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  1. schwiz

    Latest portfolio mix... would love some crits! Rock n Roll

    Hey guys... me again! :) I've been working on this URM portfolio track and feel like its in a good spot to post. Would love a crit on this rock mix if you could lend an ear. Some things to note about these tracks are that I was not provided any DI tracks for the guitars. I would have preferred...
  2. schwiz

    DDR Prices - WTF - BitCoin Miners to blame?

    Ok... seriously, what in the hell is going on with DDR prices right now? Holy cow. The same 2x8gb DDR4 PC-3000 RAM sticks I bought a year and a half ago for like $90 are now $220. Prices of RAM and Video Cards have over doubled. The 1080TI's are now ~$1200. Who honestly can justify that cash...
  3. schwiz

    New Rock Portfolio Mix - Having trouble with balancing

    I've been probably overthinking and over mixing this entire track, so I would like to get another set of ears on it. My issues with the balancing are probably due to having to automate a lot of the bus volumes as the takes for each section of guitar are not consistent volume-wise. I did my best...
  4. schwiz

    Pop Rock Mix for my portfolio - The Millennium

    Had some fun working on this pop rock mix for my portfolio. Would like some crits on the mix - tell me what you think! Thanks.
  5. schwiz

    Player Unknown Battlegrounds

    I'm not sure how there isn't a thread on this game yet, especially since its the most played game on the internet right now, and it's still a pre-release ::mind blown::. Anyways, who here is playin and slayin PUBG? Steam ID: MidnightPhyre Add me up and lets squad!
  6. schwiz

    The Boys (Mix Cover) - TSE, OwnHammer, EZD2, Slate, JST

    This song is ridiculous and total bro-core, but was super fun to mix. I really tried to focus on filling out the stereo field and allowing all the components of the song to stand out. I walked a fine line between standing out, and jumping out / not feeling like everything was glues enough. I'd...
  7. schwiz

    NMD: MXL4000 Craigslist special

    Scored this MXL-4000 off of craigslist this week for $100 from an older gentleman in the country. I figured I'd give it a try! Anyone else ever try this mic? If so, what did you record?
  8. schwiz

    Wage War - Stitch (Full cover + STEMS soon / AxeFx / EZD / JST / Djentuggah )

    Hey guys, I recorded and edited all the instrumentals for this cover of Wage War (Stitch). My buddy Zachary was nice enough to record the vocals. I'm looking for a bit of mix critique here if possible, then I'll release the stems for everyone to download. I want to get my video on YouTube before...
  9. schwiz

    August Burns Red - Composure w/ Death Metal style vocals

    Here's the latest mix I've been working on. Would love some mix feedback if you can spare a listen! For this mix I tried some new things: 1. I have 5 different reverb sends with calculated pre-delay and they are all blended up under the dry signal for the vocals, guitars, drums and bass 2. I...
  10. schwiz

    Fall Out Boy - a for fun mix (GGD, EZD, TSE)

    I whipped this together today, and wanted to share with you guys! It's nothing overly special, but I particularly liked the balance that I have going on. This definitely brought me back to 2005, and was a lot of fun to mess with... especially since I've been mixing mostly metal lately. Feel free...
  11. schwiz

    SM7B vs. AT4040 - Not what I was expecting

    Did a little mic testing last night before a vocal recording session and my results were a bit surprising. Gear: API preamp clone AT4040 SM7B Scarlett 18i8 (preamp turned all the way down; pad turned on, line level) AT4040: Holy .... this mic is crisp and clear. It picks up a lot of...
  12. schwiz

    After The Burial Mixtest (GGD & AxeFx)

    Hey dudes! Here's a mix I've been working for a couple hours. Mind checking it out and giving me some feedback? :hbang:
  13. schwiz

    Born of Osiris Mixtest \m/

    Whipped this up tonight in a few hours. Credit for the stems goes to Fractal Audio, they are really great. I mixed this is one 3 hour session and at this point my ears are shot. Any feedback would be awesome! Thanks guys...
  14. schwiz

    Mix Crits - Architects (TSE, EZD)

    Been working on these stems over the last couple days. I think the guitar tone needs a bit of work still. What do you guys think?
  15. schwiz

    Waves plugins

    I have to preface this post by saying that this is somewhat of a rant. I downloaded a few demos from Waves to try out their plugins. The GUI's on these plugins look like they were developed in 2005. I can barely see the text on them, let alone the VU meter readings (I swear I'm not blind...
  16. schwiz

    NPD! Instrumental SFTY3-7's

    Received a new set of Instrumental SFTY3-7's from Ethan at Instrumental Pickups and got them installed in my lefty Kiesel AM7. Pretty happy with how these things turned out! I've only had a few hours of play time on them, but they sound crisp. I love the attack and clarity in chord voicings the...
  17. schwiz

    School me on mic preamps - Looking to buy

    Looking to purchase my first mic preamp for my home studio. I'm planning to use an SM7B and Sterling Audio ST51 through it. I don't need multiple channels, however it may be nice later on. The SM7B from my understanding has an output level of -60dB, so I want a preamp with enough juice to make...
  18. schwiz

    Made some acoustic panels for the studio

    My studio is very much "untreated". As I've been mixing more, it's been more apparent. So, a buddy and myself did some research and decided to take on a little project last night. We went to the local Home Depot and bought some Roxul Safe n Sound installation batts, 1x3's, and some other misc...
  19. schwiz

    So many guitars, at what point does supply exceed demand?

    Seeing all these new models people are posting from NAMM, that look almost identical to one another has me thinking. It seems like the guitar market is so over saturated right now with tons of one-off semi-custom shops that are putting out damn near close to the same exact product as every other...
  20. schwiz

    Latest mix - Low end going nuts

    Here's my latest mix. I for whatever reason just cannot tame the low end on this. Its all sorts of flubbery, and it pumps. I think it has to do with the midi velocities, but also having the kick and sub bass not compressed enough. Guitars are TSE with GuitarHack IR's. Drums are SD2.0 Avatar...