4x12 cab

  1. jarledge

    Anyone actually own a celestion lynchback ?

    Back around 10 years ago these were released by celestion in conjunction with a signature Randall amp for Lynch. The Randall sig seems to have never really took off and I feel like that is what stunted the release of the signature speaker. I have read that they were a more modern sounding take...
  2. alessandroarzilli

    Seacow Cabs Audio Assault FRIED 412 IR Pack - Hot rod impulses for heavy tones!

    Hola everyone! I finally published my review for the FRIED 4x12 impulse response pack by Seacow Cabs and Audio Assault! Simply put: IT SOUNDS GREAT! Please check out the latest available versions on their official web pages!
  3. P

    Opinions on Peavey 6505 4x12 v30 cabs?

    Hi. I’m looking at getting a new cab and found this used straight 6506 4x12 with v30s. I have never tried any cab at all from Peavey and it’s actually really hard to find any reviews of their cabs. So, has anyone here tried one and if so how does it compare to other similar cabs?
  4. steelyad

    CAB COMPARISONS - 4x12 vs 2x12 vs 1x12

    Hi Everyone This is the second in the comparison series - I wanted to compare the sound of a 4x12, 2x12 and 1x12 to prove that what a lot of guitarists take as gospel (4x12 makes the biggest sound maaaaaan!) doesn't work every time, and look into potential reasons why. The guitar part is the...
  5. Oceandrinksboat

    412 vs 212

    I simply want to know the main differences between a 4x12 & 2x12 cabs. will the 212 be loud enough to play without mic'ing up?
  6. Cobhc221

    Engl XXL cab or Orange ppc412HP8?

    really considering getting a different cab after i get my engl invader....cant decide weather getting Diezel, orange, VHT, mesa or another engl cab............HALP:scream:
  7. R

    New Mesa cab full stack help

    Hi there, I just bought a mesa cab with v30s to go with my orange PPC4x12HP8 which has K100 speakers in it. My amp is a Bugera 333xl. Both cabs to my knowledge are 8ohm cabs. I'm trying to run a full stack so here is my dilemma. The orange cab runs 16ohms stereo instead of 4 ohms like normal...
  8. mphsc

    Framus Dragon Cab 4x12

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Framus Dragon Cab Modifications (if any): none Accessories (hardshell case etc): none Location (City,State or City,Country): TN International OK? : No Contact Info (No Phone #s) pm here References (eBay or other forum userid): eBay My World Price...
  9. G

    Question About the Morley ABY Selector Combiner

    I know that it is possible to run this pedal as one guitar to two amps, or two guitars to one amp, but i was curious if it was possible to run one amp head to two cabs? If not what would be another pedal I could use for this same function.
  10. C

    Peavey Triple XXX cab question

    I have searched the internet with no avail. I am looking for a pic or description of the rear panel of a Peavey Triple XXX 4x12 cab. I recently bought one that has all of the decals describing the inputs and what position the switch is in. I know the left input is soley input, and the right is 8...
  11. B

    Help on a 4x12

    hey guys i just got my peavey valve king a few months back now i need a cab ive been looking at mesa vader or krank. i do play metal stuff mostly like whitechapel. throw some comments at me bc i really need a new one btw if anyone can help tell me how the peavey 3120 sounds bc i might get that...
  12. K

    Mesa Triaxis, 2:Ninety, 4x12 Rectifier Cabinet

  13. J

    Marshall 1960BX 4x12 Speaker Cabinet Mint

    Marshall 1960BX 4x12 speaker cab - Mint Condition All original and like new No accesories I'm in Fallbrook, CA, USA Email: [email protected] References: ebay member master-jefe with 100% positive feedback form selling/buying for 10 years. I'm looking to get $600 obo as this puppy is...
  14. alex103188

    Engl Invader 100+ VHT big bottom 4x12

    So I'm looking to upgrade to this setup for my halfstack and I've heard back and forth things about the quality of the VHT big bottom mixed with the Invader... Without a doubt I'm set on that invader, but was wondering if anyone would have some input on how well they would mix or if the big...