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  1. l1ll1

    Going down the Axe FX road (or Quad Cortex?)... input appreciated!

    Hey there, after having crazy good experiences with amp plug ins (AmpliTube 5, brainworx, even Logic's own amp sims) and since I exclusively do composition work and sound design for theatre, performances and film (= working in different studios, recalls are mandatory, flexibility + mobility is...
  2. H

    AXE FX III - My Old School Dual Rectifier Tone - FREE Preset!

    Quick playthrough of my personal favourite kind of dual rectifier tone! I have also got a real dual rectifier so thinking of doing a proper sound comparison in the future!
  3. CrushingAnvil

    After 16 years... (NGD)

    After all the shit I talked about djent kids, I have finally joined the Fractal family. This was the only good picture I took since I'm terrible at using my Lumix G7 still. Both the Fractal and the G7 required university degrees to operate lol.
  4. E

    Good rack mount multi-fx units? (that won't make me go broke)

    Been looking to get my feet wet with rack mount effects processors and I don't really have the money to drop on a Helix or AFX III, would the original Axe FX (i.e. Axe FX I, Axe FX Ultra) be worth getting so could get familiar with the whole idea? I intend use them solely for 4 cable method type...
  5. trickae

    Looking to go all digital on a budget axefx vs neural dsp?

    I'm looking to build a home recording studio and weighing up some options. With a budget of $2000 what's the better option? 1. Axe FX + studio monitors 2. UAD arrow + Neural dsp + studio monitors? Do I need anything else like a preamp or additional pedals?
  6. Guitarjon

    BLIND TEST! Friedman vs Axe Fx III vs Helix

    It's that time again, please join the fun! This one has been requested for a while and I honestly think it's going to be very interesting! I'm going to compare my Friedman JJ JR (BE mode) tube amp to the Axe Fx III and the Helix, BLINDLY! So it's up to you guys to guess which one is which. I...
  7. budda

    The gnarliest tone I've heard from an Axe Fx, I think two drive blocks feeding a fairly modded AD200 into 2x Orange 212 IR's (thanks @Guitarjon for that tidbit!). The guitar in this was my PRS SC594 semi-hollow limited. Here's a Gibson LP standard P90 with one drive block for comparison...
  8. Vehuel

    [Bass] Which cab for F#0 bass? Live situation

    Hello friends! Sorry for the multiples threads, but I don't want to mix different subjects, as things will get more simple! :) As an 8 strings guitarist I'm gonna buy a Dingwall Combustion 6 strings, tuned in low F# to match my 8 strings guitar tuning BUT for playing djent but also jazz/funk...
  9. Vehuel

    [Bass] Darkglass B7K or Axe FX 2? Sutdio and live

    Hey guys, I'm ordering my Dingwall Combustion 6 really soon (tomorrow in the evening the payment will be done :D), tuned to low F#0 to match my 8 strings guitar. I already have an Axe FX 2 XL+, which is awesome for guitars, unlimited source of inspiration, but as I don't have any bass for the...
  10. budda

    Autopilot Off inspired Punk Tune (instr) After posting to the socials that I always have riff ideas but not whole songs, I threw down a whole song :lol:. Didn't spend a ton of time but I really enjoyed the process and I like it. That's what counts, right? Fender Am Pro...
  11. Tjore

    My first post in 6 years - Axe FX Ultra in 2020? Hey guys! In the middle of recording an album/ep and getting my mix ready. Honest opinion - is this tone (Axe Ultra) and mix/master adequate for breaking through the mud in your opinion? Came back after 6 long years to hear some thoughts from some of...
  12. HelloImDavidHaha

    >be me >finish new song >mfw sounds like anime intro

    Hey guys! I just recently finished writing/recording a new song of mine. Check it out! It has an anime-esque vibe to it as my friends describe it haha. Anyway let me know what you think down below - any critique is welcome. Thank you for...
  13. SlipknotKoRnfan

    NGD: FAS Axe-FX II XL+ & MFC-101 mk III

    Hey all, Been a while since I posted here. It was time to upgrade my aging setup...I've been running a Line 6 POD HD500 (which for the record, I still love, and for what it is, is a fantastic unit) But I've had it for over 8 years and components are beginning to fail on it, power jack...
  14. BenSolace

    FS [UK] Fractal Audio Axe FX II Mark II

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear: Fractal Audio Axe FX II Mark II Modifications: n/a Accessories: n/a Location: Northamptonshire, UK International OK?: No Contact Info (No Phone #s): PM here References (eBay or other forum userid): sold on here using this account, "ds_ben" on eBay Price...
  15. ICSvortex

    FS AxeFX Ultra

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Fractal AxeFx Ultra for sale I am the 2nd owner and it functions perfectly. Has no Scratches. If you have further questions, ask away! Modifications (if any): - Accessories (hardshell case etc): MIDI Interface (Roland UM-ONE) if wanted Location...
  16. hodorcore

    Axe FX 3 vs Bias FX

    Hello There I'm wondering, how big is the difference between the two? I am mainly a studio musician, i don't really play live. I make covers and demo's of my own songs at home using the Bias FX as a plugin. I used to own an Axe Fx 2xl + but i got rid of it when I heard that the Axe 3 was...
  17. Orzech

    FS Axe FX II XL + MFC 101 Mark III + Korg Pitchblack + pedalboard [EU]

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Axe FX II XL + MFC 101 Mark III + Korg Pitchblack + pedalboard Stagg. Great condition except for a paint chip on the left side of the Fractal. Modifications: None Accessories: Stomp labels Location: Kraków, Poland International OK? : Sure...
  18. lewstherin006

    Made a few Mesa Tones on my Axe Fx. Let Me Know What You Think.

    All the fan favs are there, Recto, Mark IV, IIC++, etc. Used some Dr. Bonkers Mesa IRs, along with some ML Sound lab Mesa OS Cab IRs. Let me know which one you liked the best.
  19. Guitarjon

    Sound like Deftones on the Axe FX III!

    Hey guys, I just made a new video about my new LTD SC-20 Stephen Carpenter model and I thought it would be fitting to combine that guitar review with some Axe Fx III preset demonstrations. I tried to get close to the guitar tone from A.T.F. in this one. Hope you enjoy:
  20. hodorcore

    FS Fractal Audio Axe-Fx XL+

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Fractal Audio Axe-Fx II XL+ in Mint Condition Modifications (if any): none Accessories (hardshell case etc): User Manuals, Sticker Location (City,State or City,Country): Zurich, Switzerland International OK? : Yes Contact Info (No Phone #s): Pm...

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