1. M

    Recommendations for a solid practice amp

    Living in an apartment I can't crank up my half stack so the tone sounds not so great. I was wondering if anyone had some recommendations for solid practice amps <$500. Also, I have been looking into getting an attenuator (Marshall PB100 Power Brake Inductive Speaker Attenuator |...
  2. Bucketheadtwo

    First REAL amp suggestions

    I'm looking to buy my first ACTUAL amp sooner or later. Since I got my first electric guitar, I've only had my cheap Line 6 Spider III 15w amp. It's a nice little practice amp, but it's not exactly gig-ready. For practices and shows, I'm using a band member's Spider III 75w and an old Boss DS-10...
  3. Rectionmaarten

    Peavey 5150 hum problem

    Hey guys, Since today, I noticed my 5150 makes a annoying hum-sound which I've never noticed before. I bought a second-hand NS2 today and as soon as I got home, I plugged it in my amp, turned my amp on and started playing. I noticed the hum-sound immediately. The strange thing is that I never...
  4. C

    Good amp simulators for Mac OSX?

    Hello, fine people of SS.Org! I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for amp simulators that are compatible with Mac OSX. I was running Amplitube 3 for a little while until the trial ran out. It had pretty good metal presets, but I would like to know if anyone knew any other good amp...
  5. M

    Genz Benz El Diablo 100w Head + Matching 2x12" G-Flex Cab

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear: Very llightly used Genz Benz El Diablo 100/50-watt tube amplifier with its matching 2x12 cabinet and cover. Genz Benz Website - Detailed Product Description. Only noticeable imperfection is a small chip in the plastic under one of the handles. Can provide...
  6. R

    FS: Madison Divinity III, Line 6 POD X3 Pro - Aussie Sale

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Madison Divinity III 120W tube amp, Line 6 POD X3 Pro and a Rocktron power amp which *needs repair* Modifications (if any): none Accessories (hardshell case etc): Comes with boxes and manuals. Location (City,State or City,Country): Adelaide, South...
  7. t o k u g a w a

    EVH 5150 III 50w Ivory, and EVH 5150 III 2x12

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: *Like new* EVH 5150 III 50w head in Ivory, and EVH 5150 III 2x12 cab in Ivory Modifications (if any):None Accessories (hardshell case etc):Footswitch, and Speaker cable included. All original paperwork. Location (City,State or City,Country): KC...
  8. F

    Splawn Nitro EL34 (EU)

    Description: Splawn Nitro 100W Tung Sol EL34, footswitch, flightcase Location: Czech Republic Contact Info: PM References: - Price: 1400€ plus shipping, trade for AXE FX Ultra / II
  9. allshallperishfan

    Advice First tube amp (bugera 6262)

    Hi, Ive been wanting to make the switch to tube for so long but never been able to afford it. However i found a 120 watt Bugera 6262 COMBO used online for $350, and am seriously considering buying it! Ive heard videos of it and seen one before and i am convinced it will give me the tone im...
  10. allshallperishfan

    Line 6 120 watt spider III

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Line 6 spider III 120 watt amp Modifications (if any): None Accessories (hardshell case etc): None Location (City,State or City,Country): Clinton, New Jersey International OK? : NO Contact Info (No Phone #s) [email protected] References...
  11. V

    Full Frequency 800 Watt Cabs?

    Hi, I'm going to run a Pod HD Pro into a 800 Watt Bridged power amp into a 800 or more watt full Frequency cab, the only problem is I have no idea where to get such things anyway in the world let alone in Australia. I'm looking for one with no tone coloring for my 5 string (tuned to B) bass...
  12. Paul Reed Shred

    Reamping Questions

    to start off, i'm new here, so if it's super not okay to double post for visibility, all apologies! I've been looking for solutions to reamp a Egnater Tweaker 88 tube head with my apogee duet 2 running into logic, a Radial Reamp box, and also a Radial DI. my main issue is that if possible...
  13. metal_sam14

    NGD! (Aliens probed me then left their toaster behind)

    Behold the intergalactic space toaster :lol: But really, I scored myself a Kemper Profiling amp, currently at work so only phone pictures at the moment and no clips, but I hope to get stuck into it tonight! Pics: Super stoked :yesway:
  14. V

    Line 6 IV spider as a pre-amp?

    I was wondering if using a guitar head:mf666: into to a bass head in to a bass cab would let me use the guitar as my distortion and the head as getting the volume up, Don't Know what head or Cab yet i'm leaning towards an EBS because I can turn the EQ off on it but I know I want/need a 400...
  15. D

    Amp Buzz Problem, Need Help Please!

    Here's my situation: I'm running My 8 string Agile into an ABY pedal, out into two amplifiers (A Peavey 3120 120 watt half stack, and a Fender Rumble 75 watt Bass amp). I've been doing it for about three months with no problems, but all of a sudden a couple of weeks ago my 3120 starts...
  16. P

    Vetta II HD Head - Mainboard

    Had my Vetta for 1 month, only played it once, failed a software update, need new mainboard. I live in Norway, but PLEASE; if anyone in US/World has a mainboard for sale, let me know. I´m desperate to get this fixed. Other option is to throw it out....
  17. 7stringDemon

    NAD: Porn content!

    As a lot of you know, I've made a LOT of amp threads in the past about ENGL's and EVH's and Peavey's and I was just stuck. I needed a three channel amp with independent EQ for all three channels. Well, I found it. A Peavey Triple XXX! Enjoy my terrible pictures! It came without a logo...
  18. L

    Tube Amp Distortion Noise

    Hi everyone, i own a B-52 AT-100 All tube Head, and matching cab. i retube with a set of JJ's from EuroTubes and everythings ok. I really like the sound of the amp. But after being on/off in bands, and shiet. i started a cover band project, and when i started using my halfstack again, i...
  19. VBCheeseGrater

    NAD+ Amp fried, traded for an F-50

    So my AT-100 went "POW!" and subsequently smelled funny after a preamp tube swap out - probably wiggled something loose that was about to go anyway i'm guessing, so now it runs at 25% volume. Anyway, after a few days of soldering, tweaking, and troubleshooting, it's now in the shop (i know...
  20. T

    HD500 Dual Cabs or Amps?

    Hello sevenstring, this is my first post. Lately I've been getting somewhat in to the fascinating world of a Line6 Pod HD500. It's finally starting to work out in my favor. Earlier than this it was so easy to keep blaming the Pod (or my guitar) for what it supposedly is not. Then I came across...