1. Crash Dandicoot

    Status of Bogner

    I noticed a little while ago their website is in 'coming soon' limbo and all talks of the new Uberschall have missed their original timeline and have essentially disappeared. The original posts/photos of it have been scrubbed, as well. Their site desperately needed an update (and thorough...
  2. ConnorK

    Can The Orange Super Crush 100 Handle 8 Strings?

    Has anyone used it wtih an extended range guitar? I am looking into the amp but I will probably use an 8-string a lot and don't want it getting super muddy at higher gain levels with passive pickups. I don't often tune past an octave below standard 6 string tuning, if that helps. I have some...
  3. randomas

    Dialing amps fpr 7 strings with active pickups

    I have recently pulled my real amps out of storage, nothing good, an old fender frontman 25R that I moded and a madamp a15 mk2 (kit build), I'm playing both through the frontman's original speaker/enclosure (10 inch fender cheapo known to be a POS). So not the ideal setting by a long shot and...
  4. S

    New Kemper Profiles

    Hey fellow Kemper users! My name is Taven and I'm a product specialist for KIT Plugins- an audio software company specializing in plugins and sample libraries. We recently teamed up with John McBride and Blackbird Studio in Nashville,TN to create the Blackbird High Gain Kemper Profile Pack...
  5. Einhander

    Practice amps that are worth the while?

    So when I transitioned to 7s back in 2014; the biggest issue I came across is finding a decent practice amp to support the extra string haha! I personally use a Orange crush 35rt which is perfect for clean style play and keeping chops up to par but when wanting to mimic certain tones and styles...
  6. SkullCrusher

    Views on Synergy. Premium brand?

    Hi guys Looking for some up to date views on the synergy stuff... how does it compare to the premium brands on the market? Mesa, orange, diezel... quality, sounds, reliability. (I hear the parts are made in China and only assembled in the USA, not sure the reliability of that source). If I was...
  7. D

    Crystal lake guitar tone

    Hey everyone, So possibly my favorite heavy guitar tone is the tone in the album "Helix" by crystal lake, especially in songs like "lost in forever" and "Apollo". I know that they're in a low tuning (drop f I think?), but apart from that, how can I achieve that tone? To make it more specific...
  8. Gmork

    School Me On Less Known, Boutiquey Sorta Metal Amps

    We all know about mesa, peavey, marshall, orange, diezel even some of these newer big names like ksr, revv, etc. What are some lesser known kinda boutiquey amps out there for metal. Not necessarily crazy rare amp that cost 10,000 or anything but anywhere in the $1000-$3000 range...
  9. JustinRhoads1980

    Good metal amp sims?

    Hey guys, do any of you have any recommendations for amp sims on the PC that are really good for metal? I am looking for something that sounds br00tz and also has a lot of different amps you can choose from. I would also like for it to have effects such as delay and reverb. I would also...
  10. D

    KHE Amp Cab Selector - Anyone tried it yet?

    From the specs and early reviews, it seems to be the most efficient and safe option for whoever has multiple amps/cabs. Anyone here had a chance to try one?
  11. Vince Caruana

    Possible bad speakers?

    I've been using a solid state 2x12 Peavey Vypyr 100 watt combo amp for years and I've never had a problem with it. I keep at bedroom volume because I have neighbors on the other side of the wall. I haven't had problems with it till recently. I've always ran some sort of a distortion on the clean...
  12. JustinRhoads1980

    Amp simulator software? Any good? For me?

    I have been looking to a quieter solution to my Marshall DSL40c and I planned on getting either a Boss Katana or selling my amp, buying an EVH 5153 and using the headphone jack and use it that way. Though I really do not feel like selling my amp and then spending upwards of $1000+ on gear that...
  13. HeadofaHessian

    WTB Krank Krankenstein Plus

    I'm in search of a Krank Krankenstein Plus that's in good condition. Gear/Guitar Wanted: Krank Krankenstein Plus Additional Accessories (hardshell case etc): Foot Switch Your Location (City,State or City,Country): Washington Contact Info (No Phone #s): PM ME References (eBay or other forum...
  14. JustinRhoads1980


    I have a marshall dsl40c that I really like and plan to keep, but I have a problem. I am a bedroom player and cannot have it at the desired volume to which I get the pure sound from it. I have been hinted from a friend to look into attenuators, but it is so confusing which one to choose! I...
  15. P

    Amp simulation? Or Budget Amp setup?

    Im going for a good djenty modern metal tone, I currently have a peavy vypr tube 60 watt, I could either get a good overdrive pedal, or I could save for something like the line 6 pod pro hd x, or an eleven rack. What do you guys think the better option would be?
  16. Cheap

    Keep getting amps or go digital?

    I'm looking for some advice to sway me one way or another towards either adding tube amps to my collection or picking up another Kemper down the line. Some info: -I LOVE tube amps and switching back to them after ditching a Fractal rig for my amp + Suhr Reactive load has gotten me some of...
  17. drunkbuddha

    What to buy...decisions, decisions #2

    Hello all. It's been a while since I've been on here, and back for the same kinda reasons, to get your wonderful and knowledgeable opinions and feedback. I sold my H&K mkII Triamp a couple years ago, been using an old boogie combo since. I love the little bastard, but im now in the market for a...
  18. D

    How to retube a laney irt60 head?

    Hi! I know this is a noob question, but I'm a little scared on doing this, i have read one can get an electric shock, so i want to be sure on how the retubing should be done on a laney irt60 head. The manual isnt specific and I havent found anything convincing on the internet. I have a tube kit...
  19. SnowGoat

    Randall Thrasher 50

    Anyone tried one? If so, how does it compare to the 5150 III 50w?
  20. zerofocus

    Making solid state sound good?

    So I thought this would be interesting for some people here I've always wondered if it would be possible to make solid state sound good since valve amps are held in such regard So i challenged Adam who I work with to see if he could do it, I ended being roped into filming and writing the...