1. Dani2901

    Engl\fractal Audio Plug & Play rig

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: After a few years it's time for a little change. In this case i'm selling my beloved Engl rig. It in great condition and works 100%. Since I bought every single piece of gear new I never pulled it out its rackcase. This whole rig includes...
  2. C

    Axe FX Ultra

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Fractal Audio Axe-fx Ultra Effects Processor works great, no issues! My other guitarist is getting the Axe II, and so I am selling this to acquire one of those Modifications (if any): none Accessories (hardshell case etc): n/a Location (City,State...
  3. eugeneelgr

    Eugene's Lick Picks (Online youtube series) Hey guys! What I'm doing here is a new series of short videos that I intend to release every week or two, where I showcase a short solo/lick that I've learnt from my guitar heroes or come up with. While I don't include the tabs, I've included a...
  4. iloki

    /FT Axe-FX Standard, Poweramp and rack

    I've decided to go back to tube heads. The Axe is great, I just don't have time to play with it anymore :) Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Axe-FX Standard, ART SLA-2 power amp, ART SLA-1 power amp, Furman power conditioner, gator 4U Rack case/bag, Rocktron Midi Mate footswitch...
  5. nowhere

    Wanted Mini Rectifier / axe fx

  6. A

    Alright first mix, BRING ON THE CRITICISM!

    Hey guys, first mix with the Axe II, SD 2.0... yea I know real original right? Anyway not all the parts are as tight as they should be, had a hard time with the emg's in my schecter but I will re-track guitars in a few weeks when my Mayones arrives :D and the drums are my amazing midi...
  7. D

    /FT: Atomic Monoblock MB50 50w tube power amp - Canada

    Selling/ trading my Atomic Monoblock MB50. I bought it but ended up selling the Axe-FX II shortly after I received this. Didn't even get a chance to really try it out since I had a deal I couldn't pass up to sell the Axe. It is in like new condition. Purchased from a fellow on the Fractal...
  8. Nialzzz

    Axe fx help, tuning issue.

    Hi there folks, I was hoping someone could help me out. My rack tuner recently gave up the ghost and I've reverted back to using my ultra to tune, only thing is; it is pretty bad for tuning my eight... I can tune to the top 6 to standard and have to do my 7th and 8th by ear. Not a problem at...
  9. G

    VHT Deliverance and Carvin Dragonburst!!!

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: I am selling my VHT Deliverance 60 amp together with a Carvin Custom shop Dragonburst guitar. The amp is 230V version, flawless. Guitar is slightly used, but in mint condition. Modifications (if any): none Accessories (hardshell case...
  10. niffnoff

    Zombie Invasion! (A userbased scenario situation)

    Ok guys me and my friends did this a long time ago and it was probably one of the most interesting things we've done that hasn't been of the influence of alcohol. It's also fun :) Ok so heres the scenario we are going to build off: A zombie apocalypse has started in your country, you and a...
  11. TheDjentlman

    Solace (Misery Signals' Vocalist solo project)

    Karl Schubach's Solace full length album! by Karl Schubach — Kickstarter This seems pretty awesome, sounds like a ton of good riffage! I'm so happy this thing got funded.
  12. FrancescoFiligoi

    /FT: Axe Fx Ultra (EUROPE ONLY)

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear: For sale is my AxeFx Ultra in mint condition, still has plastic protection on screen. Has Redwirez IRs inside. Upgraded to the latest version. Accessories: Manual and power cord. Location (City,State or City,Country): Udine, Italy Contact Info: PM...
  13. Hourglass1117

    Barren Branches upcoming FREE EP intro track - String orchestra + Boy's Chorus FTW

    That's right, this is going to be the intro track to my EP, which will be free. It's a free ep, or as I like to call it, a freeep. :D Tell me if this achieves the amount of epic I was going for. A couple things to note: - All tracks were tracked with a PRS Tremonti direct into an AxeFX. - The...
  14. gregmarx7

    Looking for high gain madness!

    Hey guys, I'm on the search for a new amp and cab. I play mostly metal, so I want a good high gain sound that sounds really heavy, and still "djenty". haha Now, I want something that will be fairly easy to record with, and be able to use live also. So, I've been considering the axe fx...
  15. A


    In the market for a second hand Ultra. I live in Australia, however I'm fine with buying one outside of Australia and having it shipped here. Thanks guys! :shred:
  16. beerybobb

    New Ever Forthright Axe-Fx mix + Teaser

    Hey Everyone, I've been working on a new mix for my band Ever Forthright. We recently upgraded from a pod to an axe-fx. First up here's a new mix of our song "Dispose of Your Optimism". Check it out and let me know what you think...
  17. E

    Eleven Rack vs Axe FX

    Either I'm not looking hard enough, or it's just fate that no one has compared these two beasts with detail. Can the Eleven Rack hang with Axe Fx or will the crowd favorite reign supreme? I'm mainly looking for those who actually own an Eleven Rack to tell me how they like the tone....:metal:
  18. W

    Axe-Fx Ultra

    Gear Wanted: Axe-Fx Ultra Additional Accessories: Your Location: Israel International OK?: yup Contact Info: [email protected] or PM me here References: gwolf2009 on eBay Price: Make your offer Thx, Guy
  19. J

    Official Axe-Fx Q&A thread!

    There are a lot of questions flying around on this board regarding the Fractal Audio Axe-Fx, so to make everything easy for people speculating about whether or not it's worth dropping the cash for one of these, here's a place for you to ask specific questions and get direct answers from those of...
  20. P

    FS: Axe-FX Ultra

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Axe-fx ultra modeling preamp and effects Modifications (if any): upgraded quieter fan Accessories (hardshell case etc): none Location (City,State or City,Country): Westford, MA United States Contact Info (No Phone #s) PMs are fine...