1. S

    The Otto Cabs Vol.1 IRs are Brutal! Super good for low tunings and Hi gain

    Have you guys checked out the Otto Audio Otto cabs IRs? If you looking for some IRs that work really well with low tunings and Hi Gain, then definitely check these out. I've been using them for a couple of weeks. And they definitely my new goto IRs with my Amp Sims. I got a new video out using...
  2. I


    Looking to buy a tb7. Anyone have one they'd like to sell? White or black makes no difference, so long as the neck is straight and it's in great condition. Let me know, thanks!
  3. ItWillDo

    NGD: Hapas Sludge 628

    Finish: "Pitch Black" Pickguard: Flamed Maple (Recessed) Body Wood: 2pcs Selected Ash Neck Wood: Maple (Stained Black) Fretboard Wood: Richlite (Black) Number of Frets: 24 Scale Length: 28" Inlays: None Hardware Type: Gold/Black Mix Bridge Pickup: Læviathan (Golden Poles) Controls: 1x Volume...
  4. KhzDonut

    New Song: "Under Construction"

    Been a month time since I've posted (or even browed) the forums. Last time I was here, I was prototyping pickups (the descendents of which are still in my 7-string). Life got crazy, and trying to work a normal human job while recoving from a spine injury was pretty exhausting, so pickup...
  5. Emperor Guillotine

    FS LSL Instruments Adam Christianson Signature Baribone ("Amberly")

    DESCRIPTION: This 27.5” baritone signature model for Adam Christianson of Architects is one of the biggest, beefiest, meatiest-sounding guitars that I’ve ever owned. With its traditional Telecaster design (a simple slab body made of lightweight wood with direct-mount hardware and direct-mount...
  6. S

    Tuned Down vs Pitched Down

    Thought would try something in my new video. I tuned my Jazzmaster Baritone down to A#0. And then took my 27.7 Baritone which is in F and pitched it down to A#0. And then compared between Tuned Down vs Pitched Down guitars. What you guys think? I was pretty impressed with the guitar in F pitched...
  7. FancyFish

    FS Jackson DK27D Baritone

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Jackson DK27D. Early to Mid 2000s MiJ baritone model, currently strung up with Daddario 14-68 set in G standard/Drop F. Some small dings and scratches. Modifications (if any): Currently wired single pickup (Mojotone Black Magic) straight to the...
  8. ChugThisBoy

    FS Stradi Cougar 7 - Custom 7 String Baritone

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Guitar made in the Stradi luthier workshop (Marek Dąbek, Poland) where beautiful and unique instruments are created for individual recipients from around the world. The sound of this instrument has its individual quality, it is clear and expressive...
  9. S

    Fuzz on Baritones/Bass VIs

    Anyone use Fuzz on their Baritones or Bass VI's? I got lent a Behringer Super Fuzz and had to try it out with some Low Tunings. I used my Jazzmaster Baritone and Ibanez SRC6 both in G Std, and itwas pretty fun using the Super Fuxx in mode 2 and writing some sludge riffs with it. Did a little...
  10. orion

    What would be your dream 30" 7 string?

    What features would you want on a custom 30" scale baritone seven-string? What would you tell the Luthier?
  11. neurosis

    Bags vs hard shells, do they really compare?

    I got a new 7 and have been looking at upgrading to a better case than what it came with. Comparing online options to the different cases I have from ESP and Fender I thought maybe hybrid bags like the Reunion Blues and Mono stuff might have evolved with harder materials int he meantime. But it...
  12. U

    Sound comparison of a Baritone vs a down-tuned regular guitar

    So I was tuning my Knaggs Tuckahoe with Mules (25.5inch scale) to B Standard the other day and it just struck me I hadn't really seen a video comparing the pros and cons of downtuning a standard guitar vs. just getting a baritone. So I made a quick clip comparing it vs. My Chapman Bea Baritone...
  13. U

    PRS Tremonti Baritone Hybrid Review

    Yes, I know it's a misnomer to put a 25.5 inch scale guitar in this space. That said, the Tremonti 'Baritone' has really surprised me over the 8 months of ownership I was lucky enough to get it in a custom Dark Cherry Sunburst colour (This run only came in 6 other colours) and it's quite...
  14. sell2792

    Belated NGD: A Very Black (Metal) Baritone

    I was recently fortunate enough to acquire Simon Sludge’s LTD Black Metal MH-7HT - this thing is currently set up in drop-E and is absolutely crushing! The pickup was replaced with an Instrumental Pickups SFTY4-7 pickup, and the volume knob was swapped with a Tesi low-profile kill switch. It...
  15. S


    I tried out a the new II II II II Amp sim from OttoAudio. and its really something. If you looking for something brutal, definitely check it out. Plus it has a really cool mono to stereo feature that makes a single guitar sound like a dual tracked guitar. So definitely check it out. You can hear...
  16. S

    My new custom Hayward 7-string 28-inch tele Deluxe Baritone

    Here's a short new video on my 28-inch Telecaster Deluxe Hayward Custom Guitars build. This started out as a baritone conversion neck for my Squier Stagemaster 7. And then removed the neck and got Hayward Custom Guitars to build me a Silverburst Telecaster Deluxe body for it and reshape the...
  17. S

    NGD - Custom Tele Deluxe 7-string Baritone

    This is a custom 7-string I got built by Hayward Guitars in South Africa. its a 28-inch maple Neck with a Poplar Silverburst Tele Deluxe shaped body I have a BKP Nailbomb Alnico in the Bridge and a SD Jazz in the Neck. I have it in Drop F with a set of 11-80s on.
  18. S

    Seymour Duncan P-Rail Bridge - Video Review

    Here's my new video reviewing the P-Rail Bridge pickup I have in my DoodCraft Guitars B2-6 27.7-inch Baritone tuned to drop A#. Man, this pickup is versatile. I have it wired with some pushpots. And with them I can switch between both coils in series, both coils in parallel, P90 coil only and...
  19. orion

    What are your favorite 7 string guitar scales?

    I searched the forum but didn't find a poll with this question. My favorite 7 string guitar scale length is 27" and I use it for standard tuning. 30" is my second favorite scale and I used it for lower tunings such as A standard (A D G C F A D). I didn't include fan fret scales in this poll...
  20. Wolfos

    FS Skervesen Raptor 8

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Skervesen Raptor 8 (2020) Modifications (if any): All stock Accessories (hardshell case etc): Gator hard case, all paperwork and case candy Location (City,State or City,Country): Stirling, Ontario, Canada International OK? : Sure Contact Info (No...