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  1. Pablo

    Arena/Adult-Oriented/Corporate Rock (mid 70s to 80s)

    Count me a fan! To me AOR is simply excellent music written by excellent song writers and played by excellent musicians… what’s not to like?
  2. Pablo

    ITT we post cool/beautiful/rare Ibanez S models

    I used to own an S470KA in the mid ‘90s - 22 frets, gorgeous koa top and impecable Fujigen quality… Sadly, the LoTRS II died within three years so I ended up trading it in for a JPM P3.
  3. Pablo

    NGD! Return of the hideous headstock. (Dean warning)

    I always had a soft spot for Deans - both MLs and Cadillacs. They’re simply so wonderfully unapologetic… and you made yours even better! Congrats on your new guitar!
  4. Pablo

    NGD Vai Angles.

    Looks absolutely amazing!!!
  5. Pablo

    New Ibbys

    Congrats on picking up an excellent pair! In the bang for buck category, the Genesis series simply can’t be beat!
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  7. Pablo

    NGD Ibanez 90HAM.

    I had a JPM P3 that I too foolishly sold… but the JPM90HAM was my undisputed dream guitar in 1998!
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  10. Pablo

    NGD Part Deux: Strandberg Boden Masvidalien

    Congrats man - looking great!!!
  11. Pablo

    NGD STUPID Craigslist deal. Ruby Red content

    Congrats - the Genesis RG550s truly represent unbeatable value for money in Ibanez' lineup. I truly wish that I could get back into the Wizzard neck, as I sadly don't give my RG550DY the love it deserves... Still, when just looking at it (in all its unabashed '80s glory) puts a massive smile on...
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  13. Pablo

    Stereo guitar amps

    I run my Diezel in good old fashion stereo. With stereo chorus, circular delays and all that good stuff... To me, it really rocks! Two cabs are obviously best for getting the widest stereo spread. However, even just feeding a stereo 4x12 (the way I have it set up currently), gives a feeling of...
  14. Pablo

    Stereo guitar amps

    I've played my Diezel VH4S since... I don't know... well 2004-ish, I think and it's bloody excellent!!! Cheers Eske
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  16. Pablo

    Valley Arts Guitars, circa 1991

    Michael Casswell was such an amazing talent - his early passing was a great loss. May he rest in peace.
  17. Pablo

    Valley Arts Guitars, circa 1991

    Valley Arts were simple the coolest guitars, when I was a kid... Lukather was their biggest endorser back in the day and they ROCKED! Moreover, here in sunny Denmark they were incredibly rare and excessively expensive. In short: everything adolescent dreams are made of. I just modded one of my...
  18. Pablo

    Modding my Warmoth...

    It basically allows me to have both Yngwie and Petrucci neck position tones in the same guitar... and that's pretty cool IMHO! I wired it up thus: 1) Bridge in series 2) Bridge in parallel (faux single coil) 3) Neck humbucker in series 4) Neck single coil in parallel with bridge in parallel...
  19. Pablo

    Modding my Warmoth...

    That’s my Golden Shower Strat - another Warmoth build I did. Roasted alder body, roasted maple neck and a scalloped rosewood fretboard. I used a prewired Mojotone Quietcoil pickguard for it and added a Wudtone trem and locking Gotoh tuners, for good measure:
  20. Pablo

    Modding my Warmoth...

    Thanks man! I really thought about going black for the pickguard - which would also have been more true to the old Valley Arts guitars. However, I already had that kind of look on my RG550, so I went for something different...and a lot more cheesy