1. S

    looking for a good 24 fret bass for 1500 dollars and under

    dont knwo if this counts as my first bass but i havnt played bass in like 8 years (well i did play it a year ago when i kidna saved the band for high school ending ceremony (they couldnt find a good bass player)) and sold my gear off, but recently i got a spark to return to play bass (mostly...
  2. saminator

    Weird behavior when plugging cable into bass

    So I just replaced the stock preamp that came with my Ibanez SRFF805 with a Darkglass Tone Capsule. I'm pretty sure I connected everything correctly, as it does everything it's supposed to... However, I did notice something a little odd when plugging the cable into the output jack. When a) the...
  3. SlipknotKoRnfan

    Added a Piezo Mod to my Ibanez SR655! (Pic-story)

    Hey all, After weeks of frustration I finally succeeded in modding my SR655 with an Aerosilk Piezo loaded bridge. I got the idea to do this because I realized the stock bridge and the aerosilk piezo version are literally the exact same baseplate, so it would be an easy swap. I also enjoy piezo...
  4. col

    FS [EU] Cort Arona 5 bass

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Approx 2010 Cort Arona 5 5-string bass, active electronics, made in Indonesia, good condition, great sound for metal. Ash body, maple neck. Delano Desonic pickups. Zero fret. Modifications (if any): - Accessories (hardshell case etc): Flightcase at...
  5. S

    Bass in Unison or Octave Lower?

    So what do you do with your bass with your baritones? In unison or and Octave lower. Thought I'd do a little comparison in a new video. So here I have my baritone in Drop F, and then test out the bass in Unison and an Octave lower.
  6. Emperor Guillotine

    FS Traben Greg Weeks Signature Chaos Core 4

    DESCRIPTION: Traben’s signature model bass for Greg Weeks of technical deathcore legends The Red Chord. This is an immense powerhouse of a bass for those on a budget that is tighter than their low end. There is a very present, punchy bump in the lows for those handling the deeper frequencies in...
  7. Emperor Guillotine

    FS B.C. Rich Greg Weeks Signature Eagle

    DESCRIPTION: B.C. Rich’s signature model bass for Greg Weeks of technical deathcore legends The Red Chord. This incredibly short-lived model was never truly given a full launch by B.C. Rich due to the restructuring under Hanser Holdings at the time right before the brand tanked; and thus, very...
  8. AkiraSpectrum

    NBD: Ibanez SR1200

    Came across this used bass at my local music store and the price was too good to pass up. The bass sounds and plays ridiculously well. Ibanez SR1200 Premium Bass - Vintage Natural [from 2012]:
  9. guitaardvark

    FS 6-String Guitar and 5-String Bass Pickups

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: See below Modifications (if any): Accessories (hardshell case etc): Location (City,State or City,Country): San Francisco, CA, USA International OK? : No Contact Info (No Phone #s): Here References (eBay or other forum userid): Reverb @monroe Price...
  10. AkiraSpectrum

    NBD: Ibanez Premium SR1345B

    Story: Bought a new Ibanez SR605e and it was a lemon with tons of QC issues, which is surprising because all the 500 and 600 series SR's are usually fantastic in my experience. I found out that pretty much every music store in Canada is sold out of these and we wouldn't be seeing any until...
  11. Gmork

    Fuzz pedals and CELLO, Gtr & Bass? = Yes please!

    Heres some more of my weird sh*t! Lol. The HALO FUZZ by ground king fx. Full transparency, yes i was given this pedal to do a demo but i swear this thing really is fantastic! Build quality is up there with the best, and it pumps out some incredible thick n brutal fuzz tones! Its based on...
  12. AkiraSpectrum

    NBD: Ibanez SR605e (BKT)

    Had an old Ibanez SR405 from 2002 that I bought used. It was in pretty good shape and played really well with good build quality but the pickups were very bland (stock Ibanez DX pickups). I recently played some new 2020 SR505's and was extremely impressed by them. I saw Ibanez recently released...
  13. themarkrophones

    I learned how to perform as a solo-trio! (not joking)

    Hi everyone, my name is Marc, and this is my first post. Just like many of us during the past few years, I've had a lot of free time on my hands, and I wanted to find new ways to innovate to keep the boredom from driving me crazy. I'm a pro songwriter and touring musician, I've fronted several...
  14. S

    My 37-inch Bass Conversion Neck for my Ibanez BTB200

    Here is a video on the Extended Scale Bass conversion neck I had custom made for my Ibanez BTB200. I wanted to stay at 4 strings, but see how could get down to 37-inches tuned to F0 and this was the outcome. I used a luthier near me, Dogiel Guitar. And he built me the awesome neck conversion for...
  15. chipchappy

    Importing a bass from the netherlands

    Hey Folks, I'm in the states and I have my eye on this guy: But I dont know whats involved in importing something like this? Could someone school me on what that entails? costs? things to look out...
  16. trickae

    How do you approach song writting with 8 string guitars?

    I'm looking to pick up a bass and wondering how best to write with an 8 string? Would you recommend getting a 6 string and having two lower strings to accommodate the lower registers? I was thinking 5 string basses became more popular with 7 strings so it would be natural to go with a 6 string...
  17. S

    Pickup and Preamp Recommendations for Custom Bass build

    So I'm deciding on doing a custom 35-37-inch multi scale 5 strings bass with a luthier. I'm looking for some pickup and preamp recommendations for the bass. It's mainly going to be used for low tunings with metal riffs. I want to tune it down to F0. For pickups was looking at the Nordstrand...
  18. TedEH

    Talk me into or out of an Axe Fx II for bass.

    I've posted about this in some other threads, but those threads mostly died, and this is kind of a separate topic, sooooo..... (If I'm wrong, feel free to merge with the other thread I guess?) Talk me into, or out of, getting an Axe Fx II to use as a bass preamp. There's one for sale locally...
  19. Masoo2

    Low F Curiosity - Doable on 34/35 inches for my purposes?

    I'm prepared to start writing for a little mini project after recording a short proof-of-concept EP. That process made me realize how much I hate programming bass and how essential that extra spice of a good bassline is for this type of music. Think a blend of hardcore/beatdown/grindcore with...
  20. TedEH

    Sad cab day - help me troubleshoot speaker noise!

    A bunch of you have probably seen me post a whole bunch about bass stuff recently, including the Mesa 4x10 I picked up. The tl;dr version is that one of the speakers (top left) is making a kind of papery/crunchy sound (it sounds more like electrical noise than distortion to me), but only when...