baritone 27

  1. GTTK

    Guittek Guitarworks with The Dead in Company

    Third Time's the Charm, really? well, let's see. Guittek is a company from Oulu, Finland. 20 years of experience in Instruments repairs, and building guitars since 2013. Guittek has two lines of instruments. The first line is called LOWBROW SERIES, which are instruments inspired by classic or...
  2. Mr-Jemhead93

    Guitar bridge recommendation for really heavy gauges?

    I am modding a friends LTD 27" Baritone Viper. They want me to convert it to a mini bass tuned to DGCFCG. The plan is swap the babickz bridge that is currently installed for two reasons; they want different colored hardware and the gauges they want to use (.125,.094,.070,.051,.033,.021)...
  3. jbaxter

    Hipshot locking tuner size for an Ibanez RG7EXFX

    I've recently acquired an Ibanez RG7EXFX from a member of this forum, and am looking to get some Hipshot locking tuners installed in it. My only problem is that I'm unsure what string post length I should order. These are the tuners I'm looking at...
  4. Matt Ress

    NGD - Agile Baritone Les Paul

    I like Les Pauls. This one's been modded, like most my guitars. Two vol BKP Nailbomb in bridge Jazzmaster P90 in neck Some switchy thingy to flip and switch.
  5. F

    ESP M-II SL7 Original Series (Custom Orange Color)

    Hey there, Just want to share with you the results of my project to upgrade one of the ESP M-II SL7 guitars, which were made in Japan in 2002 and 2003. Initially it was a custom order for Japan internal market of M-II SL7 model with catalog specifications but ebony fingerboard (instead of...
  6. noob_pwn

    NGD Jacskon custom shop strat

    Hey guys, Yesterday I took delivery of this amazing piece of work from the Jackson Custom shop. I've always been a strat guy and I was very happy when I got the green light from Jackson for this one. For me it's the perfect fusion of new and old school adapted to what I do. I'm away from home...
  7. Arkks

    Mayones Regius 7 Baritone Tone

    Hi all, Recorded this track using my Mayones Regius 7. Quite happy how it turned out. Let me know your thoughts. ARKKS
  8. azyat

    /FT Mayones Regius 8 Musikmesse'13 Showpiece

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Mayones Regius 8. 27" scale. BKP Aftermaths. Swamp Ash + 11-ply neck (mostly maple) + Ebony fretboard. 3A Quilt Mape top in 3Tone Sunburst, Matte finish. Modifications (if any): none Accessories (hardshell case etc): original Hiscox case+all case...
  9. J

    LTD SCT 607B opinions?

    Hey guys, new here so please excuse if this thread is already a thing. Basically I'm looking to get a new 7 string, and baritones stood out to me purely because of the wicked snarl that the higher scale length brings on the low strings. My question is, does anybody have expansive experience...
  10. tupesaku

    NGD: Jackson B7, satin black, with an extra fret?!? :D

    Got this new family member home today...first impression was...wooooow, looks amazing!!! Plays well too...nothing to complain really. So all in all good stuff :hbang: Haven't yet been able to test with my EVH 5153, that will have to wait till monday. So don't know yet about the pickups...
  11. O

    NGD! Fernandes Revolver 7 Baritone

    NGD! My very very first ERG guitar. It's a Fernandes Revolver 7 Baritone It's super comfortable with a slightly fatter neck which I prefer. Sounds great, even with EMGs which I usually dislike strongly. All in all a solid guitar. It's also worth mentioning that it's a pretty rare one, as only...
  12. Jacksonluvr636

    Agile Interceptor 727 with Nazgul/Sentinent

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Tribal Red Agile Interceptor 727. Very good condition, near mint. Has picking swirls. Modifications (if any): Nazgul/Sentinent Pickups Accessories (hardshell case etc): 2 month old hardshell case Location (City,State or City,Country): Wentzville...
  13. I

    27 baritone question

    hi guys i would like to know if a 7 string baritone can hold a drop G# (Ab) without too much tension and if so what string gauge shoul i use to do the trick?:bowdown:
  14. srouth1960

    What if... RG 1077 XL

    Okay, I was just wondering. If you had an Ibanez RG 1077 XL and it was in excellent condition, what would be a fair trade value ? I have one, but really do not want to get rid of it, but if the right guitar came along, I may consider a trade. It could be a 6 or 7 string. What would be your axe...
  15. Vince Caruana

    What string gauge would you guys reccomend for g# standard with a 27" scale?

    Id like to keep my higher string at a 10 13 and 17 and wouldn't wanna go any higher for a 64 for the 7th. I've thought about trying a 10-46 set for the 1st 6 but something tells me that'd be a little too loose, id like to stray away from the 10-52 set I've been using for years. What do you guys...
  16. amonb

    EDWARDS E-UT-100SL 27" Baritone

    Shoot me if there has been a thread about these before, but when I searched I found zip. These look really interesting to me... the shape looks new to me and they are pretty basic which is a refreshing change. And they are Edwards... I own two of their guitars and can vouch for the exceedingly...
  17. papazappa13

    Ibanez RG8 3 way to 5 way mod?

    I just got my RG8 today, and I want to replace the 3 way blade to a 5 way blade with Coil Tapping, I'm willing to go up to 50$ for the Switch alone What's the best 5 way Blade that'll fit? I have no clue about any of these things, I just know my S570DXMQ has the 5 way with Coil Tapping and its...
  18. coffeeflush

    Finish options for fretless build

    Greetings fellow members I am in the process of getting a fret less baritone built The basic specs are Mahogany body and neck Tune o matic bridge (string through body) 27 inch scale length neck with steel fingerboard BC rich style headstock H-H configuration, 1 volume knob, 2 tone knobs I...
  19. Vince Caruana

    Help with string gauges for an F tuning on a 27" scale.

    A few years back I bought an ESP LTD-FM 418 with a 25.5 inch scale. The gauges are .10, .13, .17, .30, .42, .52, .64, .74. It sounds great in standard F# with lots of tension which I like but I prefer to tune a half step down to F. This being the 1st 8 string guitar I've owned I did not realize...
  20. Absaloms Axe

    NYNGD (Not yet new guitar day) Mensinger 8-String Steinberger, Headless "Paddle" BKP

    Hi Guys, this is a story that now continues over a year a so. First I was searching for a custom-builder to fulfill my dream of something like an 8-String Steinberger workinghorse-thing. After asking a lot of luthiers and half a year i decided to take my chance at Mensinger Guitars (Maruszczyk...