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  1. C

    NGearD - Parker and QSC

    New Parker DFOT7 and QSC KW153's - I believe my living room has officially become ridiculous.:hbang::shred: neighbors be like :wallbash:
  2. W

    Will this work?

    Hi Everyone I've got a little but yet annoying problem with my axe fx. I've got it connected to my Interface (Fast Track C400) which goes directly into the pc. I experience a little buzz/hum which affects my recordings. There's a little "peep" noise aswell. Since my brother had the same issue...
  3. G

    Axe Fx Ultra or Standard

    Gear/Guitar Wanted: I want a axe fx ultra or standard Additional Accessories (hardshell case etc): Your Location (City,State or City,Country): candler nc International OK?: no Contact Info (No Phone #s): References (eBay or other forum userid):lynchmobss Price (include currency and if...
  4. thesimo

    Fractal Axe-FX Standard or Ultra (UK)

    Gear/Guitar Wanted:Axe-fx ultra or standard(preferably ultra) Location:Belfast, Northern Ireland International OK?:Yeah, inside europe though. Contact Info: PM on here References: lots of references on my profile here. Price:Tell me how much you want.
  5. J

    Official Axe-Fx Q&A thread!

    There are a lot of questions flying around on this board regarding the Fractal Audio Axe-Fx, so to make everything easy for people speculating about whether or not it's worth dropping the cash for one of these, here's a place for you to ask specific questions and get direct answers from those of...