apogee duet

  1. Brody

    FS Apogee Duet 2 for Mac/PC

    Brief & Accurate Description: Slightly used condition, includes all original packaging and necessary cables. Modifications (if any): N/A Accessories (hardshell case etc): N/A Location (City,State or City,Country): Wyomissing, Pennsylvania International OK? : Yes, but buyer must pay shipping and...
  2. R

    Let's talk Acoustic!

    Hey guys! So I've really new to recording, and this is my first time tracking, mixing and mastering a song from scratch. Vocals and acoustic guitar were with an sm7b, electric guitar was my PRS through an AxeFx Ultra, and I did all the mixing and mastering with Logic built in plugins. I was...
  3. J

    John Kiernan's "Of Oceans": InstruMETAL

    Hey there, everyone! I am proud to announce the release of my John Kiernan solo album, "Of Oceans"! It's seven tracks of melodious virtuosity and fun instrumental work! Hope you like what you hear and will download it! It's up on Bandcamp for name your own price and stream, iTunes...