1. Cobhc221

    Recording DI with my Engl SE E570 Pre

    im not the greatest at making songs (recording wise) so go easy on me cause i am recording D.I so noooo cab impulses. i did do some magic by putting come compression on the guitars and making the lead shine a bit more with a smidgit of gain. Guitars are panned hard left and hard right...
  2. B

    Need some help with my home studio

    Hello to all you all... I'm in need of some advice, as I'm a little new to the world of home recording and all sorts of technical stuff. I'm not to sure whether its a bit ambitious in what i would try like to achieve, but i think if i can nail it (with you help) id be one happy guitarist...
  3. mguilherme87

    Presonus Audiobox USB Broken?!?!

    I recently traded my BOSS DD3 Delay for a Presonus audiobox usb. It came in case with the free studio one 2 artist cd. (they already used the code on it so i cant use it) and they already registered the USB device so i cannot get help with it. But basically it will not work on my laptop, it wont...
  4. MarmaladeMad

    First NID: PreSonus AudioBox 22VSL with EZmix Test clip!

    So I finally used an audio interface which isn't borrowed! After way too much research, I ended up purchasing the PreSonus AudioBox 22VSL. Originally, I was contemplating getting this or the Focusrite 2i4 but ended up going with the PreSonus after watching some of Ola Englund's videos...