7 string

  1. Ulvhedin

    Intet - Of Wolves and Snakes (Drop A Black Metal)

    Hi guys! Wanted to share my experimental black metal project Intet with you. There's a couple of dj0nts in there as well! :yum: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/intetofficial/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/intetnorway/ Bandcamp: https://intet1.bandcamp.com/releases Spotify...
  2. jbaxter

    Hipshot locking tuner size for an Ibanez RG7EXFX

    I've recently acquired an Ibanez RG7EXFX from a member of this forum, and am looking to get some Hipshot locking tuners installed in it. My only problem is that I'm unsure what string post length I should order. These are the tuners I'm looking at...
  3. Duraesu

    NGD: Solar A1.7FBR

    Hello everyone! So, long story short: I was considering getting back into the 7 string game but with a multiscale guitar... Since Solar does not make those I went for a Legator N7FP because it seemed nice for the price. It was a mistake. The guitar had poor QC (even had a QC Passed sticker by...
  4. landmvrks

    WTB Ibanez RG752LWFX-HAB, ESP E-II M-II NT-7, Ibanez RGD2127FX, Ibanez RGD7UCS

    Looking for the guitars mentioned in the title. Specifically looking for the Dark Brown Natural Burst for the ESP. Cheers!
  5. Sgt.Mooseknuckles

    Evertune Bridge String Spacing is too wide

    Hello! So I am a total newbie to Evertune bridges. I recently acquired an LTD EC-1007 ET. It's a wonderful guitar but it throws me off when playing it because the spacing is off between the A and D strings. How can I adjust the bridge where it aligns correctly? The nut itself is fine. Just the...
  6. zeppelinrock34

    FT PRS SE Custom 24 seven string *Axe Palace custom order* w/Mods

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Bought this at the Axe Palace, they made a custom order of the 7 string customs with mother of pearl inlays and nicer quilted maple tops. This one was from 2016. It's in overall great condition though it has one ding by the jack that I filled...
  7. techmetalshred

    GOTOH 510FX-7 fixed bridge

    So I noticed that Gotoh came out with this new 7 string fixed bridge, and it looks comparable to the hipshot fixed bridge. Has anyone on here tried it? Looks real clean. I haven't seen this 7 string version on any guitars. https://g-gotoh.com/product/510fx-7/?lang=en
  8. A

    Meshuggah on a 6 string guitar | Demiurge cover full instrumental mix

    Gear: Charvel Joe Duplantier signature (the cheap one) w/ Seymour Duncan SH11 (Custom custom) on a bridge. Tuned down to drop B Digitech the Drop. -6 pitch shift Fractal FM3: Xotic RC Booster, EVH 5153 red channel. Unfortunately the FM3 doesn't have the Fortin Satan Drums: Toontrack Superior...
  9. G

    "Hell, There Could Be Worse" by Annapurna. Used my new Vola Vasti 7 string!

  10. A

    EMG Retro Active 7 String Sets - Experiences/Thoughts?

    Hi everyone I have been very intrigued by the EMG Retro Active sets lately. Curiosity is starting to get the better of me and I'm thinking about ordering a set. I've watched many reviews, videos, etc. (based on what I've heard so far, I'm leaning towards the Hot 70-7 set a little bit), but I...
  11. slan

    NGD: Ibanez S7420FM!

    I owned one of these a few years ago and I've been kicking myself ever since I sold it. Picked this one up from a forum member a few weeks ago and I couldn't be happier! Just got it back from the shop with a fresh setup and a new set of pickups (D-Sonic in the bridge and Steve's Special in the...
  12. Crash Dandicoot

    Gotoh GE1996T-7, coming 2021

    Our prayers have been answered: Finally! I'm pretty excited, the GE1996T is my absolute go-to for any Floyd guitar. Here's hoping these continue the trend of a quality, inexpensive alternative to the German made variants (that are honestly better units overall).
  13. crg123

    FS Guitarmory Patriot 7 String set - Active Spacing - Black Stain Maple Covers

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Guitarmory Patriot 7 String set - Active Spacing - Black Stain Maple Covers Modifications (if any): Accessories (hardshell case etc): Location (City,State or City,Country): Boston, MA International OK? : No Contact Info (No Phone #s): Here...
  14. RandomRob_311

    [NGD] XTN Hägglmoo 7 string (X-Style Headless)

    Hey guys, This will be a pretty long review so I put the conclusion up front :D Conclusion: do you ever had a guitar that got you on first sight? The first time I saw this beauty I knew "this is your guitar!" For a overall price of 1500€ i would rate this guitar a 8,5 out of 10. There are...
  15. anthology

    Guitar of my dreams

    I am not posting much but reading mostly But lately I have been thinking what might be the ideal guitar of my dreams BTW I have ibanez rg7420 and some 6 stringed PSR + Dean So guitar design and specs goes like this: * Of course 7 Strings * Headless neck * Scalloped fretboard (Ritchie...
  16. SlipknotKoRnfan

    NGD: 1998 Ibanez RG7620 VK

    Let's just say, I REALLY did not need another guitar. And especially not another 7620 (got a GN back in May, plus the 2 I have as parts projects) But when I saw the condition and the price, I had to buy it lol. It's bone stock, and in pretty damn good condition for 22 y/o guitar, with very...
  17. leechmasterargentina

    Leechmaster - Escape (New album)

    I've just released a new album with Leechmaster, a personal project of my own. The album is into the genres of Groove Metal/Nu-Metal/Alternative Metal. You can listen the album from the following links: Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/4OFvxpg9rmGGxwn59oMVVe?si=duNU3cBoRi-uwQ4TFSqNlg...
  18. Captain Morgan

    pickups for a basswood guitar

    So, I got myself A schecter 7 string guitar center for real cheap, since i had store credit and used gear and I'm gonna be real it plays fantastic, but the pickups sound like pretty awful through my rig (Marshall DSL I use onboard effects and sometimes a Behringer M3 pedal) the bridge pickup is...
  19. L

    Buying my first 7-string

    Hi, first post! So uh...I've been playing on the most entry-level cheap Ibanez for the past 5+ years and I think it's time for an upgrade. I've gotten pretty good and I want to get a 7-string, as I like lower drop tunings (currently play in drop B using 0.12-0.56 slinky). I'm also in the...
  20. techmetalshred

    Radical Instrument Products?

    Anyone heard of this custom guitar shop called RIP guitars? I can't really find much info online other than pictures on their IG and facebook pages. They look awesome but i'm interested in finding out about the quality. They have a few seven string builds that interest me...