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  1. Tyler

    Why are you sad right now?

    I lost a friend last night due to an overdose, then woke up today to find out a cousin of mine had died leaving his 3 children behind. Sometimes you just have to wonder why things happen the way they do
  2. Tyler

    FS Aristides 060 Martian Rust

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Just got this the beginning of September, only selling because I have something else in the works right now. Has Aristides custom BKP pickups, blue luminlay side dots, burnt chrome hardware. This guitar is super smooth and plays absolutely amazing...
  3. Tyler

    What are you listening to?

    Been listening to Julien Baker a lot lately, along with Hammock. Highly recommend checking them out if you like acoustic or post rock stuff. Also, Counterparts's new record is already album of the year for me
  4. Tyler

    Vinyl Records

    Amen to that. I just ordered a first or second pressing of an LP Ive been longing for and dropped way more than I wanted to
  5. Tyler

    Vinyl Records

    For me personally, I love the layouts that some LPs have. Some come with posters, booklets, etc that are just more special to hold onto, as well as the vinyl itself if it isn't just plain black. Even if theres not much of a sound advantage, listening to a whole record through rather than...
  6. Tyler

    SS Love and Relationships Thread

    I think thats true just because Ive been walked over so many times that its been deteriorated. This was the second relationship in a row Ive been both cheated on and abused in multiple ways.
  7. Tyler

    SS Love and Relationships Thread

    Was off an on with a chick for a while. Not sure why I stayed around as she cheated on me with a guy I hate, was abusive mentally, emotionally, and physically (I had to get her arrested one night) as well as super manipulative, and ended up making me look like the problem in the long run...
  8. Tyler

    Why are you mad right now?

    Im mad that its 90 degrees when its fall already. Wheres the hoodie weather at though?
  9. Tyler

    Vinyl Records

    For a modern turntable that wont actually destroy your records (looking at you, Crosley..) I would suggest an Audio Technica LP-60 or 120 for the budget you're looking for. If you want to spend a bit more though into the $400 region, the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon is the best bang for the buck IMO
  10. Tyler

    Photography Thread

    Im from VA so its almost impossible to see there depending on what area youre in. That shot was in Wyoming at some place we pulled up to camp out at, and you could see the general form of the milky way with the naked eye. Very very cool
  11. Tyler

    Photography Thread

    I've been on a cross country tour with my band and have been snapping shots along the way. Seriously loving how they've turned out so far
  12. Tyler

    Crafter - Embrace full album stream FFO: Defeater, Have Heart, old Hundredth

    Dude we need to get a tour set up with you boys soon, and thanks so much! Hope to see you all again in the near future
  13. Tyler

    Crafter - Embrace full album stream FFO: Defeater, Have Heart, old Hundredth

    We'll be on spotify, and apple music once its released! We just have the preorders set through bandcamp currently. So glad you're enjoying it!
  14. Tyler

    Crafter - Embrace full album stream FFO: Defeater, Have Heart, old Hundredth

    Embrace releases May 15 and can be pre-ordered here: Thanks so much for checking us out, we're incredibly excited to be releasing this!
  15. Tyler

    Photography Thread

    Just bought a Polaroid 250 land camera. Its such a shame the film for it got discontinued last year though, anyone have any stories with them? Im looking forward to not only taking some shots with it, but also doing some negative reclamation
  16. Tyler

    Washburn ParallAxe PXL20E Electric Guitar

    Had one of these for years, they are super solid workhorses and sound incredible. Free bump
  17. Tyler

    Focusrite scarlett 2i2

    Next paycheck if this is still here I'll probably be hitting you up
  18. Tyler


    Nothing is better than a nice chambered JPX. Ive loved that one out of any JP I've ever played