1. Serga Kasinec

    This Bass Djents? Ibanez SR375E-SPB

    Well what do you guys think? Signal chain: Bass - Scarlett solo - Logic Pro X + JST bass glue
  2. G

    Fretless 5 string for a deathcore band?

    What are your thoughts on using a fretless 5 string bass tuned to F# B E A D playing alongside an 8 string in a deathcore band? To specify, I'm thinking about getting a fretless Harley Benton 5 string or their imitation of a music man stingray.
  3. Family photo

    Family photo

  4. H

    Best onboard preamps

    Hi everyone. I have an ibanez sr 755 with bartolini mk1 pickups that I recently upgraded to mk5 pickups and the preamp sounds a bit dull I was looking for something with a bit more punch or something sounding p bass style. My ibanez is a 5 string btw
  5. Metallica35

    EMG-40DC bass pickups

    Gear/Guitar Wanted: EMG-40DC bass pickups Additional Accessories (hardshell case etc): none Your Location (City,State or City,Country): Wilmington, DE International OK?: Depending on how expensive shipping is, yes Contact Info (No Phone #s): PM here References (eBay or other forum userid)...
  6. J

    Chef big black salty balls bass cover

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