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  1. tscoolberth

    Anyone Keep Going Back To EMG?

    Answer yes. Just picked up an Ltd EC-1000 with the standard EMG 81/83. My second fave is my LtD Hex 7 with 707s. Third fave is my Jackson King V with EMG passive HGs ... they sound hard but in the right amp with the right OD they're great and I noticed that they are essentially pre-eq'd with...
  2. tscoolberth

    The Laney Ironheart Owners Thread

    IRT Studio owner here, just confirming that the EL84s power tubes are self biasing. I've had stock Ruby's and Sovtek's in the there. First posts about the pre amp tubes are spot on for the Studio. Currently I have V1 Tung Sol V2 JJ V3 JJ V4 Sovtek I always use a Protone DH OD, or Ibanex...
  3. tscoolberth

    Bkp painkiller 6

    Does it have a cover ? What does the face look like?
  4. tscoolberth

    NGD Pretty Cooley Guitar!

    Happy Cooley NGD. I have the Skullz 7, myself.
  5. tscoolberth

    Post Your GAS

    And another at 15% off retail.
  6. tscoolberth

    Post Your GAS

    on massive sale .. price too low to print
  7. tscoolberth

    Whats the deal with the used gear market all of a sudden?

    A boutique retailer has been telling me how 2014 was a bumper year but 2015 has been a disaster.
  8. tscoolberth

    Writing cohesive guitar-drum

    Any tips on finding a midi effect that humanizes. Not sure my DAW (Ableton Live) has one.
  9. tscoolberth

    Laney Ironheart Studio. My impression. :(

    Own the IRT Studio and yes it does benefit from some tube swapping. I went with Sokteks in the power area and in V1 and the PI. A JJ in hte middle. Got a killer deal on Laney 4x12 Cab that I could not pass up, though I can see how it would benefit from an Orange or Mesa Cab. These things are...
  10. tscoolberth

    Angel of Deth

    free bump for a great guitar and because your girlfriend is hot.
  11. tscoolberth

    Laney IRT Studio vs Randall RD20

    Still got my IRT and recently picked up a Randall RD45. Learned a lot more about pushing the gain (well) on the IRT. Note how the pros nearly dime the tone controls. I added a Pro Tone OD to the mix, too. As per others' comments, can't get EMG equipped guitars to sound good on IRT. Randall...
  12. tscoolberth

    Ignite Emissary Test Run

    Yep, the Emissary is amazing .. just flip thru cabinet impulses to find the magic combos.
  13. tscoolberth

    Uhm, need help.

    Get Reaper, or buy a Alesis midi keyboard and get a stripped down version of Ableton. I recommend those two programs because they do no require huge amounts of processing power. Then, get a used Mac Pro for about $450, anything after 2006 with the Intel chip will do. Windows machines need...
  14. tscoolberth

    Which drum VST should I get?

    I'm in the same life situation .. 3 kids .. strictly bedroom metal! I got EZDrummer with my drum set then upgraded to EZdrummer full. Got the Metal! expansion pack which gives you 3-4 kits with mix and match possibilities. Also includes lotsa midi loops. For like $39 you can buy more loops...
  15. tscoolberth

    Randall RD20 20 watt Diavlo :shred:
  16. tscoolberth

    NAD - Laney IRT Studio!

    Love mine especially with my recently purchased Pro Tone Pedals clean boost which I use with my Jackson KIng V with EMGhz's. Finally found some ballsy tones. When I bust out my LTD Hex-7 with EMG 81 I use Pro Tone Deadhorse OD which tames the Hex's lows a bit. My new (to me) Genz-Benz 2x12...
  17. tscoolberth

    Irt15 studio. 1x12 ideas?

    Look for any cab that is made out of birch like Avatar, Orange, or any thing of high quality like the Mesa. I find the IRT Studio fairly bright as result of the EL84 power tubes which do not have the balls of EL34s or 5881s or 6l6s. Me, I settled on a used 2x12 by Genz-Benz.
  18. tscoolberth

    Being responsible sucks!

    Sometimes, being responsible is not going out to clubs/shows and practicing furiously in the basement instead (isn't that the whole point of being a musician.):shred: There's always light at the end of the tunnel: DIVORCE.
  19. tscoolberth

    The Laney Ironheart Owners Thread

    I'm not liking the Studio's EL84s very much, not enough balls but I recently purchased a Pro Tone pedal Clean Boost and it added a lot of the "balls" that I was looking for. (I switched to Sovtek EL84s) I have a ProTone Pedal Deadhorse OD on the way and I'm still playing around with tubes. My...
  20. tscoolberth

    Help me turn my Class 5 into a 3 channel amp using pedals

    AMT E1 .. just remember to feed it into the fx loop return to bypass amp's preamp.