1. S

    prs mt15 vs orange super crush

    hey i need an affordable amp that can do thrash metal (mostly anthrax and, but way more megadeth and metallica, pantera, ghost, system of a down, slipknot, disturbed, periphery, polyphia (only because of my fellow band mate), daikaiju. blues and hard rock. and these two are some of the amps i...
  2. L

    Tips for monitor to use with Revv G20

    Hey! I've been using a Line 6 Helix LT and Neural DSP plugins exclusively for jamming, practicing and recording guitar for some years now. And honestly it works more than well enough for me, but I've been thinking for a little while that I miss having a tube amp and a cab when im just messing...
  3. hebing_rain

    Laney for death metal????

    I'm very curious about laney amp heads, particularly the GH100l and the VH100R models. Do they have enough gain and articulation for necrophagist/obscura/cryptopsy type tones?
  4. Roberto Djentz

    Best plugin for DOOM/Argent/Cyber Djent? (8 string tones)

    Extremely curious to know if anyone has dabbled in the Mick Gordon DOOM style genre, and if they know of a good amp sim that isn't too grindy/fuzzy/hissy. I've tried dropping the gain on my amp sim (Archetype Petrucci), I've tried different IRs and speaker/mic positions. I just can't seem to get...
  5. swollenpickle

    Kemper Stage in Flight case W/ Mission Expression and wood sides!

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Lightly used Kemper stage one owner and it still has the plastic on the screen Also comes with original box and accessories Mission Engineering pedal Modifications (if any): Wooden sides by the lazer shop, Blackout Birch finish. Accessories...
  6. kamisama

    New era for solid state amps

    With the recent shortage of tubes, I've been wondering if this could perhaps spur amp companies to get more innovative with solid state amps? I don't know if there's a lot of purists in these companies regarding tubes, but considering the lack of sheer quantity regarding tubes, I think it would...
  7. hebing_rain

    Problem connecting modeler to amp

    Recently I bought a 1994 Digitech GSP 2101 preamp/effects processor. I intend to use it with a tube amp and use the processor just for the delay/reverb/harmonizer WHILE using the preamp/distortion of the amp head. I connected them using the 4cable method and encountered a problem. Along with the...
  8. Guitarjon

    JVM410H vs Rectifier vs Fireball vs Rockerverb vs Invective vs Diavlo

    Hey guys, I thought it would be fun and interesting to compare 6 of my big high-gain amps with one of my favorite guitars for metal rhythm, the LTD NW-44. That guitar really is something special, also because of that Bareknuckle Aftermath. It sounds pretty mean! So just high-gain tones this...
  9. 0rimus

    Dang it BAD! VH Micro musing

    Lurker since 2011, been doing nothing with my life but buy guitar gear for the past 8 years. Yet somehow I've literally never done a NGD, NAD, or NPD? Fuck I'm lazy lol. Anyway, is it just me, or could they totally have jammed the external power brick into the enclosure? I'm by no means an...
  10. S


    I tried out a the new II II II II Amp sim from OttoAudio. and its really something. If you looking for something brutal, definitely check it out. Plus it has a really cool mono to stereo feature that makes a single guitar sound like a dual tracked guitar. So definitely check it out. You can hear...
  11. FancyFish

    NAD - Baby's First Amp (Lab Series L5)

    20210811_195822 by FancyFish posted Aug 12, 2021 at 9:53 PM 20210811_195902 by FancyFish posted Aug 12, 2021 at 9:53 PM I've recently been into purchasing pedals to use with my FM3, as well, I've been eyeing clean amps like the JC-120 or Fender Twin Reverb. No reason really, just because. I...
  12. Z

    Hughes & Kettner blu amp dropping out

    My Hughes & Kettner blu edition 60-r amp's volume is dropping in and out. It'll just drop and then come back. I tried wiggling the cords, swapping them in and out but still does it. I opened it up, sprayed some electronics cleaner in the pots, checked the solder and put it all back together...
  13. Guitarjon

    One Riff, 41 Amps!

    Hey guys, Here's something a little crazy I worked on for a while. The concept is simple: I wrote a 'riff' specifically for this concept. It's basically a collage of riffy bits and some lead bits so that you can hopefully get a good idea of how these amps all sound with a modern high gain rock...
  14. S

    Guitar specs for my project

    Hi Everyone. I am new to this form and would really appreciate your input. I am creating travel cases for both electric guitars and amps. As part of my design process, I want to be sure a majority of guitars and amps fit my various case sizes. Can anyone suggest easy reference resource for the...
  15. ochase088

    what amps are you guys using right now?

    I'm in the market for a new amp and wanted to hear some recommendations and hear what you guys are using for death metal.
  16. Chewy5150

    FS Mesa/Boogie Rectoverb 25 Mini Head

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Mesa Boogie Rectoverb 25 Head Selling my Rectoverb 25 head. Great condition with a power cable and cover. Only missing the protective cage for the tubes. This little guy is SUPER loud and incredibly versatile. I've used this at practices with a full...
  17. sadomano

    Racking up small Peavey amps

    Hello guys, I was looking for a small amp that I can put in a rack with Twonotes Torpedo Live and i found some options like Laney IRT-Studio, those small Victory amps and some of hughes&kettner`s amps but I didn`t quite like those amp`s ( maybe Laney is good ) and I found Peavey made small...
  18. Diocide

    Bear Amps Modded Boss HMT2 Pedal.

    Bear is a buddy of mine and luckily he started modding Boss MT-2's again, so I had to snag one. He adds a small daughterboard inside the MT-2 which adds some of the clipping and Gyrator EQ qualities to the MT-2. I think it sounds badass.
  19. M

    Thinking about buying first tube amp after 15 years of playing digital gear

    Hey everyone! So after 15 years of playing through digital gear I've been thinking about buying tube amp. :) I used Line 6 stuff in the past, then about 5 years ago moved to Kemper which I almost don't use these days because Nolly Archetype from Neural DSP sounds better to me. I've played...
  20. Guitarjon

    Comparison/review of 20 low-wattage/lunchbox amps! (and HX Stomp)

    Hey guys! Small/low-wattage or lunchbox amps are popular these days and I'm a fan myself. I thought it would be cool to have a thread where we can all chat about our love for those smaller amps. Also, since I have 20 amps that fit in this category I thought it would be fun and perhaps...