1. Guillaume SIMON Jazz

    Je me suis fait tout petit || French song arranged for 7 string guitar

    Thanks a lot for watching. Feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel if you like it ! 😉 👍 Tab available for 6 string guitar on my Patreon account.
  2. Guillaume SIMON Jazz

    Don't Worry Be Happy | Fingerstyle | Ibanez Archtop 7 String

    Hi guys ! This is my new YouTube video for this week. Have a look and feel free to subscribe to my YouTube Channel if you like it.
  3. R

    Jazz cat 7 string

    Hi there, I'm a long time reader, but newbie poster. Has anyone had a chance to play the Jazz cat 7 string? Judging by the price it's entry level, but is smaller and interesting. Was wondering if it's worth a try? There's listed on reverb, for reference. Cheers, Rick
  4. SirToastalot

    FS Jackson Stars LTD ASL-TN01, Blue Flamed Maple Archtop Soloist, MIJ Limited Edition 2007

    Selling a Jackson Stars LTD ASL-TN01. Blue Flamed Maple Top. Limited Edition. Made by FujiGen/Chushin Gakki, Japan. 2007 model. Looking into acquiring some other stuff, so this one is being let go of. Sounds huge! A Mahogany Soloist. Maybe just as good or better than some USA equivalents. Very...
  5. Jason Spell

    Suhr Standard Carve Top

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Suhr Standard Carve Top. Standard Carve Top (Scraped binding) Mahogany Single Piece Body (Natural back) Single Piece Flame Maple Top - 3/4" Maple neck/fretboard Even C Slim .800-.880 Radius 10"-14" (tint) Headstock Painted Black, Abalone Suhr...
  6. HexaneLake

    Looking for a good archtop

    Hey dudes, Been really drawn to archtop guitars the past year or so, looking to pick up a good low to mid range custom / hand built. I really like the wood selection and natural style that ken parker uses (obviously thats a little out of my league), and I've also grown fond of Joe's archtops...
  7. LeffJoomis

    My new Jackson! Thoughts?

    So, I just acquired a new Jackson, and for a ridiculously good deal, from the fabled era when the ones made in Japan were supposedly just as good or even better than the USA ones. This new, prized possession of mine is the 1991 Jackson Soloist ATT (Archtop Tremolo) Pro, MIJ. The price for one of...
  8. J

    Just got a Raines Master Fusion! Thinking about Fourths Tuning. Any advice?

    I finally took the plunge into a 7 string jazz guitar. I'm hooked! I got it from Matt Raines who tunes in fourths. But I'm in my 40's now and not sure if it's a good idea. Just seeing if anyone else out there tunes like this? I know it's simple enough, but it's surely easer said than done.Glad I...
  9. BigPhi84

    Did someone ask for a 7-string Nylon Archtop?

    Anyone? :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:
  10. HighGain510

    Ken Parker (the REAL Parker, not US Musicorp-made) acoustic guitars

    A guy over on TGP just received his Ken Parker Archtop/Acoustic, his pics were awesome so I figured I'd share them over here: The specs from the gent were as follows: Apparently the guitar weighs only 3.6lbs! :eek: Sleek and stylish in typical Ken Parker...
  11. HighGain510

    Upcoming Thorn BRAZILIAN Archtop NGD (not a teaser thread, glorious pics abound!)

    Hey gents! Just a warning up front, this is going to be a long post! :rofl: Well this turned out to be a VERY unexpected and VERY welcomed surprise for Matt! I've been worried lately about what I'm going to do this month as I just found out last week the new company I was transferred to when...
  12. Wi77iam

    RGA7 Project.. yeeop.

    So I bought an RG7620 neck a while ago thinking about doing a fireman-7 project.. .. Then this mahogany baby popped up in the Dealers Classified for a pretty penny :D CHECK THAT ARCH OUT! :hbang::scream: Just a tad dusty.. :lol: Nice snug fit too. So, pickups, finish and hardware? GO!
  13. The Echthros

    Oversized Headstocks

    Why is it that big archtop/jazzboxes have huge headstocks? I ask because it seems to be a reccuring trend I noted in archtops/jazzboxes and wondered if it has something to do with the school of thought that large headstocks contribute to overall resonance. I personally think they look...
  14. 777timesgod

    B.C RICH N.J Classic Eagle archtop (UK/Worldwide)

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: B.C Rich N.J Classic Series Arch top Eagle Guitar. Discontinued model that B.C Rich made for 2 years or so I think. No nicks or scratches, it’s in perfect condition, flawless from my perspective. Will receive setup, restrung, tuned and intonation...
  15. BigPhi84

    777th post! Benedetto content (no 56K! 19MB of pics)

    *First off, don't quote this post. There's way too many pics* *Second, I apologize for the pic quality. I didn't use a flash and I don't have awesome camera equipment like rob_l* LOL *Third, I apologize for any computers/browsers that may slow down or crash* Now for the good stuff... Hey...
  16. M

    Hey guys. Any suggestions for online lessons? FREE of course!

    Hola! This is a sweet forum. It's nice to see so many fellow 7sters out there. Any of y'all tuning in 4ths? I'm going to be doing a bunch of free online lessons to go along with my new website. I've been getting a lot of ??'s about 4ths tuning, jazz stuff, shredding stuff. So I figured this is...
  17. The Echthros

    Lee Garver's GMW SS-7 Archtop: The Man Is Looking For Input

    So I was lloking for Southern Califnornian luthiers and I came across Lee Garver and GMW guitars. Now, I've known about GMW for some time and have played a few select pieces at a local boutique shop near my home and was impressed by Lee's offerings. With prior knowledge of his craftmanship I...
  18. ElRay

    Another Headless Acoustic Archtop

    Just saw a headless, acoustic archtop at: Jazzerette, an acoustic headless archtop buttocks guitar. Sorry, can't directly link to any images. I'll try to upload one later, if nobody beats me to it. Ray
  19. FortePenance

    Matt Raines Guitars?

    I found this guy browsing Harmony Central. Makes jazzboxes and acoustics in 7 version, figured you guys might dig it? MATT RAINES : 7-String Guitarist / Musician Ran a search for him, didn't come up with anything relevant, so here ya go. :P