, ect.) and this gave birth to...
  9. TXDeathMetal

    BTBAM New Song "Specular Reflection"

    Title pretty much says it all...
  10. MikeH

    New "short film" for Obfuscation!

    It's a weird one! They've always been quite good at making videos that noone understands. :lol: Give it a look. It's sweet.
  11. K

    Am i a good guitar player for only 3 years?

    I have youtube videos of me doing covers of bands like between the buried and me, necrophagist and the human abstract. I'm the first person to cover all of between the buried and me's colors album in it's entirety and i'm also trying to cover all of the epitaph album from necrophagist. These...