8 string

  1. ConnorK

    Can The Orange Super Crush 100 Handle 8 Strings?

    Has anyone used it wtih an extended range guitar? I am looking into the amp but I will probably use an 8-string a lot and don't want it getting super muddy at higher gain levels with passive pickups. I don't often tune past an octave below standard 6 string tuning, if that helps. I have some...
  2. Decon87

    FS Multiple guitars for sale -- EBMM, Jackson 7 string, Ibanez Prestige (and an Iron Label 8)

    Please keep in mind ALL prices are negotiable though some I am more willing to negotiate on more than others. These are feelers and I have no intention of selling all of these guiitars, just a few to recover funds from a Vik I just purchased. Please don't take it as an insult if you feel some...
  3. Aminal Planet

    Best plugin for DOOM/Argent/Cyber Djent? (8 string tones)

    Extremely curious to know if anyone has dabbled in the Mick Gordon DOOM style genre, and if they know of a good amp sim that isn't too grindy/fuzzy/hissy. I've tried dropping the gain on my amp sim (Archetype Petrucci), I've tried different IRs and speaker/mic positions. I just can't seem to get...
  4. HotRodasaurus

    8-String sounds weak/quiet.

    I've been trying to figure this out for a while, but I can't find any existing discussions or guides that seem to match my specific issue. My Agile Pendulum 8-string sounds quiet compared to my other guitars. It's the kind of quiet, or low gain, that makes you want to roll the volume knob back...
  5. U

    Drop C1 (Double drop C) string gauges

    I own a 8 string Harley Benton Multiscale-8 QBB 2020 DLX. Scale goes from 25.5-27. What string gauges should I use and what should the average tension of each string be? I'm planning to buy Kalium strings. Do you know which ones should I use for Drop C1 tuning? Thank you in advance! And is the...
  6. Marv Attaxx

    FS Guitarmory Pickups: Ares 8 string set, passive route, NEW

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: For sale is a brandnew set of Guitarmory ARES 8 string pickups. These are high gain pickups that still provide clarity when tuning down. The bridge pickups has an Alnico5 magnet, the neck pickup has an ceramic magent. I had to wait almost two years to...
  7. Jackillin

    Custom tuning

    I'm finally getting a new 8-string made! I'm not sure about where to set my custom turning for the build. Standard F# or I'm considering asking for EBEADGBE because I quite like having that simple tuning for when I make my own stuff or improvise but is it worth it to do that or just ask for...
  8. gachooeychomp

    Help with purchasing first 8 string

    I'm looking at purchasing my first 8 string soon but with the amount of new brands and guitars coming out I start to feel paralysed by choice. My budget is around £1300 so a RG2228 was going to be my choice but I don't want to discount any options, what would you recommend as a good solid...
  9. Jackillin

    Fun 8 string parts to learn

    Hey guys. I haven't been playing much guitar this year after I injured my hand at work last year. Slowly healing, physio & stuff, started back on my 6 string a few weeks ago, want to start back on my 8 string... Any fun, not too challenging 8-string pieces you guys can reccommend to get me back...
  10. U

    The wife and I design an 8 string guitar

    So the wife and I decided to go onto the Balaguer configurator and design a guitar together for some fun. I started off with a classy 7 string Singlecut but things took an unexpected turn. Let's just say we ended up with an 8 string Green monster
  11. alessandroarzilli

    Top impulses for 8 string and low tuned guitars by Seacow Cabs

    Hello everyone! I found some very good impulses for low tuned and 8 string guitars, they sound tight and heavy even in fast parts with dissonances. Hope you'll enjoy the video, I tried to play a couple of different styles riffs, from djent to nu-metal, and yeah I used the Audio Assault Sigma v2...
  12. Pietjepieter

    First song of the band I am in - supspectral

    Beside hanging out on this nice forum I also play in a band :mf666: When Covid made the world close down we start making our first EP. Took way to long since we done most our self and we are no where near professional musicians. Also we had not that many experience with recording, so it was...
  13. Dayn

    NGD: Ormsby Goliath Shark 8-string deep sea blue

    As it says. Let's just jump into the pics, first. It's mid-afternoon and the sun is hidden, so these are shade pics. Gorgeous top. Beautiful figuring in the black limba body. The neck has nice deep figuring to it which isn't apparent in a still photo. Neck is pretty thin. Bridge is...
  14. alessandroarzilli

    Harley Benton R-458BK FanFret - Too cheap...

    I bought my very first 8 string FanFret and reviewed it. Some pretty scary QC issues, but my expectations were really low considered it's a 180$ guitar. What do you think?
  15. Jackillin

    Badstroke Semi-custom

    Has anyone had any experience with ordering a semi-custom guitar with Badstroke? I've been eyeing them up for a custom 8 for a while...Any good?
  16. Goatfork

    NGD - Custom Hapas Kayzer 828

    I recently received this mean Hapas masterpiece and I absolutely love it. The Specs Scale length: 28" Body: Figured ash Neck: 5pc. Roast maple / black maple Headstock: Ash Fretboard: Richlite Tuners: Hipshot Grip-Lock Open Tuning Machines Inlays: None Side dots: Luminlays Other: Brass nut Pics
  17. zerofocus

    FS UK Ibanez RG8PB Sapphire blue

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Ibanez RG8PBB sapphire blue This guitar plays great, no real use, never gigged, just lived in studio, can Provide hard shell case. Modifications (if any): None Accessories (hardshell case etc): hard case Location (City,State or City,Country)...
  18. K

    I got a 7 string guitar, I want to drop lower than drop F. Pitch shifter good enough?

    Hello. Uber newbie in the forums here. Just wanted your opinions about Helix's polycapo feature. How good is it for you to actually consider not getting an extended range anymore? For context, I've got a Harley Benton Amarok 7 set to Drop A and I couldn't really ask for anything more with how...
  19. Wolfos

    FS Skervesen Raptor 8

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Skervesen Raptor 8 (2020) Modifications (if any): All stock Accessories (hardshell case etc): Gator hard case, all paperwork and case candy Location (City,State or City,Country): Stirling, Ontario, Canada International OK? : Sure Contact Info (No...
  20. rippedflesh89

    NGD: RG5328

    I've been looking for another 8 string since I got my RG2228A. I have some issues with that guitar, mainly the slots in the nut are unevenly grinded down causing me to have make sacrifices on how low I can set the nut. So I decided to take the plunge on a RG5328 from Sweetwater. I've only had...